How to find a sports trip that suits you

It’s on this summer! Because holidays don’t mean a training-free zone, but that you can simply move your training to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world! Whether hiking on deserted mountain paths, yoga on beautiful beaches or fitness training under palm trees – sports trips are a real motivational kick that not only prevents laziness, but also provides a sense of achievement that makes you relax even better afterwards.

What you should know about these 6 types of sports travel before your holiday and which destinations promise particularly fit holidays:

  • Running Trip
  • Cycling holiday
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Wanderlust
  • Fitness Club
  • Surf Camp

Why a running trip?

The answer to the question of what is best to stay fit and healthy, to blow your head clear, look younger or lose weight is always the same: Get into running shoes, it’s the easiest way to achieve your goals. But if you get bored with your usual running route, want to get out of your comfort zone, finish your first half marathon or improve your 10-kilometer time, a running trip is worthwhile.

In the running camp you will meet like-minded people, you can philosophize about running and perfect the race in theory and practice under expert guidance. © Jacob Lund / With this summer workout you will cut a fine figure on the beach

Running hotel or training camp?

Do you want to stay on your own in a runner’s hotel or use the professional support in an organized training camp? It does not matter whether you are a beginner or already have experience: Running trips are something for every level! However, the choice has become extremely large and it is not so easy to keep track. So first of all, find out where the camp will take place and if it fits your ideas of your dream holiday.

Mountains or beach, proximity to the city or loneliness – or even the cruise, thanks to which you can walk every day to a different place in the world?

Then you should check who belongs to the team of running coaches and what background the coaches have. The greater their running experience (often you are accompanied by ex-professional runners), the more you can profit for your own training. Whether you are a beginner or an ambitious runner: serious organizers have a suitable group or coach for each level to accompany you during your training.

Desire to run: How to get started

As soon as you have made your decision, you can start thinking about packing your suitcase in time. The most important thing is good running shoes – and not just one pair at best. Use the trip as an opportunity to invest in new shoes and (again) do a running analysis. You should take advantage of this from time to time, because your trusted running shoe seller is the very best option for good professional advice. This is the only way to find out which shoe is really good for your feet.

And one more tip: the look should definitely be a secondary consideration here, the function must be the clear winner.

Running trips are something for every level and the choice is now extremely wide. © Jacob Lund /

This is what you can expect during your running holiday

A unique experience and an unforgettable holiday: In the running camp you will meet like-minded people, can philosophize about running and perfect the race in theory and practice under expert guidance. Of course you can’t run all day. At best, however, you can choose between several different units a day, coaching sessions to plan your training and all the other things that are good for runners: stability training, stretching units and relaxation.

So you will certainly reach your performance limits. After all, that’s the whole point, because you don’t want to be stuck on the spot.

The best destinations for female runners

The nice thing about running: it goes everywhere and at all times. Every short trip, every spontaneous city break can become a running holiday – there is no more sporty way to combine sightseeing, beautiful places and workout. For all those for whom this is not enough, it is worth taking a look at organized camps and training camps that take the work out of route scouting and accommodation searches with optimal athlete conditions, thus creating perfect conditions.

Here you will find the most beautiful running camps

Going on holiday by bike

Great for all cardio queens who are bored of jogging in the long run: On a bike holiday they can sweat in the fresh air and enjoy nature. If you pedal hard, you will also burn a lot of calories.

Crisp climbs, great views and challenging trails – a holiday on 2 wheels means lots of action.

You should know this before your bike holiday

Whether you make kilometres on a racing bike or go downhill on a mountain bike: Nothing works without a helmet! You should also invest in padded biker pants. This will prevent your butt from aching or even chafing for days on end. The basic equipment also includes a close-fitting jersey (with small pockets on the back for gels & co.), gloves and cycling glasses. If you want to save yourself the stress of packing and transporting your own bike, you can rent a bike at your holiday resort.

