Beauty on a scooter: that’s what the new trend is all about

If you’re active on Instagram and follow beauty bloggers, chances are you’ve been seeing a lot of #Jaderollers when you scroll lately. Over 20,000 posts are currently under the hashtag. But let’s start from the beginning: What is a face roller anyway, how is it used and what’s the point of the promise that you can massage away wrinkles with it?

We spoke to an expert in the field: Michael Ahmad, Education Executive at the beauty brand Herbivore – also an insta hype, by the way – answered our questions.

What is a jade scooter?

Would you have known? In Asia, more precisely in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ), face rollers made of healing stones have been used since the 7th century. The best known are rollers made of jade and rose quartz. The term jade roller is often used synonymously for both types. But this is actually wrong. Because it actually only describes the scooters made of green jade stone.

Both jade and rose quartz rollers look like little mini painter’s rollers and are of course not so fluffy, but literally as hard as stone: because two rollers of smoothly polished stone are attached to the handpiece. The larger one is for flat areas of the face such as cheeks and forehead. The small roller is intended for the eye area, for example. You look pretty. No wonder the bloggers take pictures of you and film themselves while rolling. But are massage rollers any good?

6 reasons why a Jade Roller can be worthwhile for you:

  1. The massage with it stimulates the blood circulation, which makes the skin look plumper, rosier and fresher.
  2. The rolling movement stimulates the metabolic processes of the skin, more precisely the lymphatic flow, whereby toxins are removed more quickly.
  3. The light accupressure pressure and the cool stone reduce puffiness around the eyes. So you look much more alert!
  4. The pleasant massage reduces the stress level and thus also stress hormones. As a result, the skin is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients in the long term – and also looks fresher with time.
  5. A Beauty Roller also promises relief for headaches and migraines – especially when it comes straight from the fridge.
  6. The massage allows skin care products to be worked into the skin better than by simply applying cream with the fingers.

That sounds pretty good. But where can you actually buy Jaderoller? In well-assorted drugstores, at Douglas or of course on the Internet. Here for example the classic from Rosental Organics:

Does a beauty roller help against wrinkles?

We don’t want to be spoilsports, but: Wrinkles simply cannot be massaged away. Even though it is often claimed, there is no scientific evidence for this. That would be too good. Even Michael Ahmed from Herbivore says: “The anti-aging aspect is somewhat exaggerated in the beauty world.

Rolling may promote lymph flow and blood circulation, which can make the skin look plumper in the short term – but the real effect comes from the products you use together with your roller, as the roller helps these products to penetrate the skin better and work better”. However, this preventive effect should not be underestimated. Through the consistent promotion of blood circulation and lymph drainage, the aging process can actually be slowed down. So scooter is not for free!

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What is the difference between jade and rose quartz?

Hand on heart: At first sight only the colour. Rose quartz is pink. Jade is green. Both are smooth stones that feel pleasantly cool on the skin. ABER In traditional Chinese medicine, the stones are said to have different effects on the skin,” says the expert. Attention: This is where faith begins! Ready for a little esotericism excursion?

  • Jade stands in Asia for wealth, happiness, health and a long, successful life. “According to TCM the green healing stone has a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect,” says Michael Ahmad. The Jade Roller is therefore especially recommended for impure skin.
  • Rose Quartz stands for unconditional love, empathy and peace. “It is said that the energy stone helps to release tension and stress – even to reduce fears,” the expert says. Because our psyche and skin also influence each other, it is said to have a calming effect on irritated skin.

You realize that you have to believe a little bit in it. So if this is simply a bit too spacy for you, simply rely on the above mentioned effects of the massage. They have their hands and feet.

For which skin type are Beauty Rollers suitable?

For everyone! “Facial massages with rollers are a simple addition to any skin care routine and any skin type”, says Michael Ahmad. Provided you use the tools correctly. Try to apply as little pressure as possible during the massage. If it hurts, it’s too tight. Heavy rubbing could irritate sensitive skin in particular and promote redness rather than a radiant complexion. Also important: Clean the scooter under running water after each application.

Otherwise, massage the “old dirt” back onto the skin next time. Pimples are pre-programmed there.

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When and how often do I use a massage roller?

“Of course, you can only use the scooter whenever you feel particularly swollen, be it due to too little sleep, allergies, too much salt in your food. But it is even more effective if you use Beauty Roller once a day. In this way you also benefit from the preventive anti-aging effect.

How do I use a rose quartz or jade roller?

On the scooter, ready, stop! Before you start, there are a few things to consider. And that is:

  • Keep it cool: Store the scooter in the refrigerator to intensify the decongestant effect.
  • Clean your face thoroughly before use.
  • Then place a warm washcloth on the face to open the pores. This will help you get the skin care substances into the skin even better.
  • Apply your usual beauty products now. You can then massage the care into the skin with the jade roller.
  • Alternatively, you can apply a cloth mask and roll it over the fleece.
  • When rolling, the following applies: Always from the centre to the outside, from bottom to top.

Step-by-step instructions for a facial massage with roller

Michael Ahmad advises: “Imagine that your face is a Zen garden. The aim is to move all the sand from the centre of your face towards your temples.” His instructions in detail:

  1. Start with the wider end of the scooter at the bridge of the nose. Roll in small upward movements across the entire forehead – always towards the hairline.
  2. Roll along the hairline towards the temples.
  3. Move the smaller end of the roller from the inner eyebrow to the temple.
  4. Then drive from the inner corner of the eye to the temple.
  5. Switch back to the wide side. Massage from the middle of the chin over the jawbone to the temples. Here you may apply light pressure.

  6. Now roll from the middle of the lips to the temples.
  7. Then from the middle of the nose to the temples.
  8. Finally, drive down from the temples to the lymph nodes. This helps to eliminate toxins via your body’s natural waste disposal pathways.

The new massage trend are “GUA SHA ” -stones

By the way: “Gua Sha” stones are not quite as popular yet, but well on the way to becoming the next big trend in facial massage. “Gua Sha” is another ancient Chinese massage method that is very similar to the role principle. But instead of rolling a roller, you scrape a flat, smooth stone over the skin to stimulate microcirculation,” says Ahmad. The effect is said to be a little more intense. So better too? Nope, the difference is honestly not worth mentioning.

In the end, what counts is which feeling you find more pleasant.

Conclusion: You can’t roll away wrinkles with the Jade Roller, but the skin is still happy about the massage. The massage promotes lymph flow and blood circulation, making the skin look much rosier, fresher and therefore younger – wrinkles or not. And if you start rolling early enough, you can delay the first wrinkles for a while.