Excellent choice: 19 great food innovations

That’s a new record! A total of 120 different products have been sent in this year to participate in our Good Food Award 2019. For the fourth time in a row, Women’s Health, together with its big brother Men’s Health, awards the best products of the year.

As in the previous year, the special focus will be on innovations in the food sector: tomorrow’s food trends, products made from unusual ingredients, or manufacturers who take into account, for example, regional or climate-neutral aspects. After all, sustainability in particular must increasingly be the focus of new products. And now: Have fun browsing and enjoying!

These healthy snacks have a maximum of 100 calories Good Food Awards 2019 Natural whole cane sugar, salami sticks and whole grain snacks convince with good ingredients. © Christian Lohfink

1. panela: valuable sweetener

Sugar as an innovation? Yes! Because the natural whole cane sugar from the highlands of the Colombian Andes is not refined. Panela is a boiled sugar cane juice, which is beaten cold until it gets its sandy consistency. This preserves vitamins B1, B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and even some protein. Even better: 300,000 families in Colombia now live from growing sugar cane.
Panela by De caña, 125 gram tin, at 5.90 euros

2. pasture beef salami sticks: low-fat meat snacks

The mini-salamis consist of only 30 percent fat (otherwise usual: 45-50 percent), which makes the meat aroma much more effective. The quality is achieved by animals that are kept in herds without stress and eat only grass and hay. The pasture cattle come from small family farms, are processed regionally and completely from nose to tail.

Ox-Sticks from Green Ox, 12 x 50 gram, for 31,90 Euro (single sticks are available in stores for 2,50 Euro)

Our recommendation image-paidteaser-57a21117-31219-135.jpg

3. muesli for on the go: hearty nibbling fun

Healthy cereals for your pocket and then also as a salty variation: The delicious wholemeal cereal flakes are available in 2 varieties. If you prefer muesli as a sweet version, take one of the other 3 varieties. Ideal to take away.
Vitalis concentrated feed Sour Cream by Dr. Oetker, 45 grams, by 0.90 Euro

8 reasons to sprinkle linseed over muesli more often Good Food Awards 2019 From vegetable broth to oil to caffeine soup: Here you can find everything! © Christian Lohfink

Four. Young jackfruit: Natural meat substitute

If you like Pulled Pork, you will love Jackfruit! The young fruit, pickled in brine, gets an almost identical flesh consistency after cooking, and the taste is also similar. The fruits come from mixed cultures, for which no fertilizers are necessary, from small farmers in Sri Lanka.
Young jackfruit in brine from Who’s Jack, 500 grams, at 5,90 Euro

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5. top vegetable broth: raw vegan vegetable broth

Stock cubes are often the last compromise when cooking fresh. Here is the solution: 73 percent vegetables, rock salt and spices. Nothing else! No yeast, no sugar, no fat, and certainly no additives – and of course everything organic. Also suitable for marinades, dressings and seasonings.
Vegetable broth from Swema, 85 grams, at 3 Euro

6. sugar-free lemonade: summery lemonade novelty

The light sweetness is only caused by the fruit sugar contained in the fruit, nothing is added. It contains the fine aromas of ginger, basil and lime, making it the alcohol-free version of the Gin Basil Smash. The production takes place in plants that are operated with renewable energy.
Basil Ginger Drink Basil from Balis, 6 x 0,25 litre (one bottle is available for 1,40 Euro)

7. Coconut Rapeseed Oil: Innovative blend

With a content of around 70 percent mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, this oil is right at the top. In addition, coconut oil in this country is only liquid in midsummer and is otherwise difficult to dose. With this mix with a subtle coconut note, it is very light and can be used warm or cold.
coconut rape oil 1845 from oil mill Brökelmann + Co, 500 gram, around 6 Euro

Linseed oil with low-fat curd for a slim waist

8. soup with caffeine: stimulant meal

The break is short and you have to decide between coffee and snack? Not any more, because this drinking soup with 30 milligrams of caffeine delivers the espresso directly. It can be drunk hot or cold and consists exclusively of natural ingredients without preservatives or flavour enhancers.
Kick to go drinking soups from Englert Feinkost, 250 millilitres, from 2.80 euros

Good Food Awards 2019 Please store in a cool place: These products convinced us. © Christian Lohfink

Ninth almond spread: Delicious cheese alternative

Vegan cheese, some time ago still under discussion as an inferior analogue cheese, does not have a good status, it is considered artificial and full of additives. This one proves the opposite: it consists only of almonds, coconut oil, salt, carob bean gum and citric acid – and can compete in terms of taste and sensory qualities.
Vegan spread from Simply V, 150 grams, for 3 Euro

