Party dress: What to wear to the company Christmas party?

I know you’re supposed to lay off the eggnog at the Christmas party. And that if you did look too deep into the glass, you shouldn’t necessarily dance on the counter, too. But one question that comes up anew every year is: What is the perfect outfit for the company Christmas party? What is allowed, what would you be completely overdressed in and what is not allowed? Important questions, because you don’t want the company Christmas party to become a sad one!

The first glance is of course at the official invitation: Are there any references to the dress code for the Christmas party? You should follow them, of course. But even with formulas like “smart casual” there is still room for maneuver. Also ask your colleagues what they are wearing. If all this doesn’t get you anywhere, we have the ultimate advice.

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To make sure that your party dress becomes an eye-catcher and not a gossip object among your colleagues*, we have compiled the most important styling rules for the perfect Christmas party outfit.

1. choose your outfit according to the location of the Christmas party!

So, where are we going this year for the office party? If your boss makes no secret of it, you can simply decide which outfit is appropriate.

You celebrate casually in the offices? Then nobody expects you to show up in an evening gown. Our suggestion: How about a shimmering blouse, leather pants and a pair of high heels instead? That looks festive, but by no means overdressed.

You’d rather wear jeans? Why not? But then please wear them in a dark wash. It always looks more elegant than faded trousers.

Going to the fancy in-restaurant? Then you’d probably be underdressed in Look 1. But you don’t have to dress up too nice either. But what does that mean? A safe bank for evening occasions where you’re not quite sure about the dress code is a well-fitting jumpsuit. We think: Especially with precious materials like velvet and silk, jumpsuits always look elegant, but at the same time cool and never too formal.

There’ll be dancing at the party? Anyway, things are a little more relaxed there? Then you can throw yourself into a pretty little dress. The perfect material is velvet. It looks very festive and is still very trendy at the moment anyway.

Little tip: High shoes look great with many outfits, of course. But for the Christmas party you should definitely put some flat shoes in your pocket, in which you can still dance at a late hour. It would be annoying if you had to leave the party early because of aching toes…

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2. you should also keep the corporate culture in mind!

The atmosphere and the rules of the company you work for naturally also influence the dress code. If you’re allowed to wear what you want on the job, you can probably go all out in a party outfit. Your office has a strict dress code? Then you should also be careful with your Christmas party outfit.

Even if you are invited to a seemingly casual party, a maxi dress with long sleeves and muted colors is definitely a better choice than a glittering party dress.

At Christmas time you are guaranteed to be right on your company party with red and dark green. In case of doubt also applies here: Your favorite colleges ask what you wear and what you think. Better safe than sorry.

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3. avoid the dress code faux pas at the Xmas party!

No matter how casual you are in the office: a short mini dress with a belly button low neckline is definitely the wrong choice for a company party. Logo, after all, the Christmas party is still a business event and not a wild party with your best friends*.

But you don’t have to button yourself up if you don’t feel like it. Just remember: 1. Midi is always better for business than Mini. 2. A back cleavage is sexy, but not inappropriate.

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4. A little glitter is allowed, but please do not exaggerate!

Apart from New Year’s Eve: When in the year would glitter fit better than in the Christmas season? Exactly. But if you don’t want to compete with the disco ball, you’d better use the glittering material discreetly at the company party.

Means: Dress, top or skirt may glitter (mind you: ODER !). The rest you better keep in muted colors. As always: The dose makes the poison…

5. dressing up is great but don’t disguise yourself!

It sounds trite, but it is always right in questions of style: Stay’ true to yourself! Don’t choose an outfit that completely deviates from your other clothing habits.

The rule of thumb is: if you don’t wear clothes in everyday life, you don’t have to throw yourself into a robe for the company party. If you don’t wear high heels, you’re not doing yourself any favours staggering around in them on this special evening in front of your colleagues. Even in a pantsuit with flat lace-up shoes you cut a great figure!

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Finding the right outfit for the company Christmas party is not difficult at all. If you know where you’re going, what your favourite colleagues* are wearing and keep the company culture in mind when styling, you’re sure not to miss a thing. Especially if you follow our tips. We wish you a great party!