Here you can rent a van

Longing for a vacation on four wheels, but there’s only a compact car parked in your garage? No problem. Nowadays there are a lot of providers who rent out vans for every taste, every adventure and every budget.

The experts at promobil have compiled a list of the most popular rental offers, from which we would like to present you a selection of the most ingenious:

1. ahoy bullis

They come from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and appropriately call themselves Ahoy Bullis. Here they are exclusively VW -Camping buses rented from April to October. Every year a new fleet of VW California’s move into the company. In this way, Ahoi Bullis ensure that customers always get the latest vehicles and the greatest comfort on their journeys.

In addition to a basic equipment consisting of plates, pots, glasses and co., the buses are equipped with an awning, chairs, a table, a gas bottle, extension cables and more. For all camping cooks there is also a grill and cookbook on board. A very special service is the Bulli-Bringdienst. Here the bus is delivered to the tenant’s front door ready for departure – if desired even including a food shopping service.

Those who have never driven a camper van or similar vehicle before will also receive a briefing on the vehicle.

The prices:

The cheap “St.Pauli” California Coast “Edition” with 150 PS manual transmission and diesel engine, 120 euros per night.

The medium-priced “Eppendorf” California Ocean “Edition” with 150 PS automatic transmission and diesel engine, 130 euros per night.

And the top van “Blankenese” California Ocean “Edition” with 204 PS automatic transmission and diesel engine, 140 euros per night.

In the high season (June, July, August) you must book the Bulli for at least seven days. In the low season you pay up to 20 euros less and you can also rent the van for only three days. The cleaning and service fee is already included in the price. Each van can be equipped with a canoe, surfboard, bicycle, etc., as well as a roof or rear rack.

Your kingdom, your rules! Those who travel in a van enjoy real freedom © unsplash / Mahir Uysal

2nd Bullibü

The Bullibü rental company is also based in Hamburg. The provider has been in business since 2017 and today the company has a rental fleet of 6 vehicles. All upgraded T6 buses are fully equipped with camping equipment at no extra charge. Only for chemical toilets or bicycle racks tenants have to pay extra. Since 2019, all buses have also had a trailer coupling. Bullibü also allows you to take your dog and other animals with you by arrangement.

250 kilometres can be covered by the rental buses every day at no extra cost. Every kilometre above that costs extra. In the high season (July and August) there is a minimum rental period of 7 days and you pay between 120 and 130 Euros per van. Outside the season (between November and February) there are particularly favourable conditions, with a minimum rental period of 4 weeks.

In addition, winter rentals should be requested early enough, as Bullibü renews its fleet of vehicles after each main season. Bullibü sells the rest of the rental cars then.

The prices:

Bullibü VW T6 California Beach Maxxcamp with 150 PS manual transmission and diesel engine, from 110 Euro per day.

Bullibü VW T6 Tonke Van with 150 PS manual transmission and diesel engine, from 120 Euro per day.

Both offered models have 4 overnight places with a sleeping bench below and a bed in the pop-up roof. The special features of the Tonke Van are the second sliding door on the driver’s side and the kitchen module with a two-burner cooker that swings outwards. The Maxxcamp extension is classic with fixed lengthwise furniture, although there is only a single-flame gas cartridge cooker.

From the 15th. Rental day Bullibü gives 10 percent on the daily rent, from 30 days there is a “parental leave discount” and a chemical toilet is available at no extra charge.

3. cali campers

There are really many vans at Cali Camper. The rental company has a total of 60 rental stations and most of them are located in Germany and a few in other European cities. Thus, one almost surely finds a rental station close to one’s place of residence and does not have to accept long ways to get to the rental vehicle.

The vehicles are equipped with chairs and a table. You can book a set of dishes for 29 Euro. Everything else you need you have to bring yourself. All vans are new, respectively annual cars.

Similar to platforms that rent out holiday homes, Cali Camper’s availability calendar can be seen under the vehicle information. So you always know if your preferred vehicle is still available at the desired date or not.

The price for all Cali campers is between 110 and 120 euros in high season.

Available for selection:

VW T6 CaliforniaCamper – RMB Family: VW California Beach with 150 PS manual transmission and diesel engine.

VW T6 California Coast DSG : VW California Coast with 150 PS automatic transmission and diesel engine.

