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Do you often toss and turn for hours at night without closing an eye? Or do you actually sleep enough, but still feel tired every morning? Then you should not take it lightly!

Insomnia and insomnia (in extreme cases chronic insomnia) not only affect your mood the next day, they can have dangerous consequences for your health in the long run. Therefore, you should definitely get to the bottom of the causes (stress, suboptimal sleeping environment).

12 tips to help you fall asleep better

You have probably already tried to establish a recurring sleep routine, go to bed earlier, stop drinking coffee after noon, or try to calm down by counting sheep. If that doesn’t help you, these eight little helpers are just what you need! Plus: At the end you will find 3 good tips for falling asleep.

Sleepbuds cover annoying noises with soothing sounds

Schlaftools Bose Sleepbuds Bose Sleepbuds © manufacturer

When the neighbours are having a party or your partner regularly starts his sawmill at night, restful sleep is impossible. Bose sleepbuds help by muting outside noise while masking it with pleasant sounds. The sleep timer and soft materials make them perfect for sleeping.

More info: Bose Sleepbuds

Alternative: For those who find this too expensive or who find the sounds too artificial or repetitive, you can also use normal, but high-quality noise cancelling earplugs without their own sound. The earplugs from Senner are the bestseller at Amazon.

6 Food for a better sleep

Pleasant, even sounds ensure peace of mind

Schlaftools Tiefschlafklänge App Tiefschlaf Sounds © Manufacturer

To sleep, your thoughts must be calm. But when the room is absolutely quiet, many people’s brains really start to work. That’s when the shopping list is compiled, the career is planned, and do you remember how embarrassing it was when you called the teacher Daddy in the fourth grade? Instead, quiet, repetitive sounds like raindrops or a humming air conditioner distract the brain from such thoughts, just enough to fall asleep anyway.

The Deep Sleep Sounds app (basic version free of charge, additional sounds can be activated) has many such sounds.

Tip: You can also find many of these sounds on YouTube. But then you usually can’t switch off the mobile phone. But resourceful users have found a trick: Simply control the music via the control center of your iPhone or use headphones with controls.

Breathe to a blue light metronome

Schlaftools Dodow DoDow sleep aid © manufacturer

Sounds of falling asleep are not for you, but you still want to somehow switch off your carousel of thoughts? Then simple and guided meditation or mindfulness exercises could help you, for example autogenic training. If this is too esoteric for you, there are devices like the Dodow. It ensures that you concentrate on your breathing alone for 8 or 20 minutes without disturbing your mood with singing bowls or self-discovery talk.

More info: Dodow sleeping aid

A combined headphone sleep mask ensures peace and quiet

Sleep tools AGPTEK -Mask AGPTEK Sleeping mask with integrated headphones © Manufacturer

For all fans of audio books or music, there are special headphones in masks or headbands on which you can lie down without pressing. Especially when you are on the road or someone else is asleep in the room, you can listen to your favourite tracks without disturbing anyone else. In addition, the headbands also often dampen annoying noises from outside. But in any case, try to make sure that you can really lie on them so that you can sleep comfortably.

More info: AGPTEK Sleep mask with integrated headphones

Natural sleeping draught instead of tablets

Schlaftools Sleepink, a natural sleep drink with melatonin © Manufacturer

Sleeping pills are often tempting to finally sleep through the night. But the drugs often have side effects and can even be addictive. But there are herbal remedies, for example with valerian or St. John’s wort, which calm and relax you. The drinks of also increase the production of melatonin.

More info: natural sleep drink (7 bottles 19,90 €)

How good it smells! An aroma lamp sprays essential oils

Schlaftools TaoTronics TaoTronics Aroma Diffusor © Manufacturer

If you find it difficult to switch off after a long day and the tension is keeping you from sleeping, you can try an aroma lamp. It provides pleasant humidity and essential oils such as lavender soothe the nerves. The lamps also give off a soft light that is much more relaxing than that of a bright bedside lamp.

More info: TaoTronics Aroma Diffuser

You don’t know why you sleep badly? A sleep tracker finds the reason

Schlaftools Withings withings Sleep Sleep Sensor Mat © Manufacturer

You don’t have any problems with noise and you are not overly stressed, yet you still feel as if you are tired every morning? Then you might want to consider a sleep tracker, which you can either slide under the mattress or wear as a bracelet. The tracker measures how long your deep sleep phases are, whether you snore or how your pulse is during the night. So you can see exactly how well you are really sleeping.

More info: Withings Sleep Sleep Sensor Mat

Feel snuggled in a thick, heavy blanket

Schlaftools Leefun-Decke Leefun weight blanket (6.8 kilogram) © Manufacturer

The feeling of being wrapped up under a thick blanket directly provides relaxation. The weighted duvets reinforce exactly this effect. The extra weight on the body is intended to make you feel more secure and produce more of the sleep hormone melatonin because it feels like a big, cuddly hug. It is best to go to a shop and try to feel comfortable under the heavy blanket and make sure that the small weights don’t slip.

More info: Leefun Weight Blanket

How to help you ASMR asleep

3 tips to help you fall asleep even better

With these tools, you can better prepare your body for sleep and turn your bed into a resting place. To help you fall asleep even more relaxed and quickly, you can also follow these self-help tricks

1. a fixed procedure

The body is a creature of habit. With a fixed sleep rhythm and certain rituals, such as 5 minutes of meditation before going to bed, it gets tired at the right time.

2. in the evening no heavy food or great effort

If you do your workout late at night and then have a proper dinner afterwards, your body is still much too active when it should be in bed. So from 7 p.m. on, you better shift down a gear.

3. find the cause

Often sleep disorder is the symptom of deeper-seated problems. People who live under subconscious tension sleep much worse. Therefore, in a quiet moment, listen to what is on your mind and how you feel. Professional help can also be very useful.

How to create the perfect power nap

Find out what’s keeping you awake. Then with the right tools or medical help you can start right there and hopefully sleep through the night again soon.