Slim, healthy, fit and without the yo-yo effect

Right at the beginning we want to make it clear: The WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet is different from any conventional slimming diet and so much more than “just” a diet. The smart combination of interval fasting and targeted training units makes WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet a full, healthy concept of life. That’s what you can expect here:

  • This is how you get the diet plans
  • The special features of the WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet
  • What can you expect from the diet?
  • The advantages over other diets
  • The book on diet
  • Download the diet
  • The WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet interactive in the app
  • The diet accompanied by a personal coach

What is so special about the WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet?

The WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet is characterised by the combination of interval fasting and regular, targeted training units. This combination is doubly effective, because targeted training promotes the weight loss effects of fasting, while interval fasting boosts your performance.

Depending on how intensely or gently you want to lose weight, interval fasting is done according to the 16/8 or 14/10 principle. With the classic 16/8 method you fast for 16 hours a day, while you are allowed to eat for the remaining 8 hours. The gentler method is the 14/10 principle, where you fast only 14 hours a day and have a 10-hour window to eat. How you divide the 8 or 10 hours a day is entirely up to you.

That’s why the diet concept is really suitable for every lifestyle – whether night owl or early riser.

What can you expect at the WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet ?

Lose weight without having to do without. Sounds too good to be true? Not with the WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet. The combination of fasting intervals and endurance and strength units means that you do not have to count calories and can basically eat whatever you want.

  • No counting calories, no giving up
  • Cheat days are allowed!
  • Whether you want to lose 20 kilos or just a few pounds – the diet is suitable for any weight loss goal
  • Palaeo, low-carb, vegan, vegetarian or “normal” eater – the diet can be implemented with any dietary style
  • Answers to the most burning questions from leading scientists

What advantages does the WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet versus other diets?

You are specifically losing body fat: And not only that: Your valuable and figure-lifting musculature is preserved despite fat reduction!

There is no yo-yo effect: Other diets promise it – we keep it. With the WOMEN’S HEALTH diet, you don’t have to worry about the yo-yo effect. On the contrary – by the interval fasting your basal metabolic rate even increases rather.

Address the insulin and blood sugar problem: The combination of fasting and training influences the insulin level and can therefore have a positive influence on diseases such as diabetes.

You get hunger and appetite under control: Thanks to the diet the levels of hunger and satiety hormones normalize.

To a long and vital life: The Power Combi seems to work like a fountain of youth – you gain a few more years of life and remain vital in old age.

You rejuvenate your body cells from the inside: This also helps in the fight against free radicals and their negative effects on ageing processes.

You are more awake, fitter and receptive: You can rely on an extra portion of vitality and concentration. The diet also has a positive effect on your sleeping behaviour.

Balanced and happy: Interval fasting and regular exercise ensure an increased release of endorphins and serotonin – also known as “happiness hormones”.

Illnesses and complaints are history: The fasting intervals have an anti-inflammatory effect, support the immune system and metabolism and help with headaches and migraines.

You activate valuable genes: Fasting stimulates, among other things, genes involved in metabolism and boosts fat burning.

This is how you get the diet

You want to start right away and start the new year fit and healthy? Then start now with the WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet.

As a book

Women's Health Diät - Buch Cover

The book contains detailed nutrition plans, 72 delicious and healthy recipes and over 40 bodyweight exercises in words and pictures. The diversified workouts (starting at 12 minutes training time!) are suitable for every fitness level. The included weekly plans are also suitable for the most diverse life models – no matter whether you are an early bird, morning grinder or shift worker.

In addition, valuable tips and answers to the most burning training and nutrition questions from leading scientists are waiting for you.

You can pre-order the book for 20,00€ online at Amazon (also as an eBook) or from 27.12.2019 on in stationary bookstores or in WOMEN’S HEALTH Shop purchase.

To print

You want to start right now? For only 12,90€ you can get the WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet also available for download as an exercise and nutrition plan. Comfortably pay via PayPal, download, print and start today. You have the possibility to choose between two versions:

14/10 method Dinner Cancelling (without dinner)

WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet: Dinner Cancelling WH -Diet Nutrition training plan: 3 meals

14/10 method with three meals

WOMEN’S HEALTH Diet: 3 meals 3 meals PDF  Plan WH  DIÄT

Interactive in the App

The app guides you through the diet with vivid pictures, videos and memories. If you want to access the app’s diet training plans, you can try the app for 14 days with all premium features for free. The download of the app is of course also free of charge.

After two weeks, you can choose between different subscription periods:

1 month

3 months

12 months

€ 4,99

€ 11,99

€ 29,99

The Personal Trainer App is available in the following stores:

As personal coaching

Our diet coach will take you to your personal goal! For only 15,00€ per week you will receive an individually tailored training and nutrition plan including personal advice.

What awaits you? Your personal training plan contains workouts and exercises including correct execution in video and pictures. In your nutrition plan, your personal trainer will tell you what you should eat and of course what you should not eat. If you click on a dish in the nutrition plan, you will be taken directly to the recipe.

Of course, your coach is also available to answer your questions: In your digital, personal coaching zone you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the personal trainer. In order to adapt the plan optimally to you and your goals, you fill out a questionnaire in the Coaching Zone that deals with your life and physical environment. After 7 days at the latest you can view, download or print out your individual plan in the Coachingzone.

You can book our diet coach here from mid-January