VW Cali Camper Classic: VW T6 California Beach 150 PS manual transmission and diesel engine, furniture construction from MaxxCamp or Bux-Boxx.

Purchase tip: At Cali Camper you can buy more than 100 used bullis from the rental fleet every year, which have done their job as rental vehicles and are still in good condition. The company also offers its own sharing principle. Whoever becomes a member of “Cali-Sharing” receives a 10 percent discount on the rented vehicles for a van rental over 50 days. Those who go camping for more than 100 days a year even receive a 12.5 percent discount. 

Van Life adventures are now available for every imaginable travel preference © unsplash / Jakob Owens

4. camper boys

The 15-bulli-strong landlord is based at Munich Airport. Practical: For an extra charge, there is even a shuttle service from the terminal to the rental station and back. VW T6 California Ocean with furniture line, sleeping bench and electric pop-up roof. Also on board and especially good for the trip to the south: an awning. For an extra charge you can get cool accessories like a stand-up paddle, slackline or hammock.

Useful equipment such as roof or bicycle racks are also available at extra cost. Tenants drive 300 kilometres a day at no extra cost, each additional 30 cents. Camperboys distinguish between low season (October to May) and high season (June to September). The daily rent starts from 85 euros in the low season, in summer at 120 euros. From the 16th day of rental there is a 5 percent discount, from the 23rd 10% and on the 37th a full 15 percent discount. There is a minimum rental period of 3 days.

The prices:

VW T6 California Ocean with 150 PS automatic transmission and diesel engine, from 85 Euro

5. ecocamper

The VW -T6-Bullis for rent from Munich and Freising are available in different versions: with or without pop-up roof, for 2 to 5 persons, with 102 PS and complete camping equipment. In the low season the minimum rental period is 3 nights, in the high season 7 nights, plus camping utensils made of stainless steel, hammock, luggage rack, awning or rear tent and a bucket toilet. Great for dog owners: With the dog package as many dogs as you like may travel with you.

In addition there is’s a dog folding box, harness and connecting belt for the car and a muzzle, which is mandatory in some countries.

Prices for Ecocamper:

VW T6 without pop-up roof: 75 to 95 Euro per day

VW T6 with pop-up roof: 85 to 105 Euro per day

6. wanderlust bulls

The landlord Fernwehbullis is located at two locations, in Halle near Leipzig and in Paderborn. It offers a modern T6 model, T4 and T3 extensions. The Paderborn landlord has been in business since 2014 and the Halle location is new since 2019. A franchise expansion throughout Germany is conceivable in the next few years.

Fernwehbullis Paderborn:

The Queen: VW T6 California Coast (2016) with 150 PS manual transmission and diesel engine, from 140 Euro per day.

Mr Roland: VW T3 Club Joker (1984) with 78 PS water-cooled boxer engine, price on request

The red Bavaria: VW T3 Cluub Joker (1984) with 78 PS water-cooled boxer engine, price on request

Fernwehbullis Halle (Leipzig):

Captain Baloo: VW T4 Multivan with kitchen module and pop-up roof (2000) with 150 PS from 89 Euro in the high season

Samson: VW T4 California Exclusive with high roof (1999) with 102 PS from 89 Euro in the high season

Little John: VW T4 California (2001), with 150 Ps, from 89 Euro in high season

Blue Bear: VW T4 Mulitvan with kitchen module, with 150 PS from 89 Euro in the high season

The green madam: VW T4 California with 102 PS from 89 Euro in the high season

Experiencing adventures for two in unusual places far off the beaten tourist track – that is pure Van Life © unsplash / Clarisse Meyer

Prices vary greatly depending on location, season, model and rental period. While in the high season the daily rental of the Paderborn T6 over the weekend is 150 euros, in Halle, for example, in the low season (November to March) you can try out a rental van from just 60 euros a day.

Tenants can drive the bullis from Halle 250 kilometres a day. In addition to the basic equipment, both Fernwehbullis rentals include a bicycle rack, rear tent and additional seat.

7th Funny Camper

Funny camping – that’s what the T5 rental company Funny Camper promises. From the outside, you can hardly tell that the van-like vehicles are campers. Only the lettering Funny Camper reveals what they are. The vans are suitable for two people and are equipped with a lying surface measuring 1.43 x 1.90 metres.

