How to find the right tone and record it correctly

Nothing makes your skin look as fresh and radiant as a rich lipstick – if it suits your skin type! How to find the right tone and apply it professionally

Whether you look good in a new lipstick is because of your skin tone. It is determined by the pigment melanin, which is available in 2 colour groups: either brownish to black or reddish to yellow. The individual pigment mix gives your skin a cold or warm shimmer.

How do I find the lipstick color that suits me best?

4 out of 5 women fall into the cool category. And you? Here’s how you test it: look at the veins on the inside of your wrist – preferably outdoors or by the window. If the veins look bluish, you have cold undertones and should also choose a lipstick with a cool undertone. If they appear more green, you are a warm guy. Then lipsticks with a brownish or orange undertone will fit.

Is there the perfect red for every woman?

“Every woman has red lips! It only depends on the right undertone,” says make-up guru Charlotte Tilbury. She recommends:

  • Women with very light skin should best choose a cool red with a blue cast or coral undertone.
  • Those who tan quickly can wear warm red shades with a slight orange tinge.
  • Even stronger red tones, which are almost orange, go well with medium skin types.
  • Dark skin flatters very cool burgundy nuances.

What is the best way to apply lipstick?

For a natural finish, simply twist nude tones out and apply directly to the lips, from the inside out. You want it even softer? Then simply slip your finger over the lipstick and tap the colour in with your fingertip. This looks especially good with tinted balm.

If you apply intense colours like bright pink or an extra-dark red, it has to be very precise. Otherwise’s will quickly look smudgy. “With an angular lip brush, you can paint the corners of the mouth and the cupid’s bow (that’s what make-up professionals call the lip heart) exactly. By the way: With a brush you can also build up the colour well, i.e. strengthen it”, says Tilbury.

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How can I make narrow lips full of make-up?

There are several tricks for this. First of all: Gloss makes the lips look fuller than matt nuances, because it reflects the light. If you don’t like the feel or look of shiny lips, matt lipsticks will work just as well. “To make your lips look fuller, you can use a highlighter pencil to paint a small cross along the heart of the lips. So start at one of the upper tips and draw a cross line up to the upper lip. Repeat on the other side so that the lines cross,” explains Tilbury.

Then tap in with your finger to blend the shimmer. Also easy: Apply a contour pencil and inconspicuously paint over something – this is what Kylie Jenner does, for example. And if she has one, then it’s full lips.

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How do you actually use a lip liner?

“Smile at your reflection and stretch the skin on your lips slightly with your fingers, so you can see the natural contours very clearly,” says Charlotte Tilbury. She recommends: “Start at the corners of your mouth and move slightly outside the natural lip line. This makes your mouth look fuller immediately without looking unnatural. And the lipstick won’t bleed out later – that is, it won’t smear out along the contour.”

How does the lipstick last longer?

Charlotte Tilbury’s trick for extra-long hold: Use a contour pencil as a primer and use it to completely prime the lips instead of just surrounding them. “Because the liner contains a particularly high amount of waxes and oils, the lipstick adheres much better when applied over it.”

Which lipstick makes the teeth look whiter?

Pink! And all cool shades of red with a bluish undertone lighten the little biter optically – whereas light pink as well as warm brown and coral tones generally make the teeth appear yellowish quickly. These colours are only for women with super white teeth.

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What’s the next big lipstick trend?

Beauty Trend Rule No. 1: Every trend is followed by a counter-trend: after the last few seasons, glossy, shiny lips are once again in fashion, velvety, matt nuances are making a comeback in autumn. And Beauty Trend Rule No. 2: Red lips simply go all the time! Charlotte Tilbury also prophesies: “No matter whether brick or scarlet: Red will be seen everywhere this autumn, especially in the matte version.” Our favorite in the newsroom: Charlotte’s new lipstick “Hot Lips 2” in the tone “Patsy Red”.

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“Wow, that’s a great lipstick” compliments are now on your agenda. I mean, now you know exactly what you’re getting… elk colours suit you best and how to apply lipstick correctly.