So many make-up brushes you really need

One, two or three? Neither nor! We will tell you how many make-up brushes you actually need for a professional make-up

Well brushed is half made up: Because it is often less about what make-up you wear, but much more about how you apply it. It’s not so easy, after all, women need more than just a brush. Is it?

How many brushes do I really need?

Not as many as you might think. “For a perfect make-up you should definitely have 5 make-up brushes at hand”, says Berlin make-up artist Teresa Hofmeister – better known as Rezahair. Reza is not only the personal make-up artist and hair stylist of model and blogger Bonnie Strange, but also works regularly for well-known brands such as M·A·C Cosmetics or Maybelline. So she knows exactly what she’s talking about. Curious which brushes she recommends? Then please read on!

1. a powder brush as an all-round talent

Probably every woman thinks of the large puffed brush immediately when she hears the word make-up brush. That’s good, because that’s what they need most: in addition to applying loose or compact powder, the large head with the soft hair is also suitable for applying bronzer. A real all-rounder.

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2. a foundation brush belongs in every make-up bag

To apply liquid or creamy make-up, a flattened foundation brush is best suited. This allows you to apply your make-up precisely and streak-free from the inside out. No other brush can do this so precisely.

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3. a blending brush for contour and eyeshadow

This brush is a must-have for all women who want to make up a professional contouring. The oval shape allows you to blend the different light and dark make-up shades easily and gently. This ensures soft transitions and a natural look.

Reza’s professional tip: “You can also use the blending brush for other purposes and for applying eye shadow.”

SigmaAperture brush E25

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4. a blush brush creates the perfect apple cheeks look

The slanted shape adapts perfectly to the curves of the cheeks. So you can apply blush without hard edges. And the medium size means that just the right amount of colour is applied to the cheeks. For completely natural apple cheeks! And: You can also use this brush for highlighters.

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5. the eyeliner brush for eyeliner and eyebrows

With an eyeliner brush you can achieve the perfect eyelid line and thus also a ravishing look. “In addition, the eyeliner brush can also be used to draw the eyebrows,” reveals make-up expert Reza.

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How do I clean and dry make-up brushes best?

In general you should clean the brushes after each use. Otherwise they become a breeding ground for bacteria and pimples are a danger. You don’t have to! To wash your brushes, it is best to use a mild baby shampoo. Tip: If a brush is very dirty, it helps to pre-clean it with olive oil before. Because many make-up products are based on oil and fat dissolves fat. Ha!

If you are the owner of human hair brushes, it is worthwhile to rinse them from time to time. “A hair conditioner closes the cuticle layer or fibre and so the brushes remain beautifully soft and smooth”, says make-up guru Reza.

Very important: After washing, you should always dry your brushes overhead, i.e. with the hairs facing down. “This way, no moisture will build up in the handle of the brushes. This can cause the hair to fall out,” emphasizes the make-up expert.

What are the differences between real and synthetic hair brushes?

Real hair is simply more valuable, many people think. But it’s not necessarily true. “Real hair brushes absorb dry make-up products better and are therefore very suitable for powder, eye shadow and blush, for example,” explains Reza and adds: “Synthetic hair brushes are ideal for liquid products such as foundation or concealer. Since synthetic hair is usually made of silicone or at least has been treated with silicone, the make-up product glides better and is therefore easier to apply.

It can be worked more evenly and transitions can flow seamlessly into each other”.

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“Real hair is therefore not always better all the time, but simply more or less suitable for certain areas and consistencies”, says Reza.

How can I recognize a high-quality brush?

  • With a good brush, the bristles are tied up, which keeps the hair where it belongs. If a brush loses hair while trying it out in the shop, it is better to leave it alone.
  • A look at the arrangement of the hairs also provides information about the quality of a brush. If the brush bristles are cut uniformly, this is a good sign – in contrast to protruding or bent hairs.

Whether for daytime make-up or the elegant going-out look: If you get the 5 mentioned brushes and care for them carefully, your make-up will always be perfect.