Under the mattress there is a clever construction kit system that contains everything you need for camping: a rear kitchen with refrigerator, gas cooker, grill attachment, sink and shower attachment.

The Funny VW s are equipped with all weather tyres and air conditioning, as well as everything: crockery, pots, cutlery and camping table and chairs. On top of that there is’s also a rear tent, so that you don’t have to stay in the blazing sun or rain while cooking behind the vehicle. In addition, further equipment can be booked like a bicycle rack (25 Euro), roof rack (20 Euro), roof box (30 Euro) or an awning (40 Euro). The rental price includes 250 free kilometres per day.

The prices:

VW T5 transporter with box system, depending on season 70 – 80 Euro per day

8th Hanggtime & Europe By Van

Since 2008 founder Uwe Bosshammer has been renting out VW -T3 buses. Meanwhile his fleet includes 120 of these vintage vehicles, which are rented out at various locations in Germany, Europe (Ireland, Portugal) and even in Morocco. A network of expert workshops takes care of the technical maintenance. So everyone can get a taste of original Bulli air at the Vanlife hotspots from Galway to Andalusia. For an extra charge, equipment such as table, chairs, dishes and surf equipment are provided.

Prices for Hanggtime:

VW T3 Surfvan, 65 Euro per day

VW T3 standard van, 78 Euro per day

VW T3 VIP -Van, 85 Euro per day

In addition, with Europe-By-Van, there is also the sister company of Hanggtime, which is active in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Sweden. VW T6 for rent. The buses are either equipped with a CaliBox or the original California version. Depending on availability, it is possible to determine the pick-up and drop-off point of the rental vehicle individually depending on the route, for example for a tour from Barcelona to Lisbon.

Prices for Europe-By-Van:

VW T6 Surfvan, 70 Euro per day

VW T6 standard van, 75 Euro per day

VW T6 VIP -Van, 80 Euro per day

Van with a view… Where you wake up in the morning is entirely up to you © Ser Borakovskyy /

9th Indievans

Bremen, Schwerin, Dresden, Nuremberg and Stuttgart: In these cities the landlord IndieVans can be found. The largest selection of vehicles can be found in Dresden. Here, the rental company offers rental vehicles with “Indievans tours” as well as city tours in a classic car van.

The vehicle fleet is colourful and no rental van is like any other: from VW LT , VW T2 classic cars, via different VW T3 models up to VW T4.the landlord distinguishes between high season (mid June to mid September) and low season (mid September to mid June). Some locations also have a low season in the winter months. All vehicles have 200 free kilometres per rental day.

Indievans-Rental Bullis Dresden:

Basic Camper Paul/Renate: VW T3 with or without pop-up roof, with 50PS /70 PS depending on the season 55 to 70 Euro

Comfort campers: depending on season 60 to 85 Euro

Anna/Ferdinand: VW T3 (1988) with high roof and 70 PS /VW T3 (1990) with high roof and 92 PS

Emma: VW LT Sven Hedin (1984) with high roof and 75 PS

Susi/Hector/Phillip: VW T4 (1994) with roof and 78 PS /VW T4 Carthago (2003) with pop-up roof and 102 PS /VW T4 (1993) with pop-up roof and 67 PS

Casimir: VW T4 (1995) with high roof and 69 PS

Oldi-Camper: between 105 and 125 Euro

Bruno: VW T2 (1978) with pop-up roof and 50 PS

Dinghy: VW T2 (1963) with pop-up roof and 69 PS

Amelie: VW T2 (1971) with pop-up roof and 50 PS

Horst: VW T2 (1977), 9 seats with 50 PS

More Indievans rental vans:

Bremen: 1 x basic camper “Dorle” from 55 Euro, 3 x comfort campers “Hans Dampf”, “Laura”, “Brutus” from 60 Euro

Schwerin: 2 x comfort campers “Felix” and “Jan” from 60 Euro

Nuremberg: 2 x comfort campers “Kadda” and “Sophie” from 60 Euro

Stuttgart: 2 x comfort campers “Jonas” and “Vince” from 60 Euro

10th Indie Campers

The most exciting T6 extensions at a glanceWhat began as a small start-up with three campers has now become one of the largest rental companies for camping buses in Europe with 350 vehicles. Besides Fiat Ducato camping buses, Indie Campers also offers a VW California for rent. You can choose one VW T6 California Coast 2.0 TDI at 102 PS for four people. The Bulli offers the usual equipment with side kitchen, foldable bench seat and a further bed in the pop-up roof.

