That’s how relaxing a vacation with the camper is

For years I was more the package tour type. 10 days Canaries, dozing on the beach, reading, flying back relaxed – wonderful. Then the children came and with them the Kinderhotels. Luckily only 2 summers long, because the recreation factor in a facility with Kitalautstärke is virtually zero.

We owe the fact that we were on the road with the camper this summer to the best friend of my big son. His family has one and the big one was so enthusiastic about it that he kept bugging us about it until we booked one. Just to try it out for 1 week to see if the four of us can even stand it on almost 5 square meters. Spoiler: It was the best vacation ever!

This characteristic feeling of freedom, which all campers rave about so much, we already got before the departure. Originally we wanted to go to the Alps to show our flatland children the mountains. But the weather forecast did not bode well: One week of continuous rain including storm warnings. This was not an option, as nice as the 5 square meters of interior space might be. A look at the European weather revealed the evening before the trip: Holland, Belgium and Sweden have plenty of sun.

Okay, then we cancel Bavaria and just drive to Sweden. We have never been there either.

Mit dem Boot auf die Schären Fishing on the jetty, a tour by boat – southern Sweden was a paradise for relaxation © private

The journey is the reward. What sounds so trite was the motto of our holiday, because where it was beautiful we stayed, where the children found friends, we stayed one night longer and where the mosquitoes bite us too much we left earlier. On the camping site Getnö Gård in southern Sweden we found everything we wanted. A camping site directly at the lake Åsnen, around it the national park with its jungle and the untouched archipelago.

For the boys the biggest adventure playground in the world, for us adults the paradise to come down.

In the morning we cycle to the reception to get bread rolls, during the day we go by boat on the archipelago, beetle hunting in the forest or fishing on the jetty directly in front of our van. In the evening we look for firewood, fire up the grill, eat at the campfire and sit there until only the embers in the old LKW -Rim burned, which belonged to every parking space – pure camper idyll.

Nobody missed a real bed (sleeping in the tent roof was very comfortable), a complete kitchen (you can get along very well with 2 pots and a gas grill) or the TV (outside there was so much more exciting. Moose. Real moose! Not the ones from the game park).

At the end of the holiday it was clear to us: We will do that again next year. But longer. And in any case with our own camper.