How to find the perfect hair dryer

More volume, the right bounce or simply quick dry hair after showering – with a hairdryer you have your hair under control quickly and easily. However, it is not so easy to find a suitable model.

How many watts are actually enough? Do you need a large or a small nozzle? We will tell you what you need for a hairdryer and how to find the perfect model.

Five tips: How to blow-dry your hair like a professional

Why would I even blow-dry my hair?

Are you rather a blow-dryer grouch and prefer to let your hair dry in the air? Wonderful, because it is gentle and healthy for your hair in the long run. However, if you need to leave quickly or your hair goes crazy on a Bad Hair Day, a blow-dryer can work wonders. But you can also conjure up a voluminous mane from your straight hair. Or you can tame your curls into gentle waves.

In short: No matter whether you want to spice up your hairstyle or just don’t want to run around with wet hair all the time – a hairdryer is worth it! But not all hairdryers are the same. Curls dry differently than straight hair, fine hair differently than thick hair. But how to find the right model?

Still no idea? In our hair dryer guide we have specific recommendations for each hair type.

Any idea? Compare the current top models in our comparison table.

What do I have to look out for when I buy a hairdryer?

If you are standing in front of the hairdryer shelf, pay attention to these criteria so that you do not end up putting too much strain on your hair, wallet or patience:

There’s a cold setting: It takes a little longer to blow-dry with cold air, but hot air makes your hair damaged and strawy. Therefore, there should always be a cold setting in your hairdryer, this also helps to fix the hairstyle at the end.

The cable is long enough: Over head, right, left, again from the top: When blow-drying, you need freedom of movement, so the cable has to be long enough. For those who are particularly keen on movement, there are models with a cable length of over 2.5 metres, but if you have a smaller bathroom, the standard of 1.8 to 2 metres is quite sufficient. Anything beyond that can otherwise get in the way.

The hairdryer is of high quality: Make sure that the hairdryer has no wobbly parts or connections, that the attachments fit well and that the material feels high-quality. Otherwise the thing will break quickly and you could even burn yourself or get an electric shock. To prevent hair from getting tangled up in the blower, there are also hairdryers with narrow air filters or caps at the rear end.

The optics are right: Of course, the appearance of a household appliance is not the most important thing, but you don’t want to end up with a bulky appliance either. So it’s best if you can see the appliance in real life beforehand, for example as an exhibitor piece.

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Hair dryer guide: Which hairdryer suits me?

You now know the criteria of a good hairdryer. But which model suits you? After all, every hair type and hairstyle has different needs and therefore requires a different treatment. We will tell you which model meets your individual requirements:

Do not blow-dry long hair too hot


A long mane takes the longest to dry, even with a hairdryer. Therefore, buy a larger model so that you can dry more area at once. At the same time, the tips of long hair are often particularly dry and therefore sensitive, so make sure that the hairdryer does not get too hot.

Product tip: The Philips DryCare Prestige hairdryer dries long hair very gently with even heat distribution and moisture protection. However, because of its 2300 watts, this does not last forever. Order here for 30 Euro at

Thick hair needs a power hairdryer

A lot of hair needs a lot of power, so watts. 2000 watts are sufficient, but the hair dries much faster with 2200 or 2300 watts. Because thick hair usually takes longer to dry, you should make sure that the model does not weigh too much, otherwise styling will become quite strenuous at some point. From about 650 grams without cable the appliance can become heavy in the long run.

The hairdryer for long hair: The Remington Ion Hair Dryer has a good power output (2400 watts!) and is nice and light. Order here for 20 Euro at

Diffusers are the salvation for curls

Did you know that after blow-drying your curls do not necessarily look like a burst sofa cushion? Special plate-shaped blow-dryer attachments, called diffusers, make the airflow softer and simulate drying in the air. This way, the hair becomes voluminous, does not mat and you are spared the plug-socket look.

The hair dryer for curls: A hairdryer with diffuser is for example the professional hair dryer Pro Light Volume from BaByliss. It only weighs just under 500 grams, but with 2100 watts it has a lot of power. Order it here for 20 Euro at

Fine and short hair like it rather soft


Fine or short hair, on the other hand, should not be blown through too much, so a maximum of 2000 watts is easily enough, because otherwise the strands will fly all over the place. Diffuser attachments also provide more volume, and women with short hairstyles will be pleased with precision attachments.

The hairdryer for fine and short hair: The Remington Air 3D has a modern design, 1800 watts and an extra long cable, but it sometimes sucks in longer hair. Order here for 20 Euro at

Who wants volume, needs special attachments

For more elaborate hairstyles there are different attachments, which are part of many models. If you would like to conjure more volume into your hair, get a hairdryer with diffuser. Complex hairstyles can be styled precisely with narrower nozzles of 1.5 to 2 centimetres wide. The hairdryer should also not be too heavy for this.

The hairdryer for styling and volume: Braun Satin Hair meets these criteria quite well. It has a diffuser and a professional styling nozzle for accurate blow-drying. It also has overheating protection to ensure that the hair is dried but not shaved. Order here for 20 Euro at

Folding rice hairdryer for on the way

For women who travel a lot, there are special travel hair dryers that are particularly small and light. However, most of them have less power and also often no cold setting. So look for a model that is not too heavy and too large, but still dries your hair efficiently and gently.

The hairdryer for the road: The travel hair dryer from Beurer is space-saving because of its folding handle, but with 2200 watts and a cold setting it still has all the important features. Order here for 20 Euro at

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How do I blow-dry properly? 3 tips

You found the perfect hair dryer for you, so blow-dry on it. So that your hair looks as beautiful and healthy as possible afterwards, we have 3 more tips:

1. do not blow-dry too hot

If the hair is wet, the water molecules in the hair structure expand with heat and break it down. But even with dry hair, too high a temperature can destroy the hair and scalp, so it’s not worth drying faster. Our tip: blow-dry your wet hair with cold air FAST dry and only adjust a medium heat at the end for styling.

2. apply heat protection

Blow dry and straighten your hair NIE without heat protection. This prevents your hair from becoming strawy and falling apart due to the strain.

3. from below for volume, from above for gloss

You can add volume to a short, fringy hairstyle by blow-drying it against the grain a few times. Would you prefer a smooth and neat result? Then blow-dry from the top down.

Whether you’re a hairdryer grouch or a hairdressing expert – with the right hairdryer your everyday life will be a little bit easier. But make sure that the quality is right for each model, otherwise the appliance (or your hair) will quickly break.