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With his credo “Passionate about make-up. Serious about People and the Planet” stands CATRICE for products that with all their heart UND mind have been developed.

As beauty pioneers, Korea and Japan have been the trendsetters in recent years, with K- and J-Beauty at the top of the top shelves. But especially abroad, there is currently a lot of interest in Germany: The G-Beauty , Cosmetics made in Germany for high quality and standards – and for reduction to the essential. Completely in the sense of clean beauty . However, there is no universal definition of “clean.

The German cosmetics brand CATRICE brings light into the darkness for us and also explains whether clean is vegan.

Katrin Steinbach © Catrice

Katrin Steinbach is Technical Unit Expert Corporate Responsibility at CATRICE and answers the most frequent consumer questions for us.

As defined CATRICE “Clean Beauty”?

Katrin Steinbach: We at CATRICE speak of “Clean Beauty” when a product is free of ingredients that are problematic for health and the environment. Our definition of Clean Beauty is strict. It challenges us. But we want to create real impact, not “clean washing” and empty promises.

What makes vegan cosmetics stand out?

Vegan cosmetics do not contain ingredients produced by or from animals. Our CATRICE assortment is already 80 percent vegan – and we are working on increasing the proportion even further.

If you want to know which CATRICE products are vegan, this way

Is vegan make-up always cruelty-free?

Vegan does not mean for every brand that its cosmetic products are produced entirely without animal testing. CATRICE but does not compromise: We want to experiment with looks, but not with animals! Whether vegan or not – none of the products in our range have ever been tested on animals. We obtain written assurances from our suppliers that their products are also produced without animal testing. Therefore we are also PETA listed.

#worryfree: CATRICE …has thought about it, so you don’t have to worry about them! Those who are interested in the Clean Beauty range “Clean ID ” from CATRICE interested, find more information here:

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