Eating types: That stops overeating, yo-yo effect & co.

Actually, you think you’re perfect just the way you are. But there’s that stubborn 2 kilos that annoys you. Or those inches missing to close your favorite pants.

But before you go on a hardcore diet attack, first reflect on your eating habits. Find out whether you are perhaps suited to a certain type of diet. Often the solution lurks there, and you can achieve a lot by taking very simple measures.

Are there really different types of nutrition?

Eventually, yes. Just as there are different character types, there are different types of food. While some are always hungry and could eat all the time, others are rarely hungry, but perhaps mostly in the evening, just before going to bed. This is partly due to disposition and partly due to habit.

Whether it is snacking all day or eating late at night, both are impractical if you want to lose weight. However, there are ways for every eating type to successfully change their eating habits. So the last few kilos will finally fall off. Here are the best counter measures.

What type of espresso am I?

This cannot be determined by a blood test, but only on the basis of close self-observation. The nutritional type is mainly reflected in behaviour.

We have collected and listed here 7 different phenomena and behaviours that can make up an “Eating Type”. If you recognize yourself in one place or another, you will find a suitable approach to the problem.

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1. what helps with frequent munchies?

You find it incredibly hard to resist fatty, high-calorie food? The smell of fast food or fresh baked goods makes you walk to the counter and order something? And when you have what you crave, can’t you stop eating? If this sounds familiar, you’re probably one of the ravenous hungry.

Versuche, dem Heißhunger zu widerstehen Ravenous? You can learn to resist the calorie traps. © Nelen /

The way out: enforce discipline!

The reason for this behavior is in the brain. Since you cannot get rid of the ravenous hunger trigger, the goal is to be able to resist the ravenous hunger attacks. Confrontation is the best option here.

The next time you go shopping, make a conscious and targeted detour over the food boulevard. First of all, quickly walk past a delicious smelling pizzeria or the chip shop. The next time, stay a little longer in the vicinity. But each time, bravely resist the urge to buy a pizza. The more often you practice this, the easier you will be able to resist the craving in the future.

In addition, breathing exercises and a positive visualization of the future (you in your favorite jeans, which are still too tight now) help to alleviate the psychological craving.

Two: What do I do about my sugar addiction?

Sugar is not the best and healthiest ingredient. And yet it is consumed far too often and in too large quantities. Yet sugar has no added value for the body, it only provides calories that are converted into fat over the long term. But why do you keep falling into the sugar trap? Simple: sugar is addictive.

Are light drinks healthier than sugary drinks?

Sweets activate the reward system in your brain, which then releases more dopamine. Similar to alcohol or other addictive substances. This always happens when glucose is supplied without dietary fibre – not only with canned sugar, but also with pasta, white bread and cakes.

Du bist zuckersüchtig? If you combine foods cleverly, you can reduce the craving. © Blackday /

The way out: Look closely and combine cleverly!

Products such as chocolate and soft drinks can easily be avoided. You have to be particularly careful with hidden sugar, which is contained in light pasta, white bread and all products made from extract flour, for example. Only research can help here: although it’s time-consuming, it’s worth checking the labels on the food in the supermarket.

The different names are as easy to read for most people as the hieroglyphs in Egypt. But the following always applies: Everything that ends with -ose (glucose, maltose, dextrose) is added sugar. And this is not only found in sweets, but also in ketchup, salad dressing and even coleslaw.

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But you don’t have to give up everything. Your luck: No food consists exclusively of one nutrient. There is always fat, protein or fibre in it. And these lead to the fact that the sugar from the food is metabolised more slowly, which significantly reduces the ravenous hunger effect. Combining healthy fats and proteins with a small plate of pasta may help more than just halving the amount of chocolate. You should also switch to whole grain products.

The complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly – you will be full longer.

3. How do I prevent eating out of frustration or stress?

Some people can handle emotions better than others. Those who are not so good at it tend to consume alcohol, food, cigarettes or a combination of these in stressful situations. Surely you have heard the term “frustration eating”. In the long run, this behaviour can have serious effects on weight (and health).

These sports help against stress Lass dich durch Stress nicht zum Essen bringen You resort to croissant and Co. in times of stress and frustration? Stop it! © Roman Samborskyi /

The way out: Find a replacement job!

Find out what makes you eat! Whether it’s the annoying boss or the fight with your loved one that keeps pushing you to the highest calorie escalation level. Afterwards, write down exactly which emotions have arisen in you and what exactly triggered them. Once you have identified these mechanisms, it will be easier for you to arm yourself against them.

Even a therapy can identify the root of this eating behaviour and break the compulsion. Also try to allow time to pass between action and reaction. The best way is to do something else during this time.

So happy is music

So if you are just walking to the refrigerator, pause briefly and ask yourself consciously if you can wait another 10 minutes. Find something in that time that activates your reward center in the brain in the same way, but has nothing to do with food, such as exercise or music. All of this releases dopamine, which lifts your spirits and makes you lose the desire to eat.

