Our 7 fitness favourites in summer

Summer, sun, sports! Our fitness editor Anna reveals her sporting summer highlights. Included: Swim wear, protein ice cream and lots of good things for the soul

This is not just about beautiful swimsuits – it is about making a statement! It is about strong women who love the sea and have more to offer than sexy curves. It’s about passion and the big picture. The Hamburg-based surf wear label Josea produces swimsuits made of sustainable fabrics, manufactured from recycled fishing nets. Every single piece is handmade only on order and is guaranteed to fit.

On the one hand because the designers like to respond to individual wishes and add a few centimetres more or less at the crucial points, on the other hand because they are surfers themselves and therefore make sure that the swim wear withstands all conditions and never slips. Mega!

This is why we love surfing

Two. Nice Ice, baby! Protein Ice Cream from Foodspring

Summer without ice cream? No way! There’s a protein-ice cream mix in there now. The Protein Ice Cream from foodspring with 37 grams of protein per portion makes athlete’s hearts beat faster – a protein shake on a stick (how cool is that?!) The best thing: It is just as easy to prepare as a protein shake, then only needs to be put in the freezer for a short time. By the way, the whey protein it contains comes from grazing cows that feed on the best grass on New Zealand’s meadows.

So far, the fitness ice cream has been available in chocolate, vanilla and mango – and they taste just as good as ice cream should without added sugar. Nice!

Make delicious ice cream very easy yourself

3. Frankfurt, get ready to sweat! The studio of Lululemon

In the middle of Frankfurt’s banking district, there is now a new place to be for active lunch breaks and sweaty workouts after work: The studio. Because Frankfurt’s Lululemon Store is Europe’s first store with an integrated studio.

And the course schedule is promising: in addition to various yoga classes, there will also Afterwork-HIIT functional training and Barre Classes – whether Yoga-Rookie or HIIT -enthusiast (or anything in between): At the studio, everyone can find a course that will bring their endorphin levels up. The courses can be booked individually here.

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4. be brave at the handstand workshop in the Meridian Spa

Frankly, I wouldn’t call myself a particularly courageous person. In unfamiliar situations, I often remain in the silent role of observer at first and then slowly venture out of the bushes like a shy deer. A particularly unfamiliar situation for me is the handstand – I am simply rarely upside down. Therefore the handstand workshop at the Meridian Spa Hamburg-Barmbek was a good opportunity to leave my comfort zone and learn a new move.

How handstand pro Hie Kim explained the reverse posture to me and whether Bambi can do handstands now, you can read here soon. And which move will you learn this summer? Come on, get out of the comfort zone – it’s worth it to be brave!

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5th Yay, our first yoga special at BARMER Women’s Run!

The colleagues from the Women’s Health Event Team love to run. Not only in their private lives, but also professionally, as they organise the Women’s Run in 7 cities every year – so you could say “they’re running” in every respect! I don’t really care about all the running around, so I’m all the more pleased that my colleagues have planned a yoga special for this year’s run in Hamburg.

On the program are Fascia Yoga with Nora Ebert, a Stretchy Flow with Kathrin Pfeiffer and Happy Hips and Detox Yoga with Steffi Rohr. I will definitely take a look there. See you at July 7th in the Hamburg Stadtpark?

All information about the BARMER Women’s Run Yoga Special

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6th update for the mindset: The MH -Podcast with Lars Amend

Every month, my colleague Nico interviews an exciting personality for Men’s Health about their strategies for success. The current podcast episode with Lars Amend has inspired me a lot. The Berlin life coach and author was very successful but unhappy – so he set out in search of more joie de vivre. His journey took him to the favelas of Rio, among other places, where he experienced decisive key moments that changed his mindset from the ground up and helped him to live a more fulfilling life.

In the podcast he tells why he is no longer in a bad mood and how he overcame his fear of rejection:

Don’t forget to listen!

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7. sports on holiday or sports vacation?

Instead of a little alibi-sport on the beach, I am a big fan of planning a sports holiday directly, now our Women’s Health Camp in October is still so far away. So in August I’m going to a yoga retreat in Austria: 5 days, 3 yoga sessions daily, I can’t wait!

And which sports holiday suits you best?

Whether you are going on holiday or enjoying the summer at home: I wish you a fit holiday and lots of time outside. Maybe one of my summer favourites can help you with that, simply feel good in your skin and always keep moving.