8 underwear tips to protect your vagina

With pretty underwear many women feel self-confident and comfortable in their skin. Mentally, anyway. Very few women know that the sensitive skin around the vagina suffers from some lingerie. This is then no longer pretty at all, because infections and annoying itching can be the result. Together with Prof. Dr. med.

Werner Mendling from the German Centre for Infections in Gynaecology and Birthday Assistance at the Landesfrauenklinik, Helios Universitätsklinikum Wuppertal, we have 8 lingerie tips for you so that ‘down’ no problems arise.

1. what do I have to look out for in thongs?

Many men find thongs sexy, after all they hardly cover anything up. Women also like to wear them, as they do not show through when the pants are tight. For sensitive women, however, the sexy underwear can have unpleasant consequences, because it is a kind of bacteria shuttle. The tight fit and the thin fabric between the legs transport bacteria from the intestines directly to the vagina, which has no place there.

“If you wear a thong all day long that rubs from front to back, it is certainly not hygienic and can promote a painful urinary tract infection,” explains Prof. Mendling.

If you don’t want to do without thongs, make sure you choose a loose fit, this reduces the unpleasant friction between anus and vagina. If you are very sensitive in the genital area, it is better to leave the thongs in the closet.

7 hormone-free contraceptive methods you should know Thongs are not only popular with men. But because of the tight fit they can lead to infections © VGstockstudio / Shutterstock.com

2. what role does the size of my underwear play?

Too tight underwear is not only uncomfortable and does not look nice, it also causes minor skin irritations. There is a risk that the thin skin in the genital area will tear. Bacteria can penetrate through these small wounds and promote infections. If you often have chafed areas in the genital area, you should definitely buy your underwear one size larger.

3. how useful are synthetic materials for underwear?

Not so good, they can be a breeding ground for germs. Wear breathable cotton and silk instead of synthetics, this prevents infections. Don’t worry, cotton underwear is not only available in the grandmother version. Meanwhile there are numerous briefs with matching BH s, which are just as pretty as the synthetic version. Besides, not all the panties have to be made of cotton. The main thing is that there is no synthetic material in the crotch area and at best there is no seam.

Cotton is breathable and has the advantage that no moisture is created inside. If moisture accumulates, it forms the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections. “In addition to cotton, silk also provides a pleasant wearing comfort due to its skin-friendly material, without irritating or chafing”, says our expert.

Underwear made of cotton can also look nice. © Irishasel / shutterstock.com How to find the perfect BH for your breast

4. Should I wear underwear at night?

No, better aerate! “You can always remember: Fresh air is good for the skin. Women who are sensitive should not wear underwear at night,” recommends Prof. Mendling. This prevents moisture from accumulating in the first place, the sensitive skin is protected and can calm down. If you don’t want to do without your pyjamas, at least leave out the panties.

However, this only applies to the night. During the day you should definitely wear panties. Otherwise the rough trouser seam can chafe between your legs and cause nasty irritation.

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5. how often should I change my underwear?

Too often there are not really. Use common sense: if you sweat a lot during the day and maybe even did some sports, it is better to change your underwear once too often than once too little. Candida mushrooms, also known as yeast fungi, feel particularly good in a warm, humid climate. However, these can lead to nasty vaginal infections.

Change your underwear after exercise, otherwise yeast fungi may accumulate. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

6. what do I have to consider with panty liners in my underwear?

Generally, panty liners do not cause any problems as long as they are breathable. However, the underwear protection on the back of some panty liners is made of plastic. This plastic strip makes the panties non-breathable. As a result, the temperature inside the panties increases by an average of 0.5°C. “This may sound like little, but women with sensitive skin can react to it,” emphasises the specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics.

So make sure you buy breathable panty liners without plastic sheeting.

7. what detergent should I use for my underwear?

That depends on how sensitive your skin is. The reason for itching and skin irritation in the genital area could also be the detergent. As the skin between the legs is very sensitive and delicate, the wrong detergent can lead to allergic reactions. In this case, it is better to use a hypoallergenic detergent than a conventional detergent with many fragrances.

8. how healthy is it to wear shapewear?

Shapewear is actually a very sensitive topic. Women like to wear them to conceal small problem areas optically. The problem: the excess pounds do not simply disappear, they are simply pressed to other areas. Not only does this sound uncomfortable, the organs can also suffer from the increased pressure. In addition, the pressure on the stomach and intestines can promote the occurrence of heartburn.


Also important: proper intimate care

In addition to suitable underwear, appropriate hygiene also plays a major role.

  • Do not wash too often Many women have a special need for purity and wash themselves several times a day with washing lotions – but that’s not healthy,” explains our expert. “Actually, a healthy woman only needs to wash herself with water once a day to keep her intimate area clean and hygienic”.
  • Avoid aggressive washing lotions Soaps destroy the acid protection of the skin and should only be used for hands. If you don’t want to do without them, you should use a washing lotion specially developed for the intimate area instead of a normal shower gel.
  • Fatty ointments protect your intimate area: If you feel dry, a fatty ointment is recommended for the sensitive vaginal entrance area. Even in healthy women, products such as Vagisan or Cobagin care for the intimate area and form a protective layer against external influences and irritations. The Cobagin ointment (75 millilitres about 30 Euros) is available at cobagin.de, for the Vagisan ointment (75 millilitres about 15 Euros) we have a current price comparison here:

The right intimate care ensures a healthy intimate area © LStockStudio / Shutterstock.com How your vagina changes with age

The wrong underwear can cause irritation and infection. With our tips for sensitive skin you will feel good underneath and can prevent annoying discomfort.