Mountain biking for beginners

It makes sense to check the surroundings online beforehand: You can plan the tours and know in advance what to expect in terms of climbs and metres in altitude. In this way, you can prevent yourself from breaking down halfway through a stage. Be sure to get in the mood at home with a few longer rides!

For hours of cycling you need power. A proper breakfast is therefore a must.

What to expect on a cycling holiday

Crisp climbs, great views and challenging trails – a holiday on 2 wheels means lots of action. A common beginner’s mistake: not enough food in the morning – for hours of cycling you need power! Therefore, you should take it especially at breakfast. Just as important: Don’t start cycling in short clothes at the first sunbeam. Anything under 18 degrees means: long trousers and long sleeves, because the wind is not to be underestimated.

In addition, the weather (especially in the mountains!) can change quickly. Vary the intensity of the routes: sometimes mountainous, sometimes flat.

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The best cycling areas

You can cycle anywhere where the climate is right. Mallorca is popular with racing cyclists, the main season there is in spring, when it is still cold and dreary in Germany.

Find yourself on a yoga vacation

Of course, if you are not on vacation, a yoga course at home is a great way to escape from everyday life – but unfortunately only for a short time. Because at the latest during meditation, thoughts of trouble at work or the shopping due come back into focus. Who can really let go? It works much better if you swap the course room for a lonely island and book a whole week instead of an hour.

Holiday at last! Finally time for yourself, time to really switch off, time to leave everyday life behind. © zjuzjaka /

What you should know before your first Yoga retreat

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced superyogini – most of the yoga journeys are suitable for all levels, only seldom are previous knowledge required. But: Yoga is not just Yoga! Therefore, check carefully which kind is offered so that you won’t find yourself chanting unexpectedly or be the only one who can’t even do a headstand. No matter which yoga style you choose: …the lightness the retreat should bring you starts with the luggage.

A big advantage of high-quality yogawear: It can also be worn comfortably in everyday life and as travel gear. You don’t need much else either: Yoga accessories are usually available on site. Just bringing your own mat is a clean recommendation from us. Thin Travelmats are foldable, super light and fit in any hand luggage.

How to find the perfect yoga mat

What else do yogis travel with? Wool socks and a yoga shawl will keep you nice and warm during the morning sun salutation or meditation. Between yoga sessions, inspiring reading material will give you new thoughts and creative ideas that you might want to write down in a notebook. Tip: Hot tea is available at most yoga retreats. Bring your own thermos flask and you’ll have some all day long.

It doesn’t always have to be Bali. There are also great yoga retreats in Germany, Spain and Greece. © zjuzjaka /

What to expect at the Yoga Retreat

Meditation, sun salutations in the sand and evening yoga classes with a view of the sunset – all these are the best conditions for physical relaxation and a clear head. The yoga classes usually take place in small groups. Some resorts also offer individual lessons. Very important: Please do not bury your head in the sand when doing yoga on the beach, if some poses are still a little shaky. Remember that yoga is not about performance!

With 2 to 3 different yoga sessions per day, you will gain physical and mental strength during the course of the trip, as well as flexibility and composure that will last beyond the holiday.

The best destination for your yoga trip

In general, the more calming the environment, the better. Yoga is often offered in combination with Ayurveda, hiking or surfing. The breathing and balance exercises in yoga prepare you optimally for other sports. Thailand, Sri Lanka or India are popular with yogis. But you can also relax heavenly in Europe: on a Spanish island, in Greece or Germany.

The 10 most beautiful Yoga Retreats

Here you can satisfy your wanderlust

Fitter and more relaxed by hiking alone? A resounding yes! Because if you are looking for a balance to the strenuous everyday life, the household and leisure stress between friends, family and sports, you will find peace and relaxation by hiking. So it’s not surprising that for 37 per cent of women, hiking primarily creates a feeling of relaxation and allows them to switch off really well in hiking boots, according to the results of a study by the outdoor specialist Gore-Tex.

So what could be better than fresh air, impressive landscapes and an outdoor experience that is as intense as it is active?

