How useful are detox teas really?

Detox teas are advertised among influencers and stars as a true detoxification weapon. One cup in the morning and you start the day fit, another one in the evening and your body purifies wonderfully and simply overnight. In addition, it is full of natural ingredients, so everything is healthy – or not?

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What are detox teas?

Detox teas are advertised as natural cleansing and slimming teas that are supposed to make you feel more energetic and motivated. Other manufacturers advertise that the teas rid the entire body of harmful toxins and help you lose weight. In the social networks you can’t get past this supposed miracle weapon for a long time if you follow self-proclaimed influencers. The advertising drum for detox teas is stirred up here properly.

Senna im Detox-Tee ist gesundheitsschädlich Detox teas are said to help you lose weight quickly and detoxify your body. No way! © BDLook /

While the ingredients of detoxification teas vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the products are often sold as a one to four week program. Some recommend drinking the tea in the morning and evening for best results. For this natural miracle effect, however, you have to dig deep into your pocket in comparison to normal herbal teas, which cost around two euros: prices starting at 15 euros for 100 grams of tea are standard here.

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Of course, the question quickly arises as to what these teas can do and how exactly this detoxification tea works. Is Detox tea really better than normal herbal teas? The only clear answer – and perhaps also the disappointing one – is: no. The explanation for the answer is hidden in the ingredients.

What are detox teas made of?

At first glance, the average ingredient list of a detox tea looks pretty normal: Chinese oolong tea, ginger, ginseng – all known for a healthy stomach and intestines. Quasi a delicious (and overpriced) herbal tea. And herbal teas are known to provide a certain feeling of well-being – they give warmth and calm the stomach and intestines. All well and good.

Entgiftungs-Tee ist nicht besser als Kräutertee Detox tea is no better than herbal tea. If it contains Senna, you should definitely stay away from it © MShev /

But in many detoxification teas, there is often a herb called Senna hidden in the list of ingredients. This herb contains sennosides that irritate the intestines and have a laxative effect. This substance is medically approved for the treatment of constipation and for emptying the bowel before an operation. One would really not want to find something like this in a supposedly beneficial tea. Taking Senna through detoxification teas exposes you to the dangers of long-term laxative use.

And that is not to be joked with!

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What is so dangerous about detox tea?

Apart from the obvious inconvenience of spending more time in the toilet, teas can lead to a long-term nutrient deficiency. Drinking tea with Senna accelerates the transport of food into the intestines, which means that the nutrients cannot be used properly by the body.

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On the one hand you are missing vital micro-nutrients, on the other hand this can result in a lack of energy. If you indirectly deprive your body of food, this could cause it to go into starvation mode, which in turn leads to weight gain when you stop drinking the teas. Nobody would have expected the yo-yo effect when consuming these marketing miracles, would they? Even if you eat a balanced diet, much of it goes straight through your body into the sewage system.

Du brauchst keinen Detox-Tee Senna in detox teas allows your body to absorb fewer nutrients © Andrey_l /

Detox teas are a waste of money

Ultimately, by buying these detox teas you are not only throwing money out the window unnecessarily, but in the worst case you are even damaging your health. Because with all the money-making with the detox teas, many people forget that they already have a detoxifier in their body that does full work: the liver. It stabilises your blood sugar level, can break down fat and help your body to break down alcohol. So you do not need detox teas.

That’s why you should drink more green tea

If you like tea and want to do something good for your body, you can buy simple herbal tea. It calms a sensitive stomach and can help with nausea and discomfort. In addition, you get much more for your money than with the overpriced detox teas.

Herbal tea very easy to make yourself

Herbal tea is best bought from the tea merchant around the corner. They can advise you and the quality is usually better than the tea from the discount store. But how about a homemade herbal tea? Homemade tastes best, right’s? You can also decide yourself what goes into the tea and try out your own individual blend – and it’s a lot of fun, too. The delicious tea creations are perfect as a gift for your best friend, mother or grandma.

wohltuende Kräutertees Herbal teas are very versatile in taste © Maya Kruchankova /

The following ingredients are allowed in your homemade herbal tea:

  • Lemon balm
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Mint (peppermint, nana-mint)
  • Marigold blossoms
  • Cornflowers
  • Elderflower
  • Rose petals
  • Dried apple peel
  • (Dried) Ginger
  • Lavender Flowers
  • Rosehips
  • Sage
  • Thyme

The hype about detox teas is clearly not justified. Quite the contrary. The senna contained in some mixtures can even harm your health. If it is not contained, you can still leave the supposed detox teas on the shelf and drink conventional herbal teas instead. They do just as well and are easy on your wallet.