A WC tenants can order as an optional extra.

Otherwise the camper is top equipped and customers do not have to worry about bed linen, cleaning agents, kitchen utensils, 230-volt cable and the emergency set consisting of jack, warning triangle and warning vests. If you take children with you, the child seat is free of charge.

Similar to Ahoy Bullis, Indie Campers also offers numerous extras such as a surfboard, SUP -Besides four rental stations in Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt/Main, Berlin, Munich) there are Indie Campers in many other European countries. From your computer at home you can reserve a van for your desired location and then just drive off.

The prices:

A night in T6 California costs 102 euros, you have to book it for at least four nights.

More and more popular with travellers: A converted van for adventure on four wheels © unsplash / Balkan Campers

11th Main Bulli

If you like the vehicles of the eighties, you will be happy at Main-Bulli. Here you will find’s various T3 cult campers with high roof and pop-up roof: from the Reimo version built in 1987 to the Westfalia Joker of various vintages to the California from 1990. All camping buses have a kitchenette with a two-flame cooker, sink and refrigerator. Also here is a ready to travel full equipment with camping table, chairs, cooking and eating utensils, cable drum and all adapters.

Just put it in and off you go on a nostalgic tour!

The prices:

The T3 cult campers are available between 79 and 99 euros per night. In the main and high season the minimum rental period is 6 nights.

Additionally rentable is’s everything else you could need for your camping holiday: From a child seat or grill to awning, towel set, bicycle or SUP -Paddleboard. All you have to do is pack your bikini and you’re good to go. Delivery of the vehicles, which stand in the proximity of Würzburg, takes place with costs up to 300 km distance before the entry door. For those who pick up their cars themselves, the indoor parking space for the car is free of charge.

12th Multi Camper

The T6 extensions of Neureuther Multi Camper stand for off-road fun at its best. In addition to six different models which are offered for sale by the company, they also offer two models for rent. You can choose between the Multicamper VW T5 with pop-up roof and the “Multicamper Low Budget”, a T6 without pop-up roof. The latter has a rather unusual layout.

On the driver’s side there is a large living area including kitchen and on the passenger side there is a side bench seat that folds out to form a bed. In this case the Multi Camper is only suitable for two people. A roof tent can be booked as an option.

Only equipped with additional camping table and chairs, the buses only have the most necessary and essentials like bed linen and dishes you have to bring yourself. Multicamper states that the rental is rather used by potential Bulli buyers to familiarize themselves with a campervan. Customers should use the rental vehicles to get to know the VW -Get used to the bus, so that when they buy it they are sure that this form of camping is something for them.

The Bullis must be picked up personally at the Neureuth car dealership in Edingen-Neckarhausen. The rental fleet consists of three vehicles, therefore they can only be booked individually by telephone.

Prices for VW Multicamper:

The Multicamper VW T5 Camper costs 118 Euro per day

The Multicamper Low Budget Camper costs 98 Euro per day

13th Ocean Van

Landlord Ocean Van is based in Königsbrunn near Augsburg. Here you can VW Rent a T6 California and pick up tips on different routes to Spain, Sweden or Italy. The vehicles are not only equipped with the Euro 6-d-Temp pollutant standard, which allows entry to almost all low emission zones in Europe’s major cities.

They also have state-of-the-art technical features such as parking assistance, navigation system and MP3 radio on board, as well as a complete camping kitchen including kitchen equipment, battery, outdoor shower, camping tables and chairs, power package with extension cable, blanket and sheet. Get in, set off, holiday. If you like, you can have a bike rack mounted on the tailgate or a roof rack for the surfboard mounted on the four-seater.

In addition, a tent or a mobile camping toilet can be rented if required.