37 percent can relax wonderfully while hiking. © Jacob Lund/

What you should know before your first hiking tour

Investing in hiking boots is not only sensible, but an absolute must, because otherwise the wanderlust quickly turns into a big frustration, because blisters on the feet destroy the most beautiful mountain scenery after a few metres of altitude. You should pay attention to this when buying: Think about the main use the shoes will be on the road, the climate and the trails, how long you want to be on the road, whether you are carrying luggage or making day trips.

Accordingly, you may choose trekking, mountain or multifunctional boots, but you may also be well advised to use trail shoes. To make sure that your shoes don’t pinch, get advice from a professional, bring hiking socks and a good hour’s time to try them on.

Between fear of heights and intoxication

What then also belongs in your luggage: depending on the climate, you choose clothing that keeps out the cold and protects you from the sun, absorbs moisture and transports it away. Especially in the mountains, the weather can change quickly, so it is advisable to always have rain protection and a warming layer ready.

Also prepare yourself a little: Have you planned your tours, have you got route descriptions with you or maybe even in advance GPS -data, this ensures more relaxed ascents without any unpleasant surprises, but with a guaranteed summit experience.

What to expect during your hiking holiday

First and foremost the feeling of freedom. Hiking kills stress, boosts endurance and burns a lot of calories. So you won’t lose any of your fitness level during your holiday – or even push it to the next level. Reason: Walking over hill and dale, up and down can be really exhausting, the harder the ascent or descent, the more the muscles have to work in your legs and butt. But as beautiful as nature may be: The stonier and steeper the ascent and descent, the more your attention is required.

If you go far up, the air becomes thinner and thinner, so you should slowly feel your way up.

Don’t let blisters on your feet after a few meters of altitude difference spoil the beautiful mountain scenery.

Whether you take the hiking holiday on your own or in a small, guided group is a matter of taste. But the important thing is: The more challenging the tour, the more you should not venture out on your own. It is better to use the expert experience of a mountain guide. They not only know the most beautiful routes and viewpoints in the region, but are also trained to correctly assess challenges and dangers (which lurk particularly in the mountains!).

In an emergency he reacts calmly and knows what to do.

These are the best hiking regions

The mountain classics, such as the Alps, Harz and Black Forest, are always good for hiking tours. England and Scotland, with their impressive coasts and wide landscapes, are still insider tips. If you are looking for more sea, you will find it in Croatia or on the mountainous islands of Portugal and Spain.

The most beautiful hiking routes in Germany

Fit holidays at the fitness resort

For all sports aficionados who can’t do without their daily workout dose even on holiday, a fitness holiday is just the thing. The most important thing: Don’t do everything the same as at home. Use the foreign environment to try something different and challenge your body with new stimuli. No matter whether you are fighting your way through a sweaty boot camp, finally daring to take a boxing course or testing a new training method.

Because one thing is already clear as daylight: instead of pretty mussels, you will bring home tight muscles from this holiday!

From this holiday you bring home tight muscles instead of pretty shells! © 4 PM production /

What you should know about the fitness holiday

Sure, according to the catalogue, almost every hotel today has a “well-equipped fitness studio”, as it is always said. But not seldomly it turns out on the spot as a tiny storage room with 2 old machines and 3 dumbbells. Thus, those who seriously want to exercise have to get previously informed (best by phone or e-mail) about the actual equipment. Which equipment is really available?

Is there a sporty 25-metre swimming pool, or do you get in the way of other splashing guests when you pull your lanes? Is there a course program? What is actually offered during your stay? If you sign up for a boot camp, you should be reasonably fit so that the holiday does not become a torture.

Mini-workout for the beach holiday

Some providers have many different sports in their program, of course you don’t have to be able to do them all before. Have you always wanted to try Pilates, stand-up paddling or crossfit? Why not on holiday?! Strength training in the gym in your holiday paradise can also be adapted to your individual training level. Another advantage for beginners: personal trainers pay attention to the correct execution of the exercises – a real relaxation factor in spite of effort.

Of course, sports clothes have to be carried en masse. Also: don’t forget sunglasses and sun protection!

