Natural Movement – that’s how you become strong of course!

Your ancestors would not endure your everyday life. Not just because it beeps and flashes everywhere, but because you put your body through so much standstill. Your everyday life is often not only very motionless, but also very unnatural. You sit too much, walk and stand too little, and in addition you usually eat an unhealthy diet.

No wonder such a lifestyle can make you sick in the long run. And not only physically, but mentally as well. Erwan Le Corre wants to counteract this with his movement concept called “Natural Movement”.

What is Natural Movement?

The motto could be: Back to the roots! The fitness system Natural Movement is based on the natural movement patterns for which the human body has always been made.

In other words, everything should be like it used to be when the Stone Age people still had to hunt. Skills essential for survival such as climbing, rolling, crawling, throwing and balancing are practiced. All muscles that make your body strong and resistant are trained. And endurance is also trained, of course. So everyone should become strong, flexible and above all healthy.

That way, you can do your first chin-up in four weeks.

Natural Movement Natural Movement demands movements from your body that once ensured human survival. © Mariia Korneeva /

Where does Natural Movement come from?

Of course, nobody has to hunt wild animals anymore. But: Training the natural movement abilities does not harm anyway. Because they bring mobility, fitness and above all fun into your life.

The Frenchman Erwan Le Corre has turned this principle into a whole attitude towards life and has thus inspired many athletes. Because, says Le Corre: “The advantage of Natural Movement is that the body can actually already do it, already has it. Sports such as volleyball or yoga take a lot of effort for the body to learn. They are more difficult for the body because the movements are not innate to it.

Natural Movement: This is what it’s all about

The training principle Natural Movement consists of two building blocks. Firstly, the physically demanding workout plays a major role. On the other hand, nutrition is also an important part of Natural Movement.

Natural Movement: exercises for strength and endurance

This is not about a walk through nature. Dragging tree trunks, climbing over rocks, balancing on your hands and feet: What Le Corre is asking you to do is a full body workout. It goes without saying that strength and endurance are strengthened.

But: In Erwan Le Corre’s exercises, technique takes precedence over strength. You make faster progress and learn to move your body in a controlled way. Belly, legs, arms, buttocks, simply everything, is made mega fit. The best proof is probably Le Corre himself.

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Where can beginners learn Natural Movement?

You also want to train according to the principle of Natural Movement? Then you have three options:

  1. Find a trainer*: Whether Munich, Berlin, Cologne or Worms – Natural-Movement trainers are available all over Germany and even all over the world. If there is a trainer near you, you can check under MovNat Germany. The trainers sometimes offer group trainings or even personal trainings, which you can join.
  2. The workout book: Old but gold! Of course there is also a very classic book on the subject of Natural Movement.

    In his work inventor Ewan Le Corre has written down his philosophy and the best exercises.

  3. YouTube: You’re more the visual type? Then just watch one of the countless Natural Movement videos on Youtube. Various tutorials explain and demonstrate everything you need to know about Natural Movement, from simple basics to thirty-minute workouts.

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Natural Movement: Nutrition

Not only the movements and workouts should remind us of the Stone Age, but also the nutrition. True to the motto: What was good for the body then will be good for it today. This is exactly why many followers of the Natural Movement eat according to the Paleo method.

This means that anything that was already eaten or could theoretically have been eaten in the Stone Age may be eaten. This includes above all meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts and herbs. Cereals, potatoes, dairy products and sugar are avoided.

At this point, however, it must be said that the Paleo-food concept is quite controversial. Nutritionists and environmental experts criticize above all the high proportion of meat.

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You love to train outside and want to get away from “normal” bench press? Then Natural Movement is the right thing for you. Here you learn to move naturally and to reach your full potential – just as your body allows you to.