4. How do I prevent eating too much in the evening?

During the day, food is of little interest to you. Not breakfast, a little lunch. But in the evening, it’s a big night. You can eat 2 or 3 portions without any problems. Nasty trap: The evening feast disturbs insulin sensitivity, increases blood pressure and prevents fat loss. It also leads to obesity in the long term.

Intermittierendes Fasten kann dir beim Abnehmen helfen Through intermittent fasting your body learns to feel normal hunger again in the evening. © AS photo studio /

The way out: Dare to do intermittent fasting!

The later you eat, the less well the body’s insulin response works, so more insulin must be secreted for the same amount of sugar. The body can also no longer correctly interpret what time of day it is, which can lead to hormone conflicts. During intermittent fasting, you are only allowed to eat within a certain time of day, for example from 12 to 20 o’clock. This restricts your time window for eating.

Fasting has such a positive effect on your life

But it also means that you have to optimize your daily routine. For example, get up early to exercise and stimulate your appetite and then just go to bed early (so you don’t have to snack in front of the TV). If you have trouble getting up in the morning, keep the curtains open. Natural light is the healthiest wake-up call.

5. what do I do about the yo-yo effect?

Losing weight is easy for you, but the problems start when you want to keep the weight? Then you are a typical yo-yo candidate. If you lose weight, your body unfortunately also breaks down your beloved muscles, which otherwise consume energy and burn calories even when you are at rest. As a result, your basal metabolic rate drops – your body needs less energy every day.

At the same time, however, you will feel more hungry after losing weight, as less leptin is present. The satiety hormone usually signals the body that it is full. It is mainly produced and stored in the fat cells. If there is less body fat, less leptin is present and the feeling of satiety is absent.

Treibe regelmäßig Sport By exercising you consume extra calories and thus prevent the yo-yo effect. © G-Stock Studio /

The way out: Take it sporty, in the literal sense!

When it comes to losing weight, the focus is on nutrition – sport is an important side-kick. As soon as the desired weight is reached, however, it becomes the most important adjustment screw. Because sport ensures that appetite and consumption match. Just 200 calories a day can decide whether you maintain your healthy weight or put on weight again. If you burn these calories with a taut run, the chances of maintaining your weight increase immensely.

So you burn more calories during exercise

But cardio is not everything, the combination with strength training is the best solution to burn off excess energy. To stay on track, you should regularly set new goals that challenge you athletically. This will ensure that you don’t give up every time the scales tip a little too high. Which is perfectly normal, by the way, when you convert fat into muscle.

6. How do I stop snacking all the time?

At the office, you always keep sweets in your desk drawer? Watching TV at night, crunching chips and cookies? But it’s not out of hunger or to compensate for negative feelings, it’s just habit.

Führe ein Ernährungstagebuch Write down everything you eat – you will be amazed how much comes together. © GuruXOX /

The way out: Write down every snack!

Your main weapons are now a pad and pen or a note-taking app. For a whole week, you should write down every cookie, every piece of chocolate and also every caramel macchiato (and preferably every gin and tonic in the evening) that you casually eat.

You’ll be amazed at what comes together there, even though you weren’t really hungry at all! But this knowledge strengthens you, because it brings what happens on the side into focus. It helps you to resist.

With these tips you will lose weight with snacks

Also a super tip for the nibbling practice: Avoid large packs! They only tempt you to snack more than necessary. Or deliberately take out only 2 cookies and lock the rest away again. Out of sight, out of mind works great.

7. Why do I eat too much after exercise?

Studies show that subjects did not lose more weight during 30 minutes on the treadmill than during 15 minutes. Why? The 30-minute group simply ate more in the end – as a reward. So if your weight hardly goes down despite exercise, maybe that’s exactly the problem.

Post-Workout Snack hauen kalorientechnisch oft ordentlich rein If you always eat a little more after exercise, you will gain weight rather than lose it. © Maridav /

The way out: Plan your meals!

To get a feeling for how much you are really moving and therefore consuming, you can start with an activity tracker. At rest, the body consumes about 1 calorie per hour per kilogram of body weight. For a woman weighing 70 kilos this means 1680 calories. Moderate running for 30 minutes consumes about 375 extra calories. That sounds a lot, but it is already balanced with a croissant and a teaspoon of Nutella.

Our recommendation image-paidteaser-57a21117-31219-144.jpg

So plan the meal after exercise directly into the whole daily schedule. It should not be an extra meal or reward on top, but a component.

Women with high blood sugar levels and poor insulin sensitivity are particularly susceptible to overeating attacks after exercise. For them, the drop in blood sugar after exercise feels like appetite. Try to overcome it with iron. Over time, exercise will improve insulin sensitivity and the body will burn more fat-even if you put your feet up after exercise. Add some extra gentle activities like climbing stairs and cycling and you’re on the right track.

There are many different types of eating and obstacles to losing weight. Whether you are suffering from ravenous appetite or despairing of the yo-yo effect – with these tricks, you can finally tell the kilos to fight.

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