Everything you need to know about Lash Extensions

Perfect lashes and expressive eyes – without having to mascara your lashes every day – who doesn’t want that? This dream can become reality! The magic word is: Lash Extensions. But do false eyelashes really keep their promise? Is an eyelash extension actually suitable for every woman? Can you still go swimming with them?

We tested the treatment and interviewed the lash expert Xheneta Sulejmani from Adam & Eve in Hamburg to clarify all questions about eyelash extensions.

1. how does an eyelash extension work?

In contrast to normal fake eyelash wreaths, which you can also apply yourself for an evening, in professional eyelash extensions individual hairs or small bundles of hairs are stuck to the base of the natural lashes. Thus the false lashes last for several weeks. The “glue spots” are fine and transparent, so that the cheating is not noticeable even if you look closely.

This is how an eyelash extension works in detail:

  1. Any mascara applied before the treatment is removed
  2. The lower lashes are covered with gel pads.
  3. The natural lashes are measured and the appropriate lash thickness and length is determined.
  4. The lashes are degreased and a primer is applied.
  5. Now the gluing of the lashes begins. In between the lashes are brushed through again and again. This is important so that the lashes lie straight and do not end up standing wildly.

  6. The gel pads are removed and the eyelashes are blown dry with a special tool so that the glue hardens, ready!

The treatment lasts about 1 hour, during which time you simply make yourself comfortable on a couch.

2. are lash extensions suitable for everyone?

You have very sensitive eyes and wonder if eyelash extensions are suitable for you? The expert knows the answer: “Few people actually react with irritation to the ingredients of the adhesive. With sensitive eyes, it is therefore first of all necessary to carefully test how the customer reacts. Further treatment then depends on this.” Before treatment, it is always clarified whether an allergy is present.

By the way, very fine or light lashes are no problem. In this case the lash thickness is simply adjusted and the natural lashes disappear under the extensions.

Some may feel a slight burning or tugging sensation during the treatment. “This can come from the adhesive, but it is not a problem and goes away immediately after the treatment,” says Xheneta Sulejmani.

3 . What are the different types of lash extensions?

There are lashes for every taste. Some might prefer natural, others want a dramatic look. Fortunately, there is the right lash thickness and adhesive technique for every wish!

You want to…

…a natural look: You don’t want anyone to know that they’re not your own eyelashes? No problem: “For a very natural look, only every third to fourth eyelash is pasted,” says the lash expert.

…not too much and not too little: “The as-if they had mascara on it is the golden mean,” says the expert. Here an artificial eyelash is applied to each natural eyelash. Natural volume, beautiful long lashes and save time in the morning in front of the mirror with mascara and co. Perfect!

…a dramatic look: If you like it expressive and want real wow lashes, you are well advised to go for the volume look. “Here, artificial lashes are fanfold applied to a natural lash – up to 10 lashes. We achieve a similar effect with eyelash strips, which are applied in one piece like normal fake eyelashes from the drugstore, but last longer,” explains Sulejmani.

By the way: For new eyelashes, the expert always recommends a less intensive look. “Some people don’t like an extremely voluminous look afterwards and then all the lashes have to be removed again,” the beautician knows. Therefore: Better to start small first! You can still refill them.

4. what shape of eyelashes do I look like?

Xheneta Sulejmani: “The natural eye shape should definitely be taken into account when choosing the bonding technique. The choice is yours:

1st cat’s eye effect: The lashes become longer towards the outer corner of the eye. This looks great with narrower and curved eye shapes.

2nd natural eyelash curl: The longest lashes are glued in the middle of the lash line. Looks like the natural eyelash curl and is especially suitable for round eyes.

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5. how long do the extensions last?

“Three weeks, definitely.” But: “As the eyelashes gradually fall out, gaps appear over time. After three weeks it is not yet so noticeable, but the eyelashes should be slowly filled in before the gaps become too big. However, it also always depends on the strains the lashes are subjected to.” Tip: Wash regularly and do not rub too hard when drying.

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6. is there a hack how I can extend the durability of the lashes?

Xheneta Sulejmani’s tip: “Leave out the mascara! It makes your eyelashes stick together and pulls on the extensions unnecessarily, which makes them fall out faster. If you want a more intensive effect, it is better to have the result adjusted at the next filling appointment. It is also very important to avoid oily products in the eye area! Oil can cause the adhesive to come off prematurely.

7. how are the eyelashes cared for?

The advice of the lash expert: “I recommend a special lash shampoo. It is good to clean the eyelashes, because dirt can quickly collect in them. So it’s best to cleanse in the evening and brush through regularly.” So nothing stands in the way of great expressive eyelashes!

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8. how can I recognize a good studio?

According to eyelash expert Xheneta Sulejmani, you should pay attention to this when choosing a studio:

1.transparency: In the best case you can already get an insight into the work and the products used on the studio’s homepage.

Second fair price: There are studios which are unfortunately completely overpriced. However, if the price is comparatively very low, you can assume that they work with inferior quality. The lashes usually do not last that long and can even damage the natural lashes!

3. quality of the products: Feel free to ask which products are used. The cosmetician should be prepared to answer your question. If not: Hands off!

4. Cleanliness: Do you have the feeling that the studio is a bit grubby? – Let’s get out of here. Otherwise there’s a risk of infection.

9. Can I do sports with eyelash extensions? Even swimming?

“Yes, you can! But not in the first two days. In the time directly after the treatment, the lashes must not get wet, because the adhesive still has to harden. Afterwards you can do everything, even go to the sauna!” But please remember: the more the lashes are stressed, the faster they fall out! “On holiday, for example, if you go swimming in salty sea water every day, this is already a strain on the lashes.

But if you go swimming once or twice a week, it doesn’t matter”, explains the beautician.

10. what if I no longer want the extended eyelashes?

Do you also belong to those who love variety and like to surprise with a new look over and over again? Are you deterred by the idea of being stuck with the same look for weeks on end? The expert can reassure you: “The eyelashes can be easily removed in the studio. A gel remover is used for this, which works for 15 to 20 minutes. After the application time, we simply brush the lashes off.”

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So much for the theory! How the eyelash treatment actually feels and what everyday life with lash extensions is like, was tested for you by our colleague Miriam. Here you can read her field report:

“I have naturally very bright blond eyelashes. That’s why I always have to apply mascara if I want my lashes to be visible at all – so practically every day. All the more I am looking forward to the prospect of being able to put mascara aside for the next few weeks.

This is how the procedure went in the studio: First, the eye make-up and mascara were removed completely. During the application I feel a very slight pulling. But that is totally bearable – plucking eyebrows is much more painful! After the treatment I am really surprised by the result, my blond natural eyelashes have completely disappeared under the lash extensions! I chose the mascara look and the result is full, long lashes that don’t look too artificial.

Conclusion after two weeks: Now some eyelashes have already fallen out. I also seem to like sleeping on the right side: In the morning I usually find loose eyelashes under the right eye and therefore the side has unfortunately already become a bit balder than the left. But fortunately it is not too noticeable and my natural eyelashes are still well covered. So a very natural look has been created. I can definitely recommend the treatment and wouldn’t want to miss my Wow-Lashes anymore!

You want to try that too? Now you know how to recognize a good studio, what you should pay attention to during the treatment and how to care for your new eyelashes properly. So nothing stands in the way of a dreamlike look!