How to find the cap that fits your face

Each head has a cap: read here how to find the perfect cap for your face shape and how to wear it

At temperatures around freezing point without a cap in front of the door? Better not! Because a lot of heat is lost over the head. So if you protect yourself with a stylish headgear, you won’t freeze so quickly.

You haven’t warmed to any models yet? Then you’ve come to the right place! There is the right hat for every face shape, for sure! We’ll tell you which one fits yours.

1. beanies and bobbles stretch round faces

Your face has an even round shape, the cheeks are rather broad, the chin is soft, neither pointed nor edged? Then voluminous hats suit you best. For example, a classic beanie cap is flattering.

Tip: If you consciously don’t pull the cap quite so deep into your forehead, but wear it in such a way that it sticks out slightly at the top of your head, this will visually stretch your face. If you like it more eccentric, this winter you can opt for a trendy bobble cap in bright colours. With this you make a real fashion statement!

Better not put it on: In narrowly cut caps, round heads look as if they have been squeezed into them and appear larger than they are.

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2. berets flatter striking features

Other women envy you your insane cheekbones, forehead and chin are similarly broad? Then you have a more angular face.

If you want to counter these striking contours with something softer, loose caps that protrude slightly into the forehead are suitable. A current trend that plays into your cards is the ultra-trendy beret – known in France as Béret.

Better not put it on: Lass’ the fingers of narrow, tight-fitting caps. Your face can quickly look too hard in them.

3. small beanies stand women with a narrow face

Your cheeks are narrow, and the head is generally rather elongated? No need to make a long face! You are flattered by flat headgear such as cult slider or sailor’s hats with visors. Also cool: Short-cut beanies with a wide brim – they make your face look a bit wider. Not many people can wear that!

Better not put it on: bobble hats and XL -Beanies that stick out at the top of your head are better off not on. These models are designed to stretch a narrow face unfavorably.

If your forehead is broad and your chin is narrow, i.e. your head tapers down, experts speak of a heart-shaped face. Especially flattering for this face shape are caps that balance the proportions between the upper and lower half of the face.

This works for example with pilot’s caps with conspicuous ear flaps or also XL -Beanies made of coarse knitting. The bulkier the cap, the better! Practical: Big caps do not press the hair so flat. This means that many hairstyles can be worn underneath.

Better not put it on: It is better for women with a broad forehead to avoid caps that fit tightly around the head. The head quickly looks as if squeezed into it.

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5. oval faces all caps stand

An oval face is considered ideal, the proportions are balanced and therefore do not need to be balanced. For your headgear this means: you have the perfect cap face! Whether beanie, bobble or beret, everything simply suits you. So just choose the hat you like best!

Another tip: A slightly deeper grip on your wallet often pays off for you! Expensive natural materials such as wool, merino and cashmere not only look noble, but also keep you particularly warm and prevent your hair from being electrically charged.

Which hat fits the shape of your face?

Clearly, you don’t have to expect cold ears this winter. Because there is something for every head shape and every taste among the current cap trends – also for you!

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