Alternative for tampons, bandages & Co.?

Stylishly coloured tampon boxes, pretty sex toys and ever louder “Viva la Vulva” shouts: At the moment there is a lot going on in the lower half of the body. Long overdue, we think, and after the menstrual cup we have discovered and tested extensively another tampon alternative for you: the period panties.

What are period panties?

Period Panties can be imagined as bandages sewn into briefs. Depending on the supplier, different materials and cuts should ensure that the panties absorb the blood, have an antibacterial effect, stay dry and do not leak.

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Perioden-Slips machen Tampons und Binden Konkurrenz A period briefs is a new alternative to tampon, sanitary napkin and menstrual cup © G-Stock Studio /

What do the period briefs look like?

Cross my heart – probably in the back of the cupboard of each of us there are these slightly washed out, but terribly comfortable “Granny Panties”, which we like to reach for during our periods. Here, the period panties make a difference: they are pretty! Meanwhile there are many different models for every taste. Simple, sporty, with lace, black, beige, colourful – the choice is huge.

Where can I buy menstrual underwear?

Period Panties have been available abroad for quite some time, in Germany the trend is quite new. Suppliers are for example Thinx , femtis , Dear Kate , Modibodi or ooshi . The panties tested here have been made available to us unconditionally by ooshi Berlin and can be easily ordered on their website. The prices vary depending on the supplier and cut, but range from 20 to 45 Euros.

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How do the menstrual slips work?

The underpants have a reinforced crotch area, which is made of different materials depending on the supplier. ooshi promises a suction strength of about three tampons, with Thinx there are briefs for different bleeding strengths, with suction strengths of two to four tampons. The briefs should be changed approximately every 10 hours and can be worn alone or together with a tampon or menstrual cup, depending on the intensity of bleeding.

What do period briefs consist of?

This differs depending on the provider. The tested ooshi The briefs are made of cotton and a special membrane system consisting of different layers: Merino wool lies directly on the skin, with fibres in between that have been enriched with silver- and zinc-based active ingredients; the last layer is a liquid-impermeable but breathable membrane. This is intended to absorb and store blood and prevent bacteria from forming odours, even after several hours.

Reasons for menstrual underwear

Period briefs are suitable as an alternative to tampons, sanitary pads and menstrual cups for various reasons:

  • Tampons can dry out the sensitive mucous membranes and thus lead to irritation
  • Many women find the insertion and wearing of tampons or menstrual cups unpleasant
  • Bandages can slip, panties can’t. Due to different sizes and cuts (hipster, briefs, high-waist etc.) there is a comfortable menstrual slip for everyone
  • Tampons and bandages cause a lot of waste, the briefs are simply washed. However, the panties are not completely sustainable because the synthetic materials used in some cases can release microplastics during washing

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How are the panties washed?

The care is very simple: rinse the worn panties with cold water and then, depending on the supplier, machine wash at 30 or 40 degrees and air dry.

Perioden-Slips machen Tampons und Binden Konkurrenz Menstrual underwear stays “tight” during the day and at night, according to our test results © G-Stock Studio /

The period wash in the test

One thing in advance: We are all different, each menstruates differently and has different needs. I personally like to use tampons on the first, stronger days, because I have a feeling of great security and unfortunately I have not yet found a perfect menstrual cup. Bandages are not an alternative for me because they make me feel very insecure. On the lighter days, however, I find tampons unpleasant because they often dry out.

So I have tested the period briefs as an alternative for the medium to light days.

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The first impression: I have chosen the simplest model, the classic black hipster from ooshi and I followed the size indications on the website. First surprise: The panties are really relatively thin, so there is no “diaper feeling” at all. The reinforced layer is noticeable and pulls up far both front and back, so that it provides optimal protection. The briefs are incredibly comfortable, even on my stomach nothing cuts in, although I am very sensitive during my period.

Nothing is visible either, even under a sports legging you can’t see the panties.

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The performance: I have certainly never looked forward to my period before, but this time I was excited to test the panties. In the beginning the feeling was quite unusual, I looked in the mirror several times and made sure that really nothing was leaking. But all good: The panties keep their promises and are also totally comfortable. I have tested them at night and during the day, on medium and light days and even during sports.

Even running, weight training and yoga are no problem with the period wear. Great!


Period briefs are a great alternative for tampons, bandages and the like, especially for the lighter days. They are comfortable, pretty, save waste and keep their promises.