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Nothing livens up a new year. Change is in the air, you feel the urge to reposition yourself and change things: your diet, your exercise routines, your habits. This motivational boost feels great – if only it weren’t so difficult to keep it up permanently. Whether it fails because of too high goals or too tight schedules – finding yourself in a low as early as mid-January is not unusual.

Well, just because we live and breathe the healthy lifestyle here at Women’s Health doesn’t mean we’re spared. That’s why we’ve come up with a slightly different fitness challenge for the beginning of the year: Our 30-Day Fitness Challenge is completely customizable and is based solely on your needs!

Take the New Year’s swing with you to get off to a flying start. © Jacob Lund /

Whether you’ve never done weight training before, just took a break from training over the holidays, or want to get your regular workout going, this 30-day plan delivers exactly what you need. Regardless of your current fitness level, you’ll build muscle, burn calories, reduce body fat and best of all, after 30 days you won’t be burnt out, you’ll be able to build your own training routine.

Of course you can invite all your friends, relatives and colleagues to take part in this challenge as well. Preferably right here: With this challenge, all fitness enthusiasts start into the year 2019 in a sporty and motivated way, no matter at which training level they start. So join in!

How the Fitness Challenge works

Our plan is to have one workout each for the next 30 days. Every week we focus on something different.

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In week 1 we concentrate on the right technique and optimal execution of the movement sequences. In week 2 you continue training and choose the number of repetitions according to your fitness level. In week 3 you will try to integrate new cross-training methods into your routine and thereby broaden your fitness. In week 4, we’ll challenge you to an extra lap in each workout, before going full throttle on 2 days in week 5 to give you a strong finish.

Here you can find’s to the individual daily workouts:

Leg training Upper body workout Abdominal training Plank variations Full body training Stretching

Crosstraining means that you supplement your usual workouts with training in another discipline or sport. On these days, for example, try boxing, pole dancing, bouldering or another sport. You can also run, swim or cycle – the main thing is that you move differently than usual.

Make it IHREM Training

As promised, our Challenge is absolutely flexible and can be adapted to any fitness level. Listen to your body and consider the following 3 training tips:

1. adjust the training time

You start again after injury or a longer break from training or you simply have very little time? Then just do a circle instead of 3, or maybe you are already in great shape and looking for an extra kick? Then maybe you will get a 30-minute workout out of it.

We do not prescribe anything to you, you determine the correct weight yourself. © Jacob Lund /

2. choose the right weights

For each exercise, carefully feel your way towards the ideal weight. Do not overestimate yourself! Especially in week 1, it is wise to keep the load lower in order to perform the movement sequences cleanly and to internalise them properly. If you feel strong, you can gradually increase the weight. Adjust the weight again and again depending on your training level and your form on the day. In this way you prevent understraining on the one hand and overtraining on the other.

3. note your number of repetitions

Whether in your training diary or in a note app on your smartphone: Write everything down! This way you can make your progress visible and keep motivation high even in week 3-5.

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