The best seasons for a fitness holiday are spring and autumn. © 4 PM production /

This is what you can expect in the Fitness Hotel

Nobody can train all day. Cleverly combined, you can manage about 3 workouts a day. Try to alternate endurance, strength and relaxation units in a balanced proportion. In between there is still enough time to lie on the beach. And very important: Lower your expectations: It’s unlikely that you’ll kill several kilos in a week or train for a six-pack. Nevertheless, you will feel fitter than ever before after this holiday because you have trained instead of just lying on your back.

The best holiday destinations for fitness fans

Do you like sunshine? Wonderful, but the temperatures are crucial: 15 to 25 degrees are ideal for outdoor workouts. A hardcore boat or fitness camp with a huge course programme is clearly too strenuous in high summer. Better: go in spring or autumn.

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Riding the perfect wave during a surfing holiday

Whether surfing, windsurfing or kiting – to succeed on the board you need a good basic fitness. Extra points are awarded for stability and balance. Have you always wanted to really board over the sea? The next perfect wave is yours!

In the surf camp you can expect sun, sandy beach and lots of salt water. © Kanchana P/

You should know this before surf camp

Beginners learn surfing best in a camp. There you will also be provided with a board and wetsuit for your first attempts. Most surf camps start with the basics, for advanced surfers there are also advanced courses. If you want to prepare yourself a bit, you can practice paddling on the board and train your balance. Also ideal for preparation: crawl swimming and diving. You can recognize a good surf camp by the fact that the groups are as small as possible.

The fewer students the surf instructor supervises at the same time, the greater their learning success. Indication of good quality: training certificates, for example from the German Surfing Association, the Academy of Surfing Instructors or the International Surfing Association.

Be sure to pack up: flip-flops, favourite bikini and waterproof sun cream with LSF 50: Even if you actually want to stand on the board, you will spend a lot of time on and in the water – there is a high risk of sunburn. And before everything gets soaking wet: use a drybag. This will keep your change of clothes dry on the beach. A tip against annoying water in your ears: Earplugs.

How to learn to surf

What awaits you in the surfer’s paradise

Of course sun, sandy beach and lots of salt water. Also: theory lessons, dry runs on the board and intensive surfing lessons in the water. While surfing, wind, waves and water put your fitness to the test. If you are not in top shape before, you will be at the latest in the fight with the currents. The biggest difficulty in surfing is catching the wave, jumping on the board at the right moment and keeping your balance standing.

Depending on the swell, it can take a few days for beginners to get on the board properly. You will not ride the really big waves the first time. One week of surfing lessons is enough to learn the basics of surfing. With windsurfing and kiting, on the other hand, you will see your first successes more quickly. For more stability, beginners should start with a small sail and a big board. This way the wind does not attack too strongly.

The next perfect wave is yours! © Dudarev Mikhail /

The most important thing is to accept the challenge and persist. Because the unbeatable feeling when you ride the wave for the first time rewards you for every effort. Of course, you won’t last all day. After surfing, treat your exhausted body to some rest, enjoy the beach life or explore the surroundings on excursions. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee for sufficiently high waves. It is also important that your surfing location offers options for an alternative program.

All about kiting

The best surf spots of the season

For kiting and windsurfing the Baltic Sea is the perfect place. Because of the stiff breeze, the North Sea is more for advanced windsurfers. The season there is from April to September. The most authentic location to learn how to surf is probably the island of Hawaii. But also the Caribbean, California or Asia offer unique surf beaches. Everything too far away for you? There are many European destinations.

For example, the Atlantic coast in France and Portugal, the Canary Islands and in summer also the Netherlands and Denmark offer great surf spots.

Sports holidays are the perfect combination of action and relaxation

And, which sport trip do you book? No matter whether you pump under palm trees, jog on the beach, climb mountains, cycle for miles, drop yourself off at yoga on an island or learn a water sport – the main thing is that you have fun, enjoy your holiday to the full and return home refreshed. Have a great fitness holiday!