Sun care: The best sun protection for your face!

Sure, you have to protect yourself from the sun to prevent permanent skin damage. This also applies in our latitudes, where it seems to be weaker and shines much less often. Everyone knows… At least in theory.

In reality, most people often save on sunscreen. Because it’s simply annoying. Nobody likes the greasy film that most products leave on the skin and collar of their favourite blouse. Especially not if the skin on your face is sensitive. Then the sun protection factor prevents sunburn, but in return there are’s monster pimples.

The fact that there is another way is shown by the high-quality products in our editorial team’s sunscreen test. We can recommend these sun creams to the best of our knowledge and belief!

For explanation: A product can earn a maximum of 5 stars per test category and in the worst case only one star. In the general overview below you will find the test results of all sun creams in comparison.

Clarins sun cream in the test

Crème Solaire Anti-Rides Visage 50+
75 mlLight protection factor: 15, 30 or 50+

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Tester Christine Naefeke: “My skin is relatively uncomplicated, neither dry nor oily. I get a tan in the sun and don’t burn easily.”

What does the manufacturer promise?

The sun cream for sensitive skin from Clarins promises, in addition to very high sun protection, to be quickly absorbed and provide the skin with additional moisture.

Does Clarins sunscreen do what it promises?

“The delicate face cream in the orange, good-humoured tube is easy, if not very easy, to spread, is actually absorbed immediately – and smells wonderfully of summer. In fact, the freshly creamed skin feels immediately smooth and relaxed. A good feeling that lasts throughout the day. The protection is also great!”

Christine’s conclusion: “30 Euros for 75 ml is a proud price, but for which there is a good sun cream with an extra portion of care.

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Nivea sun cream in check

Nivea Sun
UV Face Mattifying sun protection 50 mlLight protection factor: 30 or 50

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Tester Atessa Bock: “My skin is quite dry, but it always shines on my forehead. Because I’m quite a dark type by nature, I don’t burn easily. High sun protection is still important to me. Who wants to age earlier than necessary?”

What does the manufacturer promise?

Immediately effective protection against UVA – and UVB -radiation. The formula absorbs excess oil from the skin’s surface and mattifies it for a long time, without leaving any white residue.

Does Nivea sun cream deliver what it promises?

“The cream smells pleasantly of the typical sun milk scent, only very slightly, not penetrating. It can be spread very well, is absorbed extremely quickly and does not whiten at all. When I run my fingers over the skin, I notice a slight film. On the face itself, however, it feels more like I have a day cream on it.

I was a bit disturbed that I felt under the cream that I sweated more in my face than usual. That felt a bit uncomfortable, but may be more due to the temperature in general than to the cream. The most important thing at the end: I spent two full days in the blazing sun with it and didn’t get any red spots, so it protected me well.”

Atessa’s conclusion: “I would definitely recommend the product to others, as it is the first sunscreen I have tested that does not feel like it is clogging my pores and shining unsightly. Wow! I am also convinced by the price of 12 Euros for 50 ml.”

Garnish sun cream in the test

Garnier Ambre Solaire
Sensitive Expert +
100 ml
Sun protection factor: 50+

Tester Ben Kendal: “I have a rather pale skin tone and therefore turn red quite quickly in the sun. That is why I attach great importance to a high sun protection factor. But the cream should still feel nice and light. Because I do a lot of sports outdoors, it should also be sweat-resistant.”

What does the manufacturer promise?

The cream promises to be effective against light-related age spots and skin aging. It should be particularly suitable for light, sensitive and sun-intolerant skin. The 50+ sun protection factor should be UVA – and UVB Protect radiation and reduce the infrared radiation in the skin. Garnier also advertises with a light, non-sticky and non-greasy texture. According to the manufacturer, the cream is not perfumed.

Does the garnier cream keep its promises?

“The cream smells neutral, is super easy to spread and is absorbed within a minute, so that it is hardly visible or palpable. The skin feeling is pleasant and in no case greasy. I even find that the cream has a cooling effect on the skin. Especially practical for outdoor athletes: even with heavy sweating, nothing comes off.

