How to style the outfits of the Influencers according to

Fashion influencers are always perfectly styled. You can get jealous when the social media starlets keep posting new designer outfits. But you have to admit: They know what looks good.

You want to dress as cool as they do, but unfortunately are not sponsored by great designers? This is certainly the case for many people, but it is no problem at all! We have asked the German top influencers for their styling tricks and have found some cheap alternatives for you. After all, good style is not a question of money!

1. ann-Kathrin Götze

Insta name: annkathringotze

Follower : 1m

Style: Cool and feminine

Did you know that Ann-Kathrin has not only landed football player Mario Götze, but can also sing, dance and play the piano? She is also a successful model, with numerous large advertising partners. On Instagram, the multi-talented model enchants her fans with regular outfit posts. Whether in a dress or jeans and sneakers, the likeable beauty knows what suits her. Here she reveals how you can easily recreate your favorite look without spending a fortune.

1. where, in your opinion, can women buy great clothes for a reasonable price?

“I love mango and Zara! There are always the latest trends and you often find great offers”, says Ann-Kathrin.

2. how do I combine cheap parts so that they do not look cheap?

“I like to spice it up with high-quality accessories,” says the influencer. Fortunately, classic earrings or handbags don’t go out of fashion so quickly – an investment that pays off!

3. do you have a special savings strategy when shopping?

“I’m not so keen on buying expensive designer parts. What counts for me is that it looks nice and that I feel comfortable in it. So the garment can also be from a cheaper fashion chain”, explains Ann-Kathrin.

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You want to recreate the look of Ann-Kathrin, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it? Works with these parts:

2. Xenia Adonts

Insta name: xeniaadonts

Follower: 1,2m

Style: Very versatile – a good mixture of chic and casual.

Xenia is without question one of the biggest fashion influencers in Germany and there is probably no one who does not know her yet. She is known for her good sense of style and lets her followers take part in her daily life. The designers flock to the beautiful Hamburg woman and regularly equip her with the latest pieces from their collections. You also want the Xenia style, but unfortunately the designers are not so generous towards you? No problem!

We asked the Insta-Star how you can easily and above all affordably style her look.

1. where, in your opinion, can women buy great clothes for a reasonable price?

“I always find great bargains at vintage markets! Often the clothes are even almost unworn. Otherwise, I also like small boutiques very much.” Our economy tip: Even if the shop looks expensive from the outside: stop by there for a sale corner look. You can find really great bargains there! You can then invest the savings in a coffee with your best friend in the next café. This makes shopping fun!

2. how do I combine cheap parts so that they do not look cheap?

Xenia’s advice: “It is best to select classic, colour-neutral garments and enhance them with accessories. For example, combine a pair of jeans with a beige sweater and golden earrings – less is more!”

3. Do you have any special saving tips?

Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite stores or google discount codes before buying. “You can always save a lot of money with these and in the sale,” says Xenia. Extra saving tip: It’s best to choose your favourite items a few days in advance and decide how much money you want to spend. That way you can keep control and, despite tempting offers, don’t spend more than you actually want to. On your mark, get set, save!

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This is how you re-style the Xenia look at a reasonable price:

3rd Masha

Insta name: masha

Follower: 194k

Style: Classic-modern and inspired by Korean fashion.

Masha is a fashion blogger of the first hour. Short explanation: Fashion bloggers are not the same as influencers! Fashion bloggers have their own website on which they publish self-written articles. Influencers usually get by with an Instagram or Snapchat account. Masha talks about these and other topics together with her friend Lisa Banholzer in her podcast matchalatte. You can see that Masha puts a lot of love and passion into her projects. Her 194k followers also appreciate that.

Her style also stands out. How you can style it and which saving tips Masha has, you can find out here!

1. where, in your opinion, can women buy great clothes for a reasonable price?

“With a little luck – anywhere! I myself often shop timeless pieces online or offline in the sale. They don’t cost much and you get something for a long time. When I travel, I like to browse through small vintage shops for special parts that nobody else has,” the blogger says.

2. how to combine cheap parts so that they do not look cheap?

Masha explains: “Cheap parts do not have to look cheap. If the material and workmanship are right, even fast fashion looks high quality. Good quality is particularly important, for example with leather, cotton and especially with zippers and seams”.

3. do you have a special savings strategy when shopping?

My guess: “Every woman should have a high quality basic wardrobe, so that she can combine it with hip trend pieces to create an ever new look. She should also always pay close attention to which colours and cuts suit her. So not only fashionable, but also type-appropriate shopping. That way you invest your money in the right pieces and make targeted purchases.

