Editorial check: These are the best beauty boxes

In daily life we quickly forget one thing: to celebrate ourselves! Why don’t you start now and simply reward and spoil yourself – for example once a month with a new beauty box.

You’re sure to find something suitable, because the cosmetics market is just about to be flooded by this surprise trend: whether make-up or care products – if you have a preference for beauty shopping, you’ll find yourself on cloud nine once a month with the right box. Only the choice may be a little difficult. But we can help you with that.

What is a beauty box?

Beauty boxes are the modern wonder bags for all make-up junkies and cream lovers. The concept is easy to explain: You choose a beauty box, order it and then let the contents surprise you at home.

Most beauty boxes are available on subscription, so that a new full box is delivered regularly (usually monthly). However, many manufacturers also offer individual boxes without a subscription – perfect for trying out or as a gift for your best friend, sister or mother. One thing is for sure: the boxes, which are usually also visually beautifully designed, make the heart of every beauty queen beat faster.

So finden Sie die richtige Beauty-Box Beauty boxes are available’s by subscription or as individual boxes to give away or try out. © July Prokopiv / Shutterstock.com

3 reasons that speak for a beauty box:

  1. Beauty boxes are easy on the wallet: the total value of all contents is usually higher than the box price. And even individually in the trade you would otherwise have paid more for the products.
  2. You test products that you would never have bought otherwise and may find new favourite brands or products.
  3. Often new products are already in the box before they are even on the market. Subscribers to a beauty box are therefore the first to test.

This is how you save a lot of money every month

Which beauty box is the best for which woman?

One more question: Which beauty box is the right one for you? Countless providers are now romping around on the Internet, advertising with particularly great surprises. A beauty box jungle in which you can quickly lose track.

In order to prevent this from happening, we have taken a close look at 5 promising and completely different beauty boxes. Here you can find out what’s really inside and which box fulfils which wishes. Of course we will also tell you what we think of the boxes.

1. the Pink Box is perfect for beauty junkies

With the Pink Box, Beautyholics receive 5 lovingly packaged cosmetic products every month. The product composition is varied: from nail polish and foundation to shampoo or bath oil, the Pink Box contains everything. And don’t worry, the name only stands for the packaging. You will not only be showered with pink products.

Hard facts:

  • Price: 14,95€ per box (can be cancelled monthly) or 12,46€ per box (can be cancelled annually)
  • Free shipping

Example of beauty box content:

  • Lipstick from Revlon
  • Eyeliner by Kiss
  • Foundation of Alverde
  • Charcoal toothpaste from The Humble
  • Shower Gel from T: By Tetesept

A special highlight: You can create a beauty profile in order to receive beauty articles individually tailored to your needs. In the beauty profile, skin type, hair colour, hair structure and preferences for certain products are queried. Even whether you have a bathtub. So you can be sure that you will not get bath salts and blond shampoo, even though you only have a shower and brown hair.

In addition, subscribers can rate the Pink Box or recruit friends in order to collect so-called Pink Points. 100 collected points can be exchanged for a free beauty box.

Our conclusion: With this box, beauty lovers definitely can’t go wrong, due to the large variety of products. Something is always there! The purchase of this box definitely seems to pay off literally, because the contents are worth twice the purchase price of the box. In addition, all products are original sizes and not samples or travel sizes. And the pretty pink box also makes a great storage box.

You can order the box here.

2. the Fairybox is particularly sustainable

Feel good and do good, that is the motto of the Fairybox. Therefore, a surprise box is waiting for you, consisting exclusively of 4-6 pure and high-quality natural cosmetic products – all without animal testing. The box is also made of recycled cardboard and is completely biodegradable.

Hard facts:

  • Price: 19,90€ (monthly subscription)
  • Available as a single box or as a monthly subscription that can be cancelled
  • Free shipping

Example of beauty box content:

  • Face mousse of diamonds
  • Nose balm from Handmaids
  • Toothbrush from Hydrophil
  • Powder from Annabelle Minerals
  • Toothpaste from Cattier
  • Lubricant from Fair Squared

Everything you need to know about natural cosmetics

Our conclusion: Be fancy. Be fair. The Fairybox is just the right thing for all natural cosmetics lovers. In addition to great and sustainable beauty products, a very good price-performance ratio awaits you. Because the pure product content of approx. 50 Euro is considerably higher than the price of the box. And this although only original sizes are included.

You can order the box here.

3. luxury lovers are happy about the Sothys Box

This box invites you to test the French care brand Sothys extensively. It appears at intervals of 3 months. Per box 6 beauty articles are sent to you, always adapted to the respective season. Great: As a small goodie, the box contains a 10 Euro voucher, which can be redeemed in participating Sothys institutes when buying products or treatments from a value of 30 Euro.

Little tip: This surprise box is also suitable as a gift! Simply add a personal message when you buy it and soon you will put a smile on someone’s face.

Hard facts:

  • Price: 29,95€
  • No subscription
  • Free shipping

Example of beauty box content:

  • A beauty kit with different creams and ampoules
  • Shower foam
  • Night cream
  • Shower gel for hair & body
  • Anti-aging cream

Our conclusion: High quality content, with product formats varying between original and travel sizes. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth buying this box, as the contents are usually worth three times as much. One reason for this: There’s just so much inside. So if you don’t know the products of Sothys yet and are into high-quality cosmetics, you should not miss this box.

You can order the box here.

4. my Little Box takes you to beautifully packaged beauty worlds

In this subscription, each box follows a specific motto, which is reflected in the design of the box as well as in the selection of the five products. In addition to beauty articles from the private label My Little Beauty, each box also contains cosmetic products from various partner brands and a small accessory such as a chain.

Hard facts:

  • Price: 17,50€ (monthly subscription)
  • Monthly cancellable
  • Free shipping

Example of a beauty box content with the motto “Cosmos”:

  • Beauty-Balm from Weleda
  • Hand cream from New Wave
  • Beautyblender from Real Techniques
  • Star sign chain from My Little Box
  • Face mask from My Little Beauty

Our conclusion: This box is really different! Every month it has a completely new motto and makes you want more. A great concept, which is really coherent and seems very well thought out. But together with the chain it is still worth the money, because all products are very high quality.

You can order the box here.

5. animal lovers will love the Vegan Box

The perfect box for those who want to completely avoid animal ingredients or products that have been tested on animals. There are really only vegan products in it – 6 of them. In addition gives’s a 15% coupon with which you can save with the next order.

Hard facts:

  • Price: 24,90€
  • Delivery every 2 months
  • Monthly cancellable
  • Free shipping
  • Climate friendly shipping with DHL Go Green

Example of beauty box content:

  • Peeling mask from Luvos
  • Chia Green Smoothie Shampoo from Kastenbein & Bosch
  • Body butter from Alverde
  • Fair Squared Bikini Shaver
  • Body milk from Styx
  • Nail stamp set from MoYou

That’s why it pays to be vegan

Our conclusion: The box convinces with high quality vegan products, which even connoisseurs can still discover something new. The total value is guaranteed to exceed the purchase price, even if the products are not always original sizes. With this you do yourself, your wallet and the environment something good!

You can order the box here.

So, which beauty box do you like best? If you can’t quite decide, we recommend that you first order a sample box to take home. But be careful not to fall into a subscription trap! And cancel – if necessary – immediately after ordering.