How to style clothes in fall and winter

Summer is over, and with it, the time for fancy dresses… No way! We’ll tell you how to wear your dresses even in autumn

Sure, grubby autumn weather will make your summer mood disappear. But when it drizzles and storms outside, that’s no reason to leave nice clothes hanging in the closet and leave the house only in jeans and sweaters – that would be far too bad!

In addition, clothes are mega trendy regardless of the weather. Read here how to style your summer dresses for the weather and which warm dresses are hip in autumn and winter.

Which dresses are trendy this autumn?

In addition to the classic autumn dresses, there are also a few new trends this season. Newcomer: leather dresses, definitely. No wonder, leather is currently the trend material par excellence for trousers and coats. But knitted dresses and check patterns are also very popular. Whether in mini, midi or maxi length – the trends of the season are available in all possible variations.

The most beautiful fashion trends in autumn

How to style the autumn dresses?

The time when you can just throw on a dress is officially over with the fall. The weather does what it wants, and the temperatures keep dropping. But in the right suit you can wear the beautiful dress trends even in cold weather.

Whether mini, midi or maxi – it is super stylish, for example, if you pull a strap dress over a thin turtleneck. And of course there are also lots of dresses with long sleeves, made of cuddly knitwear.

1. combine mini dresses autumnally

Granted: A minidress doesn’t look very suitable for autumn at first sight. But that does not mean that you cannot wear it on cold days. The trick: with a cool jacket and nylon tights the look stays nice and warm – and looks super-stylish too.

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As already mentioned, the leather version is mega announced – but please not too short and also not skintight. This looks cheap quickly. You can create a rocking all-over leather look with a leather jacket and biker boots. With a trench coat and boots you create a casual street style.

2. midi-knit dresses are particularly chic

Not Mini, not Maxi – but Midi! The midi length is perfect in autumn: long enough to be worn without tights, but still not too summery. A figure-hugging midi knit dress with a long coat and high shoes looks chic.

Whether coarse knitted or rather fine, it’s up to you – the main thing is tone in tone, that’s totally in this autumn. The best thing is: knitted dresses are not only super comfortable, but also keep you warm. What more could you want?

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3. maxi satin dresses fit for every occasion

Whether in the leisure time or in the office, correctly styled this dress variant always fits. For a casual break in style, combine your satin dress with a leather jacket and biker boots. Combine it with a blazer and your outfit becomes super business-suitable.

Another styling tip: With a wide maxi dress, it’s best to choose a short jacket so that your look doesn’t look too voluminous.

4. comfortably through the autumn with check pattern

What should not be missing in autumn? Of course: warm drinks, exciting books, comfortable walks – and of course dresses with check patterns! No matter if small, rough or chessboard pattern.

As many different checkered prints as there are, there are no limits to your styling possibilities. For example, you can combine a fine pattern with high heels. You can give a flannel-look dress a casual character with boots.

Which shoes go with the autumn dress?

There is not one perfect shoe to go with your autumn dress. It all depends on how you style your outfit: biker boots for a casual look or the elegant version with ankle boots and boots. For a casual street style you can also combine sneakers with a dress. Everything is allowed, as long as you like it.

You’ll need those boots now

Cool temperatures are no reason to leave beautiful clothes hanging in the closet. With our styling tricks you can even make your summer dresses suitable for autumn.