How to wear the latest carrot pants trend correctly

I don’t know how you style hip mom jeans. Here are’s styling tips on how to make carrot pants a real figure hugger

What bell-bottoms and skinny jeans are, you know. Skinny and Slim fit anyway. But have you read more and more about mom jeans in online shops lately and not the faintest clue what is meant by that? It sounds like maternity fashions or jeans for your mom’s generation. But it is about something completely different! We will explain what is behind the term, who mom jeans stand for and how you can combine the pants stylishly.

What are mom jeans anyway?

Even if the name sounds a bit like pregnancy fashion: Mom jeans are called that because their wide cut legs, which taper narrow at the bottom, remind you of the pants your mother probably wore in the nineties. Back then they were called carrot jeans. Sounds just a little bit better, doesn’t it? Anyway.

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Now these pants, which are tightly tapered at the bottom, are in any case mega-trendy again. You could even say: If there is EINEN jeans trend in 2019, it’s definitely mom jeans. Buy Mom jeans here on!

How are real mom jeans cut?

  • The Covenant is high-waist. A classic pair of mom jeans has a high waist.
  • The hem usually ends just above the ankle.
  • The trouser legs taper tightly towards the bottom. The leg shape is reminiscent of a carrot. Hence the old name: carrot jeans.
  • On thighs and bottom the trousers are cut wider and therefore wonderfully comfortable.

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Who looks good in mom jeans?

The high waistband of a Mom jeans emphasizes long legs and makes short legs look longer. The other side of the coin: The high fit makes the butt look quickly elongated and flat. So if you always do a lot of squats to make your bottom look big, a mom jeans will not necessarily emphasize this. Unless you make sure that the back pockets are rather small, close together and slightly slanted inwards. This makes the butt look nice and firm even though it’s cut wide open.

What is the best way to style and combine Mom jeans?

Many women feel that the wide cut trouser legs are wearing, quickly feel shapeless in mom jeans and therefore prefer to continue wearing skinny jeans – although they would actually like to wear the hip additional trousers. Do you feel the same way? Then let me tell you: if styled correctly, the carrot becomes a figure-flatterer! That’s how it goes’s:

Styling tips for strong legs

1. roll up your legs

Did you know? Pants with a high waistband – like the Mom jeans – generally make the legs look longer. If you also roll up your legs, they look even longer.

2. tuck in your top

The high waistband of a mom jeans makes a great waist. Provided you wear a narrow or short top. Long sweaters should be tucked into your pants. Otherwise your figure will quickly look shapeless.

3. emphasize the middle of the body with a belt

To accentuate the waist even more, you can put on a belt with a striking buckle. They’re very fashionable right now anyway. In a suit with carrot pants you score double points on the Style account.

4. style mom jeans in an elegant way

Due to the not very tight cut Mom jeans look rather casual than elegant. Which is not to say that you can’t still be chic. Cue style breaker! Turtlenecks, blazers, chic loafers, low shoes or high shoes make a stylish office look out of the supposed baggy pants.

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Mom jeans look super-reliable and can be combined with everything else in the wardrobe, from sporty to elegant. In addition they flatter – correctly styled – even your figure. On top of that, they are so comfortable that you won’t want to swap the carrot jeans for sweatpants when you get home. And that’s what makes jeans your favourite jeans.