As far as protection is concerned: My skin is really very sensitive and was minimally reddened after 30 minutes in the sun, despite the cream, when I first used it. But I had applied it really very sparingly. Since then I have been more generous and have had no more problems. The higher dosage does not harm the light skin feeling”.

Ben’s conclusion: “The cream has convinced me in many aspects! It is non-greasy, smells neutral, absorbs quickly and is also suitable for athletes. However, you have to apply it generously. At the relatively fair price of 10 Euros per 100 ml, however, this doesn’t really bother me”.

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Clinique sun cream in review


Tester Scarlett Schultze: “I have a very pale complexion and classic combination skin. Oily in the T-zone, dry on the cheeks. So when I use sunscreen, it’s important to me that it protects well and doesn’t shine on the skin.”

What does the manufacturer promise?

Ultra-light, 100% mineral sun protection. Gentle enough even for sensitive skin and eye area. Oil-free.

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Does the Clinique product deliver what it promises?

“The cream feels quite tough at first, but that is deceptive, because it is absorbed extremely quickly. Actually already during the spreading. Wow! The smell is neutral. The skin does not feel greasy afterwards and does not shine. I would even say that the cream mattifies well. In my opinion, oil shine is usually the biggest problem with sun creams for the face.

I also think it’s great that I can even use the sunscreen around my eyes without tears rolling down my face. This usually happens quickly with sun creams. The LSF 30 has protected me perfectly on the bike to work and during the lunch break when doing outdoor sports. The cream didn’t run off when I sweated.”

Scarlett’s conclusion: “I find the cream perfect for everyday use because of the light skin feel – and because I can apply it directly to the eye. For extensive sunbathing, however, I would take the precaution of using a product with higher protection for my light skin type. For 25 euros per 30 ml you get a top product that lasts for a long time!

La Biosthetique sun protection in test

La Biosthetique
Soleil Cream Solaire SPF 50+ 50 ml

Sun protection factor: 50+

Tester Sarah Parzer: “I need a well-protected product that also moisturizes. Otherwise I quickly get the feeling that sunscreen will dry out my sensitive skin.”

What does the manufacturer promise?

The product promises high protection, is quickly absorbed and provides the skin with sufficient moisture. Will it work?

Does the cream of La Biosthetique keep what it promises?

“Typical sun cream, the product smells of summer – but very light and pleasant. The consistency is quite thick. Therefore the product can be applied with some effort. This is probably due to the high sun protection factor. Nevertheless the product is absorbed relatively quickly. A slight shine remains.

Because I like my skin to be matte, I’ve got a BB -cream. This gave me a very nice result and the perfect basis to be able to be outside all day without getting sunburn. What else convinced me: The skin feels well hydrated all day long.”

Sarah’s conclusion: “I would definitely recommend the sunscreen. It smells very good, protects against the sun and does not dry out the skin. Although it leaves a slight shine on the skin, it does not feel bad. And in combination with some make-up it doesn’t even notice. 50 ml costs about 19 Euro.”

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Sunscreen from La Mer in Check

La Mer
The Reparative Face Sun Lotion 50 mlLight protection factor: 30

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Tester Philipp Wehsack: “I have classic combination skin: The cheeks are dust-dry, the T-zone tends to blemish. So when I use sunscreen on my face, I’m always afraid my nose will shine or even develop pimples.”

What does the manufacturer promise?

With factor 30, the cream promises relatively high protection, can be absorbed quickly and provides the skin with sufficient moisture. Fermented algae should help to improve the skin’s appearance and strengthen the skin’s own repair mechanisms during and after sunbathing.

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Does La Mer cream live up to its promise?

“The light summer scent is very pleasant, but the cream is a bit thick. Surprisingly, however, it absorbs very well. I never expected that. Neither did I expect that my skin would not look shiny or dull at all afterwards, as I am used to from other sun creams. Great! My rather oily nose doesn’t shine and the dry cheeks feel well moisturized all day long – I can easily leave serum and day cream out underneath.

Even after several weeks in the test, no pimples or blackheads spread. This is an important point for me, because otherwise I react to many sun protection products with impurities. The most important thing: I didn’t get sunburned with the cream, although I was outside all day and actually burned very quickly.

