In these styles you will rock the festival summer!

Night owls, music lovers and open-air fans beware! The festival season is officially opened. No matter if Hurricane or Southside, Rock on the Ring and in the park, Deichbrand, Melt! or Fusion: Besides good mood, the favourite party crew and cool live music, the right festival outfit should not be missing.

Neon colors: DER Megatrend for the summer

What fashionistas wear at festivals and how they recreate the party looks of influencers and celebrities is revealed here. Even if it’s warm temperatures and not a cloud in the sky, it’s still the best time to dance until well after sunset: So that even the grubbiest weather can’t spoil your mood,’s also gives you clever bad-weather styling tips.

Playful boho looks are the festival old-timers

The visitors of the notorious Coachella outdo each other with their hip hippie outfits every year at this stylish festival. Basically right at the top: airy maxi dresses in which you have a lot of freedom of movement while dancing.

The festival fashionistas often top the look with eye-catching accessories such as eye-catching hair accessories, large bracelets, necklaces and rings in a colourful ethnic look and flash tattoos in metallic tones. Comfortable sneakers or cowboy boots go with it.

Festival outfits in a rocking look

With these three evergreens, the rocking festival outfit is ready in no time at all: a band shirt in vintage look, frayed denim shorts in used look plus rough biker boots. A festival-look that simply always works!

The best thing: You will probably find the necessary parts in your own wardrobe anyway…

  • If a band shirt has already seen one or two gigs and doesn’t fit perfectly anymore, just knot it loosely at the hem and make it fit again. Looks much cooler anyway!
  • Casual jeans shorts can easily be made by yourself by shortening the legs of an old pair of jeans to the desired length.
  • And in boots it dances best for three days anyway, when they have already been broken in extensively and in case of doubt they don’t necessarily have to survive the festival.

Sequins make you a festival-hobber

Anyone who says that sequins are just a New Year’s Eve classic is sorely mistaken. The blogger and fashion designer Karin Teigl proves at Coachella that sequins can also work at the festival. The coolest thing about this look is: When the weather is good, the sun is reflected in the sequins, which guarantees that you will be in a particularly good light.

The best festivals in summer

The tie-dye trend is back!

What was already intimated last festival summer has become indispensable this year: The batik pattern is one of the biggest trends of the 2019 festival season!

Shirts and dresses with batik patterns are available everywhere. But you can also simply do your own batik at home and turn a washed-out shirt into an it-piece. So simply goes’s:

  1. Roll a white garment of your choice into a ball and fix it with elastic bands.
  2. Pour a litre of hot water into a large bowl and dissolve a textile dye in it.
  3. Place the garment in the bowl for 30 minutes. Important: The longer the dyeing time, the more intense the colour tone later.
  4. Remove from the bowl and rinse with cold water.
  5. Afterwards, treat with a special fixing agent to make the colour last.
  6. Remove the rubber bands and wash with detergent, that’s it!

Festival outfits for bad weather

You have to dance in front of the main stage in the mud because the rain has made a single puddle out of the ground? No problem at all with the right shoes! rubber boots have long since become festival essentials and can be casually combined in muted tones as well as bright colours.

When it’s not only raining, but the temperatures are anything but summery, long trousers like skinny jeans in used-look complement the practical bad weather shoes. If the rain is more of a refreshment from above in sultry weather, the rubber boots to bare legs in shorts or short dress look just as cool.

Another must-have in the festival wardrobe: a rain jacket in a simple design made of high-quality, absolutely water-repellent material, which is not reminiscent of the crackling, brightly coloured models from the school trip in the 5th grade. With a protective hood, even the rain dance at the performance of your favourite band is fun, I promise!

Shopping for this outfit:

Bright red rubber boots from 30 Euro at

Transparent vinyl rain jacket at (145 Euro)

Cool accessories for festival outfits

As on every occasion, accessories really round off the style at festivals. When it comes to bags, you can’t get past practical backpacks or gym bags to cheer on the bands with your hands free. It’s a good thing that fanny packs are also celebrating their big comeback. Don’t feel like getting your smartphone out all the time? You don’t have to! New are special cases that can be easily hung around the body with leather cords. So the phone is always ready to hand for the next Insta story.

Should it actually shine, protection from the sun is indispensable. Sunglasses are part of the good style tone of every festival outfit anyway and are best complemented by a hat that protects the crown from nasty sunburn.

Braided hairstyles with wow effect

The right hairstyles and make-up looks for the festival

Hairstyles-technically you do everything right for your festival look with wicker styles. They keep the hair out of your face while dancing, are not too elaborate and withstand wind and weather. Practical if the next shower is still to come: Second-Day-Hair is much more grippy and therefore easier to weave. The rest is done with dry shampoo, which belongs in every festival baggage.

8 stylish hairstyles with hair accessories

When it comes to makeup: Less is more. So that nothing is smeared by rain or sweating, you should avoid expensive eye make-up. You are better advised to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. A tinted balm is applied to the lips, which you don’t have to apply too precisely – then you can do without a mirror if necessary.

Can’s be a little more? With rhinestones you can either set small, discreet highlights on your face or ignite a brilliant glitter inferno without the risk of smudging everything.

Waterproof make-up

No-Gos with festival outfits

Of course everything is allowed, but there are two things you should be warned about: As popular as they are because they make you dress well in a flash – overalls and jumpsuits are not a good choice for practical reasons, at the latest when going to the toilet. Who wants to get completely undressed in a chemical toilet?

The same applies to sandals and other open shoes. Sure, in summer nobody likes to put their feet in an ankle-high bootleg. But if you ever want to get your feet really clean again, you should wear sturdy shoes. You’ll be even happier when the crowd in front of the Main Stage gets wilder and someone accidentally steps on your feet.

Festival packing list: What must not be missing in any case!

Whether techno, rock or indie: whatever festival you’re celebrating this year, you’ll look fantastic with our outfit inspirations – even if the weather doesn’t play along.