Sustainable make-up removal with washable cosmetic pads

Do you also often think about how you can reduce the amount of waste in your household with small changes to do something good for the environment? If so, we have a proposal for you: Washable makeup remover pads.

I promise: There’s hardly any other place where your beauty routine can save you unnecessary waste more easily. What’s behind it, the advantages of the cotton pad alternative and how to use the reusable pads correctly, we reveal here.

What is a reusable cotton pad?

Short summary: How many cotton pads do you use on average to remove your make-up in the evening? Even if it’s just one a day, a considerable amount accumulates in the bathroom bin every month. Perfectly understandable, because they are practical, gentle and well tolerated. What else would you use to get mascara and co. off with? Well, for example with reusable cotton pads.

These sustainable cotton pads are very similar to common cosmetic pads: they are small, white, round and both sides can be used after soaking them with a cleaner. But there is one crucial difference: you don’t have to throw them away, you can simply wash them out.

Attention The name is somewhat deceptive, because reusable cotton pads are not made of cotton wool at all, but mostly of a kind of terry cloth. They are therefore a kind of mini washcloth, available in cotton, polyester or bamboo.

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Where can I buy the reusable cosmetic pads?

Numerous manufacturers offer the sustainable pads. Well known from “The Lion’s Hollow” are for example the Waschies (3 pieces for 13 Euro via The large pads resemble fluffy washcloths and cleanse the face thoroughly even without a washing lotion.

EcoYou also offers the zero-waste cotton pads: 10 coloured cotton pads for 20 Euro including laundry net and skin care guide []. In the meantime, however, even the classic drugstores have become aware of the trend – just keep your eyes open next time you shop.

How do I apply a washable make-up remover pad correctly?

There’s a lot you don’t have to worry about here. Moisten the make-up remover pad as usual with your face lotion, make-up remover or an oil of your choice and run it gently over your face. You will notice that it is not that different.

It is important not to use the reusable make-up removal pads several times in a row, but to wash them after use in any case. Under no circumstances use unwashed make-up remover pads several times. Otherwise the pads will quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and nasty pimples will appear. You don’t have to!

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How do I clean the pads properly?

Very simple: Either by hand or in the machine. For variation 1 you can rub the wet pads with soap and rinse them with warm water. Then wring them out well and hang them up to dry.

Alternatively, you can collect the pads in a wash bag and then simply wash them in the washing machine together with towels. The cosmetic pads can also be washed at up to 60 degrees. And they are as good as new.

Tip: Especially for sensitive skin you should wash the pads in the machine before (!) the first application.

What are the advantages of washable cosmetic pads?

Here are once again all the plus points of the eco swabs at a glance:

  • A big advantage of washable cleaning pads is of course their environmental friendliness. Due to their long durability, no or hardly any waste is produced.
  • The liquid is absorbed by the reusable cotton pads, but not, as with the usual cosmetic pads, partially too much. This means you need to use much less cleanser and your products last longer.
  • Washable cotton pads have very soft fibres and are therefore ideal for sensitive skin. But also for any other skin type.
  • Your wallet will also be spared. Although the pads are more expensive to buy at first, the price will pay off in the long run, because you don’t have to buy them all the time.

What disadvantages do the pads have?

  • The supply doesn’t just come fresh out of the pack, you have to make sure it is fresh by washing the pads yourself or occasionally cleaning them by hand. One pack is usually enough for one week.
  • Depending on how often you do laundry, you may need to buy several packs of pads.

Making sustainable make-up removal pads yourself – is that possible?

Sure you can! And it’s not as elaborate as it sounds and in the end it’s even more sustainable because you can recycle old clothes and towels for it. In the following you will find our instructions for homemade cosmetic pads.

What you need for homemade make-up removal pads:

  • an old towel
  • an old T-shirt
  • a pencil
  • a cup or mug as a template
  • Sewing tool or a sewing machine

And there you go: First of all place the cup or mug on the towel and draw a circle around it with the pencil. Then cut it out. Then do the same with the shirt.

When you have finished cutting out both circles, you can sew them together either with needle and thread or with a sewing machine at the edges. A zigzag stitch is best for this. This will make the seam especially stable.

If there are still frayed edges protruding behind the seam, you can carefully cut them off with scissors. The terry side is good for peeling, the fine side for removing eye make-up.

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Tip: Continue following these instructions until you have used up all the fabric of the shirt and towel. So you always have enough pads to change.

Washable cleaning pads are gentle to the skin and sustainable. They are ultimately even cheaper than conventional ones, especially if you make the pads yourself. This makes them an ingenious alternative to standard disposable products, which you should definitely try out.