How to style the coat classic correctly

Between summer and winter it is not so easy to find the right thing to put on: The cuddly winter jacket is too warm, and for the denim jacket it is still too cold. The solution to this dilemma? Transition jackets! The classic among them: The trench coat. Here you can find out everything about this fashionable all-rounder, from its origin to care and the latest trench coat trends.

Where did the trench coat come from?

It’s a coat with history. Since the filming of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at the latest, the trench coat has become indispensable to fashion. Yet it has a completely unglamorous origin: originally it was developed for the military. Due to its high weather resistance it protected the soldiers in war against wind and rain. Hence the name: Trench = ditch, Coat = coat.

Thomas Burberry developed the water-repellent fabric “gabardine” in 1897. In 1914 Aquascutum London designed the trench coat for the British military during the 1st and 2nd World War. Also after that the coat enjoyed great popularity – not only among film detectives.

What is a trench coat?

The best way to clarify this is to use a checklist so that no important point is forgotten.

The classic trench coat has…

…double-breasted buttons. They also provide for the stylish symmetrical look.

… a high collar. This should protect against wind and weather. Some trench coats even have a closure on the collar so that you can put it up and close it at the front. So you are even better protected!

… …big side pockets. Great for the hands!

… a belt. Classic with the D-ring: The belt buckle has the shape of the letter, hence the name.

… Bolt. This refers to the darts on the shoulders. These used to indicate the rank of the soldiers. Today they are just a fashion accessory.

… D-rings. The loops for the belt are also called D-rings on the classic trench coat.

… …a yoke. This is the back part of the coat that covers the shoulders.

What fabric is the trench coat made of?

The classic trench coat is made of “gabardine” or “poplin”. Both are firm, smooth fabrics that are nevertheless easy to wear. By impregnating the fabrics, the trench coat becomes water-repellent. Therefore you should not simply put a classic trench coat in the washing machine. This will wash off the impregnation and ruin the coat.

Today, trench coats are made from a wide variety of fabrics. Currently super trendy: The trench coat made of vinyl!

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What are the trench coat trends 2019?

1st oversize

At XL -trend is far from over. In 2019 the coat must also be as oversized as possible. Such oversize trench coats look particularly great on tall women. To prevent the figure from drowning in the coat, simply tie the belt together at the front. If the temperature allows, you can wear the coat open and tie the belt loosely at the back. The voluminous trench coat is best worn with rather tight trousers. It doesn’t matter whether jeans or leather trousers.

The most important thing is to keep the balance in your outfit.

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2nd Vinyl

The 90’s look is striking! When styling the vinyl coat you should be careful that the outfit does not look cheap. Unfortunately, happens quickly… Therefore pay attention to quality and leave the leo pants in the closet. The equally hip Ugly-Sneakers look great. In combination with a turtleneck and jeans the outfit looks cool and by no means tasteless!

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3. check pattern

This season the check pattern can be really colourful! Better a little too much than too little is the motto. Trench coats are particularly modern, where only individual sections are printed with the pattern. But the all-over look is also great. Styling tip: Keep the rest of the outfit a bit more covered so that it doesn’t look too cluttered. The checkered trench coat as a fashion statement is an eye-catcher in itself.

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These are the spring trends!

4. statement trench coat

Speaking of attracting attention: With neon, patterns and lettering or fancy cuts, the trench coat gets a very special remake this year. In any case, this is not for simple minds. You love to be the centre of attention? The new statement trenchcoats are made for you! However, the outfit underneath should not be too colourful so that it doesn’t steal the show from the trench coat. Just put on a white blouse and black jeans. This is enough to set the coat and yourself perfectly in scene.

5th Color

Bright colours like red, green or blue now make trench coats shine! The brave ones combine the coloured trench coat with other colours from the respective colour family. Add jeans and boots for a cool everyday outfit. Together with simpler pieces such as a white blouse and black pumps, the colourful trench coat is even suitable for the office.

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6. short cut

The short trench coat suits especially curvy women. Have the courage to show what they have! Smaller women also benefit from the shorter hem length: longer models often look too big and make the wearer disappear. The short version stretches the legs and emphasises the waist – perfect! You can combine almost everything. Just be careful with the skirt length: If you wear a dress or skirt, the length should end with the hem of the trench coat.

7. the classic

Beige is currently more popular than it has been for a long time! Tone-in-tone outfits can be seen everywhere in the fashion world at the moment. No wonder that the classic trench is also a mega trend. And rightly so, because it looks elegant and yet not overdressed. When styling, however, you should be careful to vary the colours by using slight colour gradations. Try it out and combine Camel with sand, cream or brown. The colours are only slightly different.

This way the look will still look harmonious.

How does the trench coat fit?

When sitting, make sure that the coat fits snugly around the shoulders and otherwise loosely wraps around the silhouette. These cuts look particularly good on your figure:

  1. Oversize and ankle-length trench coats are available for tall women suitable.
  2. Flattering trench coats in an A-line cut wider hips .
  3. Waisted, flowing cuts look Curves looks nice.
  4. Trenchcoats with a narrow, long lapel allow a large bust size look great.
  5. A coat rich in detail, with large pockets, lapels, epaulettes and belt, can be androgynous women are well worn.
  6. Short coats are an excellent match for small women but also to curved figures .

By the way: You should never close the trench coat with the belt buckle! This can quickly look stuffy and make the waist of the wearer disappear. Better: knot the belt loosely or – even more casually – wear the coat open and loop the belt loosely at the back.

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When do you wear a trench coat?

You can wear the trench coat anytime. Especially in spring and autumn it should not be missing in your wardrobe. But also on cooler summer evenings it is a real blessing: Not too warm, not too cold, and it looks really good. Besides, he really fits in every situation in life. Whether with jeans and T-shirt for the shopping tour or in the evening over the dress for going out – the light coat is a real all-rounder!

How do I care for the trench coat?

You should never wash a really high-quality trench coat yourself, only take it to the dry cleaner. There the coat is cleaned and the impregnation is refreshed. Even if a mishap should occur and a stain accidentally appear on the trench coat, it is better not to take action yourself, but to leave the removal to the professionals.

Cheaper models made of pure cotton can also be washed in your own washing machine. Special stain removers from the drugstore are always a safe remedy in case of emergency. But: Make sure you read the instructions for use! The appropriate first aid measure depends on the fabric and the type of stain.

The trench coat is a fashion piece that is definitely worth investing in! It never goes out of fashion, stands in its different variations really every woman and can be worn with everything. The fashionable all-round carefree package!