Scary makeup for a scary Halloween

Every year in autumn it’s time again: October 31st is the night of creepy costumes and Halloween parties! In Germany they don’t spend as much money for Halloween decoration as in the USA but the festival is also becoming more and more popular here.

Especially creative Halloween outfits and the matching makeup are very popular. Because what could be better than a successful creepy styling? Here we show you how to make a cool appearance with make-up.

Do I need special make-up for Halloween?

For more subtle looks, the make-up you have at home anyway is usually sufficient. But if you celebrate Halloween makeup and DEN Eye-catcher look at the party make-up, the investment in special make-up is worthwhile. This is usually more covering than everyday make-up and offers a wider range of colours. Professional theatre make-up – in practical creepy colour palettes – is available from Maskworld, for example.

Of course, modelling wax and fake blood are also available, here in a practical set. Alternatively, you can find special make-up in clothing stores.

What are the Halloween makeup trends?

In addition to the usual annual trends such as clown, vampire, zombie and co. there are always new ideas every year. So there’s only one thing to do: On Halloween there are no limits to your creativity!

Whether you redo a template from a horror movie or come up with something yourself – you can do whatever you like! If you need a solid template or are looking for inspiration, we have 3 Halloween make-up tutorials for you.

Snack ideas for every Halloween party

1. make up skeleton make-up yourself

You need a last minute Halloween makeup? Then this tutorial is just right for you! You don’t need much time or special make-up for the skeleton head.

What you need: 1 white eyeliner pencil, 1 tin each of black and white carnival make-up, 1 black and 1 white eye shadow, 1 transparent setting powder

instructions: Start by drawing the basic shapes with white kohl – either freehand or according to the template in the video. After that you can also start to fill in the areas with white and black carnival make-up.

The basic rule is: the dark surfaces recede optically later and thus appear deeper. Therefore make up the eye sockets absolutely black and the forehead white.

Tip: Because carnival make-up usually has a very creamy consistency, it runs easily. To prevent this, you can fix the white areas with transparent powder and the black areas with black eye shadow. A little extra? For the perfect complete look, you can optionally add black make-up to your ears and neck, put on a wig and wear contact lenses. Greetings alert!

2. easy modelling of stapled wounds

Realistic wounds are the highlight of any Halloween make-up. In this tutorial Dagi Bee shows you how to make up a deceptively real stapled nose. But the open wound is not only suitable for your nose: Whether on your cheek, forehead or arms – you can place it wherever you want!

What you need: 1 pack of modelling mass/wax (available in carnival shops and on amazon), 1 tin of transparent powder, eye shadow in shades of blue and violet, staples, 1 bottle of fake blood

instructions: The first step is to spread the modelling clay on your nose or any other place where the wound should be. Then smooth out the wax at the transition to your skin to avoid an unsightly edge. Then make a cut in the middle of the wax knob – this will later become a bloody wound. Caution, do not hurt yourself!

With eye shadow in various shades, you can apply bruises around the wound to make it look even more realistic. Then paint the cut with black paint to create more depth and then fill it with fake blood. Finally, just carefully stick the stapling needles into the modelling wax and tadaa – looks super realistic, doesn’t it?

How to make the perfect Halloween pumpkin

3. melting face make-up for increased creepy factor

The most elaborate but at the same time most creepy make-up comes at the end: A look that makes it look like your face is melting! Bibi from BibisBeautyPalace shows you how it works in this tutorial:

What you need: 1 packet of gelatine, 1 foundation, 1 tin of red carnival make-up, 1 bottle of fake blood, red food coloring, some cotton wool, 1 baking paper, artificial teeth (or artificial nails in white)

instructions: For your Melting Face you first have to mix red and skin-coloured gelatine. For colouring you need the red food colouring and foundation. Use the red gelatine and cotton wool to model an upper and lower jaw. Then you will use the teeth. The rule of thumb is: the more crooked, the creepier!

Now it’s time for the melting effect: from the red gelatine you form threads of different lengths, which you then stick to the jaw. The rest of the gelatine is allowed to run directly over your skin (slightly cooled down, of course) so that it drips off your face. Do the same with the skin-coloured gelatine afterwards. This creates a good transition to your skin. Tip: Afterwards, apply Foundation to adjust the complexion. And perfect everything with a few dashes of fake blood.

That’s what his Halloween costume says about him

There is not one trend in Halloween makeup. From the classics like witch and vampire to abstract modelling, everything is there. So let your creativity run wild and create your own artwork!