Here you will find inspiration for the Masha style:

4. Lena Gercke

Insta name: stock corner

Follower: 2m

Style: Sporty, sexy, tomboy!

Some time has passed since her participation in Germanys Next Topmodel. Meanwhile Lena is successful as model and presenter. She has just released her own fashion line “LeGer” for AboutYou. On Instagram she gives insights behind the scenes from the everyday life of a top model. She likes to show herself without make-up or just with a cuddly sweater and socks. By the way, this is her favourite part in winter: “I am currently wearing an oversized turtleneck sweater all the time.

I can really snuggle up in it.” What else makes her look special and how you can easily restyle it, she told us in the interview.

1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe that you wear all the time?

“Definitely my leather pants. I love lederhosen! They just enhance any outfit. A simple sweater looks stylish immediately. But the suit is still reliable and also nice and warm in winter,” reveals Lena.

2. Do you have any ultimate styling tips?

“I believe that it is very difficult but important to find the right colours for yourself and then go shopping. A lot of women don’t really dare to go for colours. Red, for example, is totally my color. I’ve also found out that yellow suits me – even though I’m blonde!”

3. and how do I combine cheap parts so that they do not look cheap?

“I find it important that the cut be relatively casual. Tight clothing quickly looks cheap. I often go shopping in the men’s department, for example. There I find cool oversized hoodies and thick, big bomber jackets – I really like them! Otherwise, you can combine cheap clothes with a high-quality item, e.g. a blazer”, says the model.

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Do you want the top model look too? Here you will find inspiration for shopping:

5. aminata

Insta name: aminatabelli

Follower: 36,7k

Style: All is possible, nothing is forbidden!

With Aminata it never gets boring! Her almost 37k followers think so too. She entertains with her refreshingly natural way and shares personal moments from her life. Also her mother and her grandmother are often to be seen on her account. From her grandma she also borrows one or the other piece of clothing. This not only looks cool, but is also sustainable! In general the influencer and presenter has a clear statement and says what she thinks.

So if you’re annoyed by all the unrecognizable lights on Instagram – just take a look at her profile.

1. where do women find the best fashion bargains?

“At the flea market, at Humana or the Red Cross! Second-hand shops are so hip that they are usually overpriced. I’ve already made great finds at flea markets! For example a vintage moschino jeans jacket for 10€! But you have to be a fox to find the real snapper. Sharing or swapping clothes with friends or family is also a great thing!”

2. how do I combine cheap parts so that they do not look cheap?

Aminata’s advice: “Only buy cheap parts that do not look cheap! If you buy products from cheap shops that were manufactured under the worst conditions and then wear them, you will unfortunately always see that. A tip would be to combine cheap parts with more expensive ones. But I don’t recommend buying too cheap.

3. do you have a special savings strategy when shopping?

“Buy less!”

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For the great outfit of Aminata we have of course also found cheap alternatives. But if you really want to do it like Aminata, then swap clothes with your friends or meet for flea market shopping!

6th Frankie

Insta name: _frankiemiles

Follower: 84,3k

Style: Style mix!

What do you mean, you haven’t met Frankie Miles? Well, it’s about time! The Berliner-by-choice inspires with dreamy outfit posts. A little rocky, a little romantic. Classic or kitschy – Frankie loves a change of style! If you’ve made a detour to Instagram now and are thinking “I want that too” when you look at Frankie’s profile, we’ve got good news for you: Frankie has also revealed her styling secrets including saving tips.

1. where do you think you can buy great clothes cheaply?

“I love strolling around flea markets that are not yet so well-known.” Our tip: Avoid big tourist flea markets in hip neighborhoods and take the bus for a ride. There the cool stuff is still hanging in the afternoon and is offered at cheaper prices.

2. how do I combine cheap parts so that they do not look cheap?

“There are some things that have a price, both positive and negative. I always invest in shoes, for example. We spend half our lives in shoes, so for me they have to be of high quality. With a good pair of shoes, you can’t see so quickly if the rest of the outfit was a little cheaper,” Frankie says.

3. do you have a special savings strategy when shopping?

“You always buy too many things that you somehow don’t like too much at second glance. That’s why I always wait with the purchase and take a tour through other shops. If I still can’t get the thing out of my head, I go back. Another tip: Always try everything on at once! Very often I don’t like the clothes on anymore.

Here you will find suggestions for a cheap Frankie outfit:

You don’t have to be rich to look great! Look out for sale promotions or consider cheaper fashion chains. Even better: flea market shopping or exchanging clothes with friends and family! Not only can you save a lot of money, but you can often find individual items that no one else has. And by the way, this is also sustainable. Wow!