Collecting garbage on the run?

In “Plogging” the running round is used to collect garbage. Our author has tried the running trend from Sweden.

  1. For walking, a garbage bag is taken along, in which lying around garbage is collected.
  2. With every find, a knee bend is completed for collection.
  3. Running is mainly in the city.

Do something for the environment while running: Plogging is the running trend from the Swedish capital Stockholm. The word itself already reveals what it’s all about: In Swedish, it’s a mixture of running and picking – and “picked” is what you’ll find lying around.

Running with garbage bag

I usually refuse to hold anything in my hand when I am walking. But for plogging I grab a nice garbage bag – and off I go. Already on the first meters I collect some pieces. Especially disposable coffee cups seem to be easy to dispose of on the street or the sidewalk. I find it alarming that often there is even a trash can in sight.

By the way, gloves are recommended for plogging – whether it is cold outside or the sun is burning. This not only keeps the disgust factor within limits, but also the danger of cutting yourself on something. In any case, the bin liner fills up and becomes heavier. This makes it more noticeable when running and I have the impression that I am not running smoothly. The constant short stopping and bending down also ensures that I do not get into the usual running rhythm.

And the bending is exhausting in the long run. I should probably practice this more often.

Now plog and win! Not only in sunshine: our author in action © Private

The time flies playfully

With time I get more and more used to the bag and am motivated to get it as full as possible. Every find is indeed connected with a certain feeling of happiness and quickly I don’t find the rustling of the bag and its weight unpleasant anymore. Here and there I register astonished looks of the people I meet. But I quickly throw the slightly strange feeling overboard and give in to the collecting frenzy. That’s fun! Time is just flying and somehow it feels like a game.

I would not have expected that.

Conclusion: Good conscience and variety during training

Plogging is certainly not suitable for fast tempo runs, but it is a nice change for relaxed runs. I can also imagine that it is even more fun together with a running group. And then there is the good conscience and the environmental aspect. It makes me very happy to throw the filled bag into the trash can after the run. Even if the question arises, of course, whether picking up other people’s garbage should really be the solution.

I for my part will pay even more attention in the future to throw my garbage outside really only in garbage cans or take it with me and dispose of it properly. And for spontaneous plogging sessions while running, I’m sure there will be a trash bag in my jacket pocket more often in the future.

Plog now and win