Will the sun cream help my skin to regenerate as promised? Hard to judge. But: After a one-month test phase, I have shown significantly less redness, and apart from the sun cream, I have not changed anything in my beauty routine. But maybe it’s also because of my tan. Because my face has a nice, even colour despite daily protection”.

Philipp’s conclusion: “115 Euros for 50 ml is a hell of a lot of money, no question. Is it worth spending so much on sunscreen? For the mere UV -Protection probably not. I’d save the cream anyway. It simply leaves an incredible feeling on the skin, provides the complexion with optimum moisture and does not cause any additional pimples. I’m willing to pay for that little luxury.”

Sun cream from La Roche Posay testing

La Roche Posay
Anthelios Ultra 50 mlLight protection factor 30 or 50

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Tester Elina Wiesner: “My skin is very light and burns quickly. Sun protection is therefore mandatory! Because my complexion becomes greasy quickly, the cream should not smear too much.”

What does the manufacturer promise?

A very high sun protection (50+) with antioxidant effect. The cream should be particularly well tolerated and suitable for sensitive facial skin with a tendency to sun allergy. It can even be used around the eyes.

Does the Roche Posay cream live up to the manufacturer’s promises?

“As the manufacturer praises, the cream actually hardly smells at all, only slightly like sunscreen, but pleasant. The tube with pump cap allows the cream to be dosed easily and economically. Perfect if I just want to add a little bit of cream, because I was too economical at first.

The consistency is like a light moisturizer and can be applied thinly and evenly. The cream is absorbed in a few minutes, i.e. normally fast. The skin feels good afterwards, moisturized, protected, but it does shine a little. Personally, however, I think it’s good that you can see and feel where I have moisturized myself. So I know I’m well protected.”

Elina’s conclusion: “50 ml costs around 14 euros, a good price for pharmacy cosmetics! The application is very easy, pleasant and the cream feels good on the skin. Therefore I would recommend it to others. But I would advise to powder the face lightly afterwards, so that the skin does not shine”.

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Eucerin-CC -Suncream in review

Sun CC Cream tinted light 50 mlLight protection factor: 50

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Tester Giuliana Ventura: “My skin is prone to neurodermatitis and is very sensitive. But I need very effective protection, because otherwise I like to get sunburn on my nose or forehead – despite sun protection”.

What is promised?

Tinted sunscreen that protects all skin types from photoaging and is said to be particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The formula with hyaluronic acid is said to visibly reduce wrinkles.

Does Eucerin care deliver what it promises?

“The tinted care can be spread and worked into the face relatively easily. The consistency is comparable to liquid make-up. You have to be a little faster and distribute the product evenly so that even light skin types don’t get any edges.

The cream feels pleasantly light on the skin. I notice that I have applied something, but it does not smear or weigh down. Especially with dry skin I would recommend to apply a serum or a moisturizer additionally underneath, then the application is even easier.

About the protection performance: I have tested under extreme conditions in everyday life as well as on holiday and am absolutely thrilled. I’ve never been burned once. I cannot evaluate the promised anti-ageing effect because I do not have that many wrinkles yet. But I also don’t believe in the fact that you can just cream them away.”

Giuliana’s conclusion: “I would recommend the cream 100 percent! The CC -Cream protects reliably against the sun, is very light, non-sticky and pleasantly caring. It mattifies during the day and is easy to spread. For me the perfect make-up alternative in summer! The price is also great: 50 ml cost 15 euros. My normal make-up is more expensive…”

We have a test winner…

…Clarins luxury cream, closely followed by La Mer sunscreen. Yes, both products cost a lot, but they feel especially good on the skin. But we found the creams from Eucerin, Clinique, Nivea, and Garnier almost as convincing, which are available in pharmacies and drugstores for a much smaller budget. The products from La Roche-Posay and La Biosthétique also convinced our testers.

Sun protection does not have to stick and smear. Almost all test products are available here in the same way. Of course, the sun protection factors are standardized: If it says factor 30, a cream must also offer factor 30. But the manufacturers have also constantly updated their formulas in recent years. Today, sun protection no longer sticks or whitens. So, put some cream on it! Excuses no longer count.