8 training tips from top model Lena Gercke

Sport and Lena – that is love! Lena has always been very sporty. As a child she swam at the DLRG He competed in athletics competitions, played tennis, danced in clubs or went inline skating. “I was actually always outdoors and doing sports,” says the now 30-year-old. With the model job, her sports routine has of course changed a lot in the last 13 years. Here Lena reveals her 8 most important training tips:

1. plan workouts cleverly

Getting sports and a busy schedule under one roof is not so easy. Lena, who travels around the world for her modelling jobs, knows that too. “I try to combine sport and my travels as best I can. There’s a gym in almost every hotel where I can train. Of course I have to plan my times well and see where I am when and with which trainer I can train there”, says Lena.

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2. always remain flexible

On the one hand she has to plan a lot, but on the other hand Lena does not train according to a fixed training schedule. That would not be possible with her schedule. “Depending on how I’m working at the moment, I follow it and don’t put myself under pressure to do something. If I am tired, I am tired. I’ll skip some training.”

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3. training outside in the fresh air

“I love jogging outside in good weather. It gives me the chance to concentrate on myself and switch off really well,” says Lena. She also enjoys Pilates and yoga.

4. standing up for your own weaknesses

Even the sporty supermodel doesn’t shine at all fitness exercises: “I’m really not a fan of Pistol Squats. Burpees and push-ups are not exactly my favourite exercises either. I usually just skip them. But I can only do two push-ups,” she admits openly.

5. not doing what everybody does, but finding the best individual exercises

0815 training schedules are not for Lena. Especially as a model she has to take care not to change too much physically. “I have a predisposition to build muscles relatively quickly, so I don’t train my arms or abdominal muscles too much,” she explains. To ensure that her training has the desired effect and that she doesn’t leave the gym with too much muscle, Lena has competent personal trainers at her side who show her good alternative exercises.

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6. using sport to switch off

“For me, sport is not only a means of looking good and staying slim – it works mainly through nutrition. I do sport as a balance. A good workout is the best remedy to switch off and get down after a long day at work. If I exercise regularly, I am much more balanced,” says Lena.

7. eat as regularly as possible

We all know: On the road, healthy eating is sometimes a challenge. This is also the case with Lena. “Eating regularly would be much healthier, but in my job that’s often simply not possible. That’s why I try to eat as healthy as possible: I eat quinoa or bulgur instead of rice and noodles. When I’m on the road, I take healthy bars, nuts or rice wafers with me for in-between meals,” says Lena.

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8. daily stretching

“I used to think stretching after exercise was a complete waste of time. Now it’s become the most important part of my training.” Yoga exercises like the looking down dog, the cat or the candle are part of her daily sports routine. A few weeks ago, Lena also discovered training with the fascia roll for herself: “It’s like a full body massage and just does me so much good.

The stretching gently brings my body and mind down after the workout and gives me a moment just for myself – I really enjoy that”.

What we can learn from Lena’s training routine? No matter how you train, the main thing is that it does you good. Because the best part of training is also the feeling afterwards for the top model, when she feels really relieved, motivated and refreshed.