Barre-Workout: This is how fit the ballerina training makes you

Hardly anyone is as fit and perfect in form as ballet dancers. But okay, hardly anyone can train half the day as professional dancers often do. Nevertheless, you can benefit from the enormous training knowledge of the ballerinas with a new workout trend: the barre. We explain what it is and what it does.

Barre-Workout stands for intensive training at the ballet bar. Every part of the body is stressed and shaped accordingly – no wonder that top models and celebrities love the workout! Our author Maren Schwarz tried out the workout for us and got Cornelia Dingendorf as an expert. The Dusseldorf-based designer has a total of 5 studios in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin and knows what her clients love about Barre.

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What is the Barre workout?

Barre (speak: [bar] ) is a so-called ballet workout, in which exercises and positions from ballet are put together as a training unit. The workout combines classical ballet exercises with exercise parts from Pilates, yoga and stretching. In addition, there is modern, rousing music, which simply brings fun and makes the sweaty hour a little easier.

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Trend: Where does the Barre-Workout come from?

The trend started, as so often, in the USA . Barre has been known there for a long time and is especially popular with models, celebrities and influencers. Why they all swear by the training? Not for nothing Barre is also called “Model Workout” – because this workout not only makes you sweat, but also shapes your body perfectly. No wonder Alessandra Ambrosio and half of Hollywood can’t get enough of this workout!

Whole body training: This is what is trained in the Barre-Workout

Cornelia Dingendorf is the owner of the Youpila Studios, a trainer herself and mother of a little son. She knows Barre very well, travels the States every year and knows: “Barre simply combines the best of ballet, Pilates, Yoga and stretching.

And she promises, “Barre will change your body!” Because the workout demands almost all muscle groups, trains the abdomen, thighs, calves, buttocks and arms, and at the same time trains tact and coordination.

But of course, such outward appearances are not the most important thing: “Barre simply puts you in a good mood – that’s what’s most important to me. I want my customers to enjoy their workout and feel good about themselves.” By the way, it is mainly the deep muscles that are strained, which makes Barre so mega exciting – and guaranteed muscle soreness the next day!

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Barre Workout Sweat together and get into shape – the barre workout is all about having fun with beats that carry you away. © Photology1971 /

Barre-Workout: These are the advantages

When Hollywood and the top model scene celebrate the workout, it must be a real blast. And yes, with Barre, you can really get your body in shape. But Barre doesn’t make you wiry, it makes you strong.

Cornelia Dingendorf: “Barre creates long, lean muscles.” But this also means that you do not necessarily become scrawny, but that your body becomes beautifully shaped and muscular. By the way: Thanks to the fast beats, your cardiovascular system is also promoted.

Can you lose weight with the Barre workout?

And how! Those who train twice a week will notice changes after 3 months at the latest. The body is more flexible, more elastic, stronger and more muscular. Furthermore, thanks to the newly gained muscles, fat burning is also stimulated.

Pilates, yoga or stretching are perfect supplements to the barre workout. Jogging or other endurance sports can also support the training and ensure a balanced training plan.

Training the body’s core with Pilates

Who wouldn’t do Barre?

“People with severe knee or hip problems, slipped discs or other issues should rather avoid training.” In this case it is helpful to consult a doctor in advance. Pregnant women should also be a little more careful because of the forces acting on the body. “The body changes a lot during this time, therefore we offer women a special pregnancy bar.”

Equipment: What do I need for the Barre-Workout?

Cornelia Dingendorf: “For Barre you don’t need shoes, just non-slip socks. In addition, I always recommend tight-fitting clothes to my customers. This helps them to perceive their bodies better and allows them to recognize posture errors more quickly.

In addition, light softballs, dumbbells, weight cuffs and yoga mats are used during training. “However, the equipment is always available at the respective gym, so nobody has to worry about that themselves.”

By the way, barre-workout at home is rather difficult – you rarely have a huge mirror and a ballet bar at hand, right? We also recommend training in the gym because the trainers* can always correct your posture and thus get the most out of the class for you.

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How are the trainers trained?

There are several studios that offer training. “I train myself,” says Cornelia Dingendorf. “The training lasts three months, after which the trainers can give lessons in one of my studios.”

Whoever attends a course, no matter where, should in any case find out in advance whether the respective trainers themselves have been trained, where and how intensively all important details of the training have been dealt with.

Cornelia Dingendorf says: “It is important to me that the course participants are properly instructed and supervised by a qualified trainer. So much security must be in such a fast and complex training”.

Barre Workout Twice a week Barre, and you will soon feel changes in your body! © UfaBizPhoto /

Field report: This is how our author found the Barre-Workout

The Youpila Studio in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is very feminine, everything is geared towards girls. The walls are covered with mirrors and ballet bars. We also get small cuffs with weights for the wrists, a light softball and a mat.

Then the warm-up already starts. A mixture of Pilates, Yoga and stretching gets my circulation going quickly and makes me sweat easily. The good thing is that although I don’t know the exercises, I come along with them. Looking in the mirror helps with the correction and looking at the trainer.

The barre workout begins with classical ballet positions, hip music and strenuous exercises for the abdomen, legs and buttocks. I get hot really fast. Even during the workout I feel: That gives sore muscles! Because with every movement the deep muscles are strained. I find the calf exercises the most strenuous. Whew, danger of cramps! Posture and execution are corrected again and again by Cornelia, who infects me with her good mood and motivates me to give everything.

At the end there is a cool-down with pleasant stretch exercises and a little relaxation. All in all, the Barre workout was quite challenging, but also super fun, even for me as a well-trained person.

Here the Barre-Workout is offered

Barre is offered in almost every major city. We have compiled a list of studios for you. Here you can try out the Barre workout:

Munich: Studio 12 (Sonnenstraße 7, 80331 Munich, Germany)

Dresden: Studio Veda (Arndtstraße 68, 04275 Leipzig)

Cornelia Dingendorf also has “Youpila” Studios in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

Barre is an exciting alternative to typical fitness classes, as it mixes elements of classical ballet with other fitness moves to create a challenging workout. Definitely try it out!