Men love this underwear

Fine lace lingerie or casual boy shorts? We’ll tell you what men find totally disgusting and which parts are real love killers

First of all: Of course, you should first and foremost want to please yourself. Because no matter whether thong, G-string or granny panties, you should be able to be yourself in them! The only thing missing is that he decides what you put underneath. On the other hand… It is legitimate that you are sometimes curious what men think about your underwear. Because you like to look sexy, for example.

Many women think they have long known the answer to the question as to which underwear is particularly sexy: The tighter the panties and the more elaborate and fancy their underwear, the more men like them. Is this true? Our US -Colleagues have checked this out and asked more than 1000 men exactly. Some of the results were astounding…

Wear the correct BH -Size?

The hottest panty is the Panty

Who’d have thought it?! 40% of all men surveyed said they loved pantys on women very much. Even though there’s a lot of fabric in them. As a reason for this, the men stated that this type of underwear flatters the shape of the bottom particularly well. And what is even more important: women look as if they feel comfortable in them. So true sex appeal comes from within…

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The thong lands on place 2

Wouldn’t you have expected the tight panties to be number one? Tight is over too. But at least 34% of the men interviewed stand on thongs with women. Sometimes less is more.

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3rd place goes to the string

Here you have the proof: at some point, just a little bit is just too little. Only 13% of all men surveyed are into gossamer thongs. We don’t know the reasons. But maybe it is simply because the tight panties reveal almost everything and thus take away any tension?

Which sex position are men most attracted to?

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Classic briefs secure 4th place

The wooden medal in the race for the hottest panties goes to the normal panties. With wider side cuffs than a thong and a low love height, i.e. approx. 4 finger widths below the navel. Yes well, is perhaps not particularly exciting. But simply comfortable!

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How to find the right sportBH

Granny Panties are the losers in the ranking

The bottom of the ranking with just 1% is the Granny Panty with extra wide side cuffs and waist height up to the navel. This panty shape stands for one thing above all: comfort. But – and you’ve probably already thought of this anyway – it’s certainly not for sex appeal. What a pity…

And what do men like on top?

When it comes to lingerie tops, first place goes to the red laceBH followed closely by the pink push-up. A classic white balconette–BH is together with the longline-model in the midfield on place 3 and 4. absolute love killers are preformed BH s without hangers such as sportBH s.

If you are already mentally cleaning out your linen drawer, we can reassure you. Because according to other studies, most men don’t really care what they wear underneath in the end. Much more important is the woman who is in it. Hooks behind!

How to find the right BH for your breast shape

It doesn’t always have to be sexy lingerie, to impress a man. Also more comfortable briefs like boy shorts are well received. In the end, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself. No underwear in the world can replace the attraction of a confident woman. So please never let yourself be pressured into wearing something you don’t like!