How to increase your fitness with a yoga workout

For a long time yoga was considered to be more spiritual than just suitable for esoteric people. But at the latest since Power Yoga came to Germany, even the less esoteric fitness fans are celebrating the yoga trend.

In Power Yoga, the focus is primarily on sweat-inducing, flowing series of exercises in which sore muscles are programmed at least for the untrained. In other words: this is a real fitness training with yoga moves! We explain how you can learn Power Yoga and what advantages it has.

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What is Power Yoga?

The English word “power” stands for strength and energy – and that describes Power Yoga perfectly! The yoga style is strengthening and dynamic, and thus belongs to the so-called yang yoga styles.

In other words: In contrast to more static, calm yin yoga styles such as yin or restorative yoga, in power yoga everything is carried out in one flow. This not only gets your circulation going, but also makes you sweat in every session and makes your body warm, soft and strong.

Self-test: Which type of yoga suits you? Was ist Power Yoga? Power Yoga strengthens and stretches your muscles at the same time – a mix that really does you good. © fizkes /

From which style is Power Yoga derived?

In a power yoga class the students are guided by a yoga teacher. The teacher does the asanas, as the individual exercises in yoga are called, usually not before, but only verbally. In Power Yoga the teacher usually leads through a classical Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa is also a dynamic type of yoga that combines individual asanas into a flow.

The special thing about these flows is that breathing and movement are synchronized in them. This is especially meditative and helps you to switch off. If the movements and the breathing are synchronized, a unity is created in which you can be completely with yourself and your movements.

How important is music in Power Yoga?

Very important. The difference between regular Vinyasa Yoga and Power Yoga is not directly in the practice of the asanas, but in the external circumstances. For example, the music in Power Yoga is often relatively loud. It provides even more “power” in the flow.

The sounds can be classical yoga music, but increasingly crass hip hop beats or pop music are also played. So the yoga class almost becomes a yoga dance workout. Fun, sweating and doing something good for the body – it could hardly be better!

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Where is the spirituality in Power Yoga?

However, many yogis criticize the Power Yoga classes for their rather superficial devotion to yoga. They say that the practice of asanas is too modern, and that the motives for doing yoga are too much oriented towards aesthetics.

This is true insofar as Power Yoga is offered in many studios as a pure workout class. Of spirituality. There is no trace of mantras, chanting or mudras. Many see Power Yoga as a way of self-optimization. But that is ultimately a question of taste. Why shouldn’t people who don’t like spirituality also benefit from the advantages of yoga flows?

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What effect does Power Yoga have?

For those who don’t attach so much importance to the spiritual side of things, but would like to keep the body fit with flowing movements, Power Yoga is the right choice. Because what many yogis criticize is simply what many sports enthusiasts want: A well-trained, shapely body. And thanks to the strenuous flows, you’ll get that in any case.

In Power Yoga, the fast sequences of asanas not only strengthen the cardiovascular system, but also stimulate the production of sweat. Through the frequent repetitions, the holding of asanas and at the same time stretching and stretching exercises, Power Yoga makes the body super taut and very stretchy from head to toe.

Power Yoga can also help you develop a better understanding of yourself and your body. Especially the synchronisation of movement and breathing helps you to switch off and focus inwards.

Can I lose weight with Power Yoga?

Because of these positive effects and the physical exertion you can also lose weight with Power Yoga. The fast flows promote endurance, while at the same time strength training and stretching.

In Power Yoga everything is absolutely challenged and trained: arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, feet, wrists, balance. An absolute all-rounder, with which you can lose weight quickly if you stick to it consistently.

For whom is Power Yoga suitable?

Power Yoga is suitable for all those who place less emphasis on spirituality, but who would like to keep fit with the well-known asanas and are in the mood for rousing music. Vinyasa- and Ashtanga-Yoga tried and tested can directly start with a regular course.

Inexperienced yogis should first attend a beginners’ class in which the individual asanas are explained again in detail and the exercises are guided step by step. This way you can avoid failures and frustration in the class.

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Was ist Power Yoga? From yoga class to yoga class, body awareness and flexibility improve. © Mark Zamora /

How does Power Yoga work even for beginners?

Those who have never done dynamic yoga should slowly approach the matter. It makes sense to start with Hatha Yoga first and then move on to Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga.

Once you have built up a basic endurance and understanding of the asanas, you can also take more advanced classes such as Power Yoga and keep up well after getting used to them.

Power Yoga: These are the most important exercises

In a Power Yoga class mainly Vinyasa Flows are demonstrated. These flows, i.e. the flowing combination of individual asanas, are mostly sun salutations (A and B) and variations of these sun salutations.

The variations include individual asanas from Hatha Yoga or stretching exercises. These asanas are taught in a Power Yoga class for example:

  • Downward Dog
  • Looking up dog
  • Cobra
  • Plan
  • Chaturanga
  • Child position
  • standing split
  • Warrior I / II / II I

Well, want to do some power yoga? Go for it! In almost every larger studio there is a Power Yoga class where you can really work up a sweat.

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