How to style leo stains, snake patterns, etc.

You have probably already noticed it: In online shops and pedestrian zones’s just going wild! Leopard patterns, snake designs and zebra stripes decorate trousers, jackets, dresses, shoes and accessories.

To keep you on top of things in the fashion jungle, we’ve gone on the hunt for the hottest animal looks from fashion bloggers. Here we show you how the pros combine the trendy pieces in a tieirically cool way and tell you what you can copy from them.

Which animal prints are in fashion right now?

Basically, anything that looks exciting and attracts attention through patterning and coloring is possible, i.e. leopard skin patterns, tiger stripes, snake leather prints, zebra fur and even cow patches.

How can I combine Animal-Prints stylishly?

There’s no accounting for taste, and Leo and Co. are not for everyone, but one thing is for sure: The hip animal patterns give any outfit, no matter how simple, a pinch of extravagance – provided you keep a few important style rules in mind when combining them, which we have summarized for you below.

The most important fashion trends 2019

1. leopard pattern casual styling

I bet you thought of leo and tiger patterns right away when you did animal prints. It’s the same for everyone! Because leo dots and tiger stripes are the most frequently worn animal prints and not without reason: cat of prey pieces can be styled and combined with many outfits.

It does not matter which garment has the wild dots or stripes. Whether trousers, blouse or coat, the combination makes the difference: Style a leo or tiger piece to an otherwise simple outfit, so that it can be shown to its best advantage. Fashionistas style two pieces with the exact same (!) pattern with each other. But please don’t mate tiger and leopard – it looks too wild!

2. combine snake patterns in a chic way

Snake prints in light brown and beige shades are currently more popular than ever before. The special thing: Snake prints in muted colours can be combined with each other. For example, snake shoes with a snake jacket – what quickly looks trashy with Leo, looks super stylish here.

Also cool: Style a snake-piece with plain clothes of the same colour family. For example, a light brown snake pants with a beige trench coat – looks chic and modern! If you like it striking, you can also find the snake look in neon colours. But you should always limit yourself to a highlight part, otherwise the look will quickly become too loud!

How to style neon colors correctly

3. zebra patterns always fit

You don’t feel 100% ready for the Animal trend yet? Then a zebra pattern is just what you need! The black and white stripes give your outfit a wild character, but are also the most discreet animal pattern.

You don’t have to pay much attention to styling. Whether as trousers, suit or bikini: a piece with a zebra pattern always looks casually styled in combination with an otherwise reserved outfit.

4. Also cool is the cow!

For those who like it extravagant, cow prints are perfect! Yes, read correctly: Cowspots. Big black or brown spots on white parts are already very popular with bloggers. On the street, cow spots are just a rarity. But we definitely see trend potential!

And if you want to start slowly approaching the animal look, simply style an animal print accessory (for example, a bag or shoes) into an otherwise animal-free outfit.

Which Styling No-Gos should I avoid?

Pay attention to how you combine your animal pieces. Leo leggings with baggy tops? Absolute no-go! This way your outfit will quickly look like a Peggy Bundy pajama top.

For a uniform all-over outfit, it’s best to choose garments that belong together so that the patterns do not differ in colour and shape. You should also avoid too tight and too short pieces with animal prints, otherwise your outfit can quickly look trashy.

Clever styling tips from influencers

It’s up to you whether you combine garments as a key-piece to create a simple outfit or style a complete safari look. But: The Animal trend is definitely suitable for everyday use and is currently an absolute must.