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10. sustainable iced tea: natural refreshment

Refreshingly mild and not too sweet. In addition, only natural ingredients from sustainable cultivation are used in this certified organic tea. It is also especially great that the iced tea is offered for the first time in a reusable reusable glass bottle. 2 varieties are also vegan, the third is sweetened with a little honey.
Honest organic tea from Coca-Cola, 24 x 330 millilitres, for 36 euros (a bottle is available in the shop for about 2 euros)

11. cold brewed coffee: really fair pick-me-up

Almost 1.6 million school meals in Burundi, Africa, have already been financed by the company. And of course the coffee farmers are also paid fairly. The coffee is also the first real coffee in the refrigerator: it is brewed cold for 24 hours and is therefore characterised by its special mildness and softness.
Cold Brew coffee with rice drink from lycka, 185 millilitres, from 2.50 euros

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12. frozen mix: ready-to-eat pulses

Beans either have to soak overnight and then cook for hours, or you have to use the more mushy canned variety. Iglo is an ingenious remedy for chili: crunchy chickpeas mixed with beans in red and black. Absolutely convenient and available in 2 other tasty blends.
Veggie Love Mexican from Iglo, 450 grams, for 3 Euro

So healthy are lentils, chick peas and Co.

13th high-protein pudding: Lactose-free innovation

Sweets need not be sinful. This creamy pudding is completely without added sugar, but with lots of protein and little fat. This makes it an ideal snack for all those who want to eat consciously, but still don’t want to do without anything. As a special treat, the dessert is also gluten and lactose-free.
High protein chocolate pudding from Ehrmann, 200 grams, by 1.30 euros

Good Food Awards 2019 Want a snack? Here you can access with a clear conscience. © Christian Lohfink

14. pea crunch snack: protein-rich munching fun

Yeah, sure, chips are made out of potatoes, too. So they are far from healthy. But the small green crispy peas, baked in a thin layer of dough, have 60 percent less fat and instead have a lot of protein and fibre. And of course all 3 varieties are without colouring or flavour enhancers.
Crispy peas Paprika from Kühne, 100 grams, at 2 Euro

15. Ginger Beer: Bittersweet ginger drink

You’re finally here! The first German ginger beer. And this is also produced organically and almost regionally. Another advantage is that it is less sweet than the originals from abroad. So it can be drunk ideally pure or mixed of course. The producer also supports social projects.
Ginger Root from Ände, 330 millilitres, at 1.50 euros

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16. hemp bar: regional super bar

Another bar? Yes! The special thing about this one is that everything from hemp cultivation to packaging design is family and regional. In other words: short distances with low resource consumption. The 4 hemp bars also consist of a maximum of 4 ingredients, all of which are ideal for mental performance enhancement and will keep you full for a long time.
Hans the bar from Hans Brainfood, 35 grams, at 2,50 Euro

17. vegetable sticks: vegan vegetable snack

3.2 kilos of fresh greens become 1 kilo of crunchy vegetables. Due to the gentle baking process and the use of olive oil, they contain a lot of vitamin E and fibre. Only a pinch of salt is added, otherwise the munchies consist of pure vegetables. Ideal for on the road or the crunchy jieper in front of the TV.
Baked vegetable sticks tomato from Guzman’s Guzinos, 60 grams, at 3 Euro

18. rice flour mixture: gluten-free kitchen aid

Gluten-free flour always needs an addition of binders or additives to make the flour bakeable. Not so this rice flour mixture. It consists of a mix of different rice varieties, which has ideal baking properties. This means that wheat flour can be replaced 1:1 for almost any recipe. The variety is ideal for bread.
Bread enjoyment from Komeko, 500 grams, at 5 Euro

Baking with egg white powder

19. paleo snack: sensible mini meal

Paleo and snack? Didn’t work that well for a long time. With this almond-based snack, it did. It has up to 70 percent less carbohydrates and is also gluten-free. What makes it special is the compostable shell, which is completely free of plastic. The treat is available in 6 varieties, 3 of which are even vegan.
Almond based snack from Koukée, 30 grams, at 2,50 Euro

Die Good Food Awards 2019 The Good Food Awards 2019 © PR

These 19 food innovations include everything that makes your foodie heart beat faster. The exciting products score not only in taste and with their ingredients, but also because of their sustainability. Test them yourself and choose your own winners!