How to find the right pantyhose

Finding the perfect pantyhose – what sounds so easy can be damn hard. Which colour is the right one? Which styles are trendy right now? And what does the DEN -number on the package?

Questions after questions, which we answer here with prominent reinforcement: Pamela Reif. The fitness influencer is the new advertising face of Calzedonia and in the interview she impressed us with a lot of expertise. At this point, not too much should be revealed yet, but Pamela has some great tips against running. Even if you already have some good tights in your closet, the following will make’s interesting!

What are the pantyhose trends for 2020?

Out the door at the current temperatures without pantyhose? Unthinkable! However, tights are by no means just warm and practical. The times when tights were only a means to an end are over. Instead, eye-catching pantyhose are super hip, which are quite deliberately the eye-catching part of an outfit.

Especially trendy: tights with small hole pattern. “Looks a little bit like fishnet tights only different – more special,” says Reif.

Now in December, just in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it may of course sparkle a little: Glitter tights or models with rhinestones are definitely a great eye-catcher.

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How do I combine pantyhose correctly?

Just the way you like it! “My credo is: the more striking the pantyhose, the simpler the rest, so that it remains the eye-catcher,” says Pamela Reif. “In everyday life, for example, I like to wear a short black skirt or a small black skirt and ankle boots with eye-catching pantyhose. But I also find sweater dresses with pantyhose really beautiful. Best oversized with a belt at the waist. A pair of cool boots goes with it.

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Can you still wear skin-coloured tights?

With Nude tights you can spoil any look very quickly. If the fabric is too light or dark, too shiny or matt and too opaque, it will not remain transparent as desired – but will catch the eye negatively as an unattractive discrepancy.

“Many have nude-colored tights as a no-go in their heads. You can often see the pantyhose anyway – and that is not possible optically. But if you do it right, skin-coloured tights can look really good,” says Pamela Reif and continues: “My mother, for example, always wears skin-coloured tights in the summer and you just can’t see it! It looks as if she has her legs painted with make-up – as if her skin is more even and smoother”.

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How do I find the pantyhose colour that matches my skin tone?

Pull the pantyhose over your hands and forearms once in the store. “Ideally, they should be exactly the color of your skin. If you are between two shades, you should always choose the darker one. If the pantyhose is too light, it looks a bit like your legs are powdered – that doesn’t look natural. Apart from the colour, it is also important to choose the DEN -number. The lower, the more transparent (and therefore invisible) the pantyhose is.

What does the DEN -number and how do I know which one is the right one?

DEN is the unit of measurement for the weight of the pantyhose yarn per 9000 meters in grams. “On a 20-DEN -The yarn would weigh 20 grams at 9000 meters,” explains Pamela Reif. “So the less grams it weighs, the more transparent the pantyhose is. The heavier the yarn, the more opaque.”

As a rule of thumb, anything between 8 and 20 is rather transparent. At 40… DEN you’re in the middle of it. 60, 70 or 80 DEN are very opaque. “I usually wear 20, a friend of mine prefers 60”, says Reif. What you choose is ultimately a matter of taste!

Which is cooler: transparent or opaque pantyhose?

That’s a matter of taste. Pamela Reif: “Visually, I find transparent tights more beautiful. It’s sexy, skin shows through and it underlines my look better. But when it’s really cold outside, I find opaque pantyhose more advantageous.

How do I recognise a quality pantyhose?

“A pair of tights is good if you don’t feel it when you wear them,” Pamela Reif thinks. “They shouldn’t pinch your crotch or your toes and shouldn’t slip.”

By the way: According to Pamela Reif, a high price is not necessarily a sign of longevity. “Even the most expensive pair of tights can have a run or rip.”

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And what helps with a run?

If you get stuck on the fabric with your ring or fingernail when putting on the tights and tear a running stitch into the tights – really annoying! But no reason to fire the expensive stitch right into the garbage.

“As soon as you notice a run, you can save the pantyhose with nail polish (clear varnish or in the tone of the pantyhose). Simply dab a small drop on the spot so that the yarn sticks together at the spot and does not tear further. Hairspray also works quite well as an emergency solution,” recommends Pamela Reif.

However, prevention is of course better than aftercare. So that you can enjoy tights for a long time, Reif advises: “Don’t put on jewelry until after you’ve put them on.” Rings, watches and bracelets are bound to have a run in them. “It is also important that you always push up the pantyhose from the bottom to the top and do not tear at the top of the waistband until it fits snugly at the crotch.” And file your fingernails first. Even the finest tears can ruin the pantyhose…

What can be done to keep the pantyhose from slipping?

Pamela Reif kills two birds with one stone: “When I wear pantyhose and a short skirt over them, I like to pull high-cut boys’ shorts over the pantyhose. That way nothing slips and I’m protected in case my skirt blows up.”

Are tights actually an environmental sin?

Rip, run and run. Sure, if you follow our advice, you can still save your tights. But sooner or later they’re gonna end up in the trash. The problem is that conventional tights are made of a material that is extremely harmful to the environment: nylon. The fibre is based on petroleum and is not biodegradable.

A solution to the problem offers CALZEDONIA with sustainably produced “Eco-Pantyhose” from recycled Q-NOVA Fibres. “The new material consists of residual products of the normal spinning process. “Fibers that would otherwise be thrown away. Now they are processed to make new tights,” says Reif.

And this is possible without petroleum and the chemical substances that are otherwise used in the manufacture of tights. “This is better for the environment on the one hand, but also for us, because we don’t carry the toxins directly on our skin,” explains Pamela Reif, who herself is a testimonial for the new “eco tights” from CALZEDONIA is.

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When buying pantyhose, make sure that the quality is high – and preferably also that the production is environmentally friendly. So that you can enjoy your pantyhose for a long time, you should be careful when putting them on.