Make-up tips for the perfect glow

How to find the right shimmer for your skin type and apply the highlighter correctly. A Glow-Guide in 4 steps

Just like rouge, highlighters are also available as powder, liquid and in cream consistency. Which is the right texture for you depends on your skin type. And every variation is applied a little differently. It applies:

Powder Highlighter is perfect for combination skin

Brush over the pressed powder with a fan brush, then tap on the wrist until there is almost no paint left on the brush hairs – this prevents overdosing.

Liquid Highlighter is ideal for oily skin

The liquid version is sweat and smudge resistant. However, the application is somewhat tricky because the shimmer is usually very highly concentrated. Here’s how it’s done: Put two drops on the back of your hand, spread a little with your index finger and then quickly spread on cheekbones and co. The paint dries quickly.

Cream Highlighter is suitable for dry and normal skin

…and is perfect for all highlighter beginners, because the texture is easy to blend and the effect is very delicate. That’s the way to do it: Pick it up with your ring finger, rub something between your fingers, brush it onto your skin with the tip of your finger, blend gently, done!

Identifying skin types and caring for them properly

Step 2: Select the correct highlighter color

All shimmer is not equal to all shimmer. Golden and peachy nuances are ideal for warm skin tones, silver and pearl tones for a cool complexion. Very important: keep your hands off anything that looks like pure glitter. After all, you want a beautiful glow – and not look like a disco ball…

Step 3: Prepare the skin

Found a perfect shimmer? Well, let’s get down to business. Before you place the highlighter, a little preparation is required. The skin should be well moisturized – if it is dry or even flaky, the highlighter will emphasize this additionally.

  1. Start with a peeling to remove dead skin cells
  2. In the second step, a serum or cream provides the skin with moisture
  3. All collected? Then you can even out the complexion with a foundation
  4. A concealer conceals, if necessary, eye shadows and pimples

Care tips for radiant skin

Step 4: Apply highlighter – sparingly

The basic rule is: less is more! So start with a small amount. To intensify, it is better to apply a second layer rather than apply too thick directly. This is where the shimmer in detail belongs:

  • Apply a little highlighter to the cheekbones, the whole face will shine
  • A wipe along the bridge of the nose makes the nose look narrower
  • Applied in the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows, Highlighter optically enlarges the eyes, for an instant hello waking effect
  • A little highlighter on the Cupid’s bow (the curved indentation of the upper lip below the nose) optically ensures fuller lips. Would you like a little more? After the lipstick, place some highlighter on the middle of the lower lip.

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Fresh skin like after 10 hours of sleep – this also gives you a highlighter that perfectly matches your complexion. If you choose the right nuance and cleverly place the shimmer, you will radiate as if from within.