How to make up your legs with body make-up

Many people want their legs tanned and smooth. With leg make-up this should be very quick. But what’s the difference to products for the face, and how do you make up your legs properly?

You can think what you want about the Kardashian Jenner Clan, but: Developing and marketing beauty products, that’s what they can do!

When Kim K. presented her 146 million Instagram followers with the latest clou, a make-up especially for the legs, half the Internet went crazy.

The “Skin Perfecting Body Foundation” is now sold out. But the subject of body make-up is still as present as never before.

Why do you need make-up for your legs?

Sure, what’s “need”? But nice brown and smooth, without bruises and red spots after shaving – that’s probably how all women want their legs. Unfortunately the reality often looks different. Shaving makes the skin smooth, but stressed and reddened.

In addition, there are spider veins and bruises, which women are simply more prone to than men. Not because they simply bump more rarely – but because the female connective tissue is somewhat weaker and more prone to haematomas (the technical term).

Ever heard of strawberry legs?

What distinguishes body make-up from products for the face?

Body make-up is available for spraying on (a little tricky, but practice makes perfect) and as tinted creams. The latter can be applied with fingers, a brush or a sponge like a foundation for the face.

The difference: body make-up is formulated in such a way that it does not rub off on clothing and furniture – it really sticks bombproof and cannot be completely dissolved with water, but actually only with oil. That’s important so that the make-up doesn’t get into your skirt when you sweat or, even worse, on the white sofa. If you use your foundation for the face on your body, stains are pre-programmed.

Why should I even put make-up on my legs?

Sure, spider veins, redness and a few bruises are quite natural and really no beauty world ending. And of course it would be a lot of work, not only to make up the face every morning, but also the legs.

But if you want to look completely flawless for a special occasion, you might be happy about this manual…

Make-up tutorial for a natural leg make-up:

  1. First of all, freshly depilate the legs. Otherwise the make-up will stick to hairstops and accentuate them. This makes them stand out even more.
  2. Cream the skin and make sure the lotion is completely absorbed. Otherwise, the care substances may later mix with the body foundation, causing the products to “crumble” and small cream make-up worms to appear on the skin. You may know this from facial make-up.
  3. Cover bruises: A particularly thick specimen glows on the shin? Then camouflage cream helps. It contains even more pigment than a conventional concealer and thus covers almost everything – with a little skill you could even cover a tattoo. A fine-pored sponge helps to apply and blend the transitions.
  4. It’s leg make-up time! You can also save the step before that. But now’s decisive: The body make-up is on it. Depending on the product (just test what you can handle best) it is sprayed on and then smeared with your hands or applied thinly with your fingers, a sponge or a brush like a normal foundation.
  5. Brown make-up: Unlike on your face, make-up can be a shade darker than your skin tone on the legs. Cheating is not so noticeable here because there is no hard make-up edge on the neck, and who doesn’t like having crisp, tanned legs?
  6. Wait and see! Allow everything to soak in well – preferably 5 minutes before you get dressed, so that nothing rubs off on your clothes.

Tip: If you want to cheat your legs a little bit slimmer, you can make up a leg contouring. To do this, shade the outside of your legs dark – preferably with a body make-up that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin colour. You can apply some highlighter to the shins. Important: Blend everything well so that the cheating is not noticeable!

This way epilation hurts less

Sure, for everyday life such a full leg make-up program is too much of a good thing. But covering a bruise here and there is easy with our tips. And for special occasions, it’s also okay to use full-on leg make-up.