8 stylish hairstyles with headdress

Bored by the same look over and over, but not in the mood for much styling? The fastest upgrade is’s with hair ornaments! How to overtake your look with two or three clips

The times when braces and hair bands were only practical accessories to fix short strands in the hairstyle or to keep the hair out of the face during sports or when removing make-up are over.

Clips and Co. are not only practical, but above all one thing: Very trendy. Here are 9 simple styling instructions for hip hairstyles with headdress:

1. hair ribbons make open hair look immediately styled

The hair ribbon of influencer Anuthida (see below) looks adorable – but also very complicated, right? But it is not! First of all, there are’s such accessories ready to buy – but you can also easily recreate the look from a silk scarf. It’s so easy’s: spread a thin silk scarf out smoothly and fold it up like an accordion. Tie a bun at the top back of the head. Fix it with a plait rubber. Place the folded cloth in the neck.

Cross the ends at the front of the forehead and tie into a bow. Easy, isn’t it? Looks super casual even in short hair.

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2. hair bands make the hairstyle look noble in no time

Hairbands will make a brilliant comeback in 2019. Fashion bloggers such as Xenia Adonts, Caro Daur and Leonie Hanne will be wearing the hair accessories up and down. Velvet-trimmed, extra-thick models are particularly hip. Tip: The It piece looks best in a station wagon with a simple deep ponytail.

3. make-up removal hair bands are now stylish must-haves

You probably have a stretch hair band at home to keep your hair out of your face when removing make-up, right? Now you can wear it on the street as a stylish accessory. For the look of blogger Lisa Banholzer, pull the hairband over your head from above and dangle it around your neck like a chain. Then comb all hair back. Grab a ponytail with your hands. Pull the band back up so that only a small part of the hairline is visible at the front. Brush the hair and put it in shape. Zack, done!

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4. hair clips are the new It accessories

Last year nobody would have expected that hair clips would trigger a mega-trend among adult women. But now the clips are… DER hottest headdress ever. That leaves one little problem: Hair slides can be cute and childish. To prevent this from happening, parting the hair on one side and applying a little dry shampoo to the hair – this makes the hair a little rougher, makes it fall more casually and the hairstyle looks cool and grown-up instead of well-behaved.

5. the following applies to hair slides: More is more

In the past, you tried to clip as few clips as possible into your hairstyle, but now the exact opposite is the case. It is particularly trendy to clip at least two clips into the hairstyle at the same time. And preferably directly around the face. For Model Sonia Ben Ammar’s look, pull a center parting, comb the hair tightly to the head and tie it into a deep ponytail at the neck. Spray a little hairspray on the palms of your hands(!) and stroke with flat hands over the top of the head.

Fix two hair clips together at temple level. Looks particularly casual if you choose the clips in contrast to the hair colour. So brunettes clip in light clips, blondes darker ones.

6. quick plug-in hairstyle with hair clips

Another possibility to incorporate the trendy double clips into the hairstyle: blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Bend the ends outwards and hold the blow dryer close to the brush so that the tips get the hip outside curve. Then back the roots at the back of the head inconspicuously and comb the top coat over them. Divide two strands about 5 centimetres wide at the front and cross over at the back of the head. Fix with two vertically inserted hair clips and a little hairspray.

7. floral headdresses simply always works

So light, so casual: Comb the hair on top of the head backwards – with or without a parting, depending on your taste. Clip in a large flower hair clip at the back of the head. Why this looks so cool? Because otherwise the hair is intentionally not elaborately styled. To blow-dry waves or untwisted curls, floral hair accessories can quickly look slippery. So as so often the styling credo applies: less is more!

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8. velvety XL -Scrunchies from the nineties are back

Remember the “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie Bradshaw demonizes pigtail rubbers as an absolute no-go outside the home? Even if the good woman was always right about fashion, she was totally wrong here. With a XL -velvet braid rubber (called scrunchie by the way), you currently reveal yourself at first glance as an absolute fashion connoisseur. Styling tip: pull the parting and tie a loose ponytail in the neck so that the hair on the sides hang loosely over the ears.

Pull the plait through the rubber again from below, so that a loop is created. Looks unbeatably stylish!

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With headdresses such as hair clips, headbands and hair bands, a simple horse’s tail or open hair is immediately transformed into a hairstyle. Why not try out our hairstyles with the help of the instructions – or just try something completely unique. Creativity wins!