Denim skirts: How to style the 2019 summer trend

You want to wear a hip denim skirt? But you don’t know how to make it cool? We’ll tell you!

Bet you’ve got the must-have of the season in your closet by now! Because it’s – ta-da! – the denim skirt. In all possible lengths and washes it is the absolute favourite of fashion influencers – and can be admired in countless photos.

No wonder that this classic is so popular: Jeans skirts are real all-rounders, they can be styled in many different ways and combined to any look. We show you what possibilities there are.

So you style trendy mom jeans

Which jeans skirts are particularly trendy right now?

Mini, Midi, Maxi: Currently, all different lengths are totally fashionable and there are no limits to the washes and design details: Jeans skirts in wrap-around look, in used-look or with button facing are just a few examples.

How can the different denim skirts be styled?

But how do you wear those hip denim skirts anyway? We’ll explain that to you…

1. mini jeans skirts are real all-rounders

If there is a jeans skirt style that you should definitely get this summer, then it is the mini version. The short length is ideal for warm summer days and can be styled sporty or chic, depending on your choice of outfit. In combination with a summery blouse and heels you can immediately conjure up an elegant outfit, while you create the perfect everyday look with a casual top and sneakers.

2. jeans skirts in midi length look noble

Midi jeans skirts can be styled super elegant – even for the office job you are well dressed. Dark washes such as raw denim, anthracite and black look particularly serious. Add a plain top, a nice blazer and you have a chic office look.

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3. maxi jeans skirts increase the style factor of every outfit

A floor-length denim skirt might seem unusual at first – and as if it were difficult to combine. At the same time it makes every top, no matter how simple it is, look stylish immediately. A wide T-shirt or a hoodie with it? No problem! A long slit shows off the legs particularly well and makes the long skirt comfortable to wear even in summer.

Tip: Whatever length you choose. Real fireworks are high-waist denim skirts. They make your legs look longer and also emphasize your waist.

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Whether light, dark, asymmetrical, with button facing or frayed – denim skirts are DIE They are the must-haves of the season and can be combined in the right style to create any look.