Prices at Ocean Van:

VW T6 California, depending on season and rental period: 99 to 130 euros per day

Like hell vans aren’t comfortable! © unsplash / Le Tan

14. rent a van

With “Rent a Bulli” you get directly nostalgic. Besides a T6 California Ocean Edition, the landlord offers mainly well preserved and overhauled VW T3 California with Westfalia equipment for rent. The 69 PS strong T3 models are all in original condition, only the engine has been overhauled for increased safety and an oil cooler has been installed. Red and white bullis are available. Some T3s have a pop-up roof, others a high roof.

All eleven vehicles have one thing in common and those are the super creative names, like: Mr Blingbling, Donkey, W.Indschnittig, Schecki Schneck, etc.

All those who now think that a T3 offers less comfort need not be afraid. These campers are also equipped with a gas cooker, refrigerator, awning and from Rent a Bulli even with CD -radio has been equipped with a smartphone connection. Furthermore, the kitchen is equipped with all necessary equipment, there is a barbecue and broom on board as well as an extra camping table and two chairs for outside. A TomTom navigation system and a bicycle rack are also provided free of charge.

If you don’t want to take your own bedding with you, but want to enjoy the comfort of a ready-to-travel bulli, you can book bedding for 19 euros. For nine euros you can also rent a child seat.

With the oldtimers you are allowed to drive a maximum of 100 km/h. So you have to be comfortable and not rush. How about a tour from farm to farm? All campervans from Rent a Bulli are equipped with a land enjoyment guide and the corresponding vignette, so you can stand on participating farms free of charge.

The prices:

The T6 California costs between 109 and 119 euros per night, for two weeks that makes 1477 euros.

The T3 California costs between 74 and 79 euros per night, for two weeks you get a total of 992 euros.

In the high season the landlord prescribes a minimum rental period of 13 nights.

15th road surfer

From Murnau in Bavaria via Cologne, Chemniz to Hamburg – at 13 locations in Germany you will find VW -Camper Rental Roadsurfer. All California buses are based on the latest model VW T6 and are characterized by bicolor paint and the Roadsurfer logo. The pop-up roof campers are suitable for two to five people depending on the model.

The cooking equipment of the campervans varies: The California Ocean (downshifter) and the California Camper (beginner) have a kitchenette on board, the California Beach Plus (beginner) only has a cool box. Every vehicle comes with: winter equipment with auxiliary heating and insulating mats, a camping table and two chairs, a navigation system and an MP3-capable car radio and an electronic parking aid or a rear view camera.

The prices:

Beginner: T6 California Camper, 110 PS 5-speed, 75 to 99 Euro per night

Beginner Plus: T6 California Beach, 150 PS DSG -automatic, manual pop-up roof, 75 to 105 Euro per night

Dropout: T6 California Ocean, 150 PS DSG -automatic, electric pop-up roof, 90 to 120 Euro per night

In the high season the minimum rental period is 7 nights, in the low season 3 nights. From the 16th night of rental onwards’s gives discounts.

By the way, since spring 2019 the rental company has also had campers based on the Mercedes-Benz, i.e. the Marco Polo.

Magic moments are pre-programmed when travelling with the van © unsplash / Chris Holgersson

16th Surf-Cars

This rental is for all those who want to rent a camper in the south of Europe to stay overnight directly at the best surf spots. Surf-Cars has stations at all places where surfers cavort in Portugal (Lagos), Spain (Barcelona, Malaga, Santander, San Sebastian), and on the islands Ibiza, Mallorca and Tenerife. For an extra charge, the rental company also takes care of the airport transfer, then’s goes directly from the plane to the handover and introduction to the surf camp bus.

The buses are all based on the classic surfer model VW T3 and have a Westfalia extension with high or pop-up roof. Depending on the model, two to four people can travel in them. The kitchen with gas stove and refrigerator is fully equipped so that no pots have to be carried in the luggage. Surfboards, wetsuit and towels can also be rented together with the vehicle.

Prices for Surf-Cars:

VW T3 extensions from Westfalia: from 65 to 105 euros per night

Private rental platforms

Also on the well-known private rental platforms such as Paul Camper, Campanda or Yescapa, some Bulli owners hang around and offer their treasures for rent. Here the offer changes constantly, depending on the provider and availability. Whoever wants to rent a Bulli from private persons in Germany or abroad will surely find something suitable on the respective website.