8 good reasons to switch to epilation

You shave or grow out of habit? But do you always get upset when you feel miserable stubble on your legs the day after shaving or wax residue sticking all over your skin and bathroom? To be honest, most hair removal methods get on your nerves. They are too expensive, too time-consuming and too cumbersome. That is why more and more women are switching to epilation.

What happens during epilation anyway?

To epilate means to remove the entire hair at its root using an epilation device. The whole thing works by means of an ingenious system of tweezers in the rotating head of a handy electric appliance. Several tweezers simultaneously grasp the hairs and pull them out at the root. Sounds painful, it hurts the first time, but less and less with time. It is worth getting used to the tweezing, because epilating has these 8 advantages over shaving and waxing:

Depilate properly: With these tips it will hurt less and last longer

Epilating advantage 1: You need to run less often and save a lot of time

Epilation simply lasts super long – up to four weeks. Although you should start by epilating weekly for a month (much better than shaving every other day, right?) so that you get all the hairs in every growth phase. But after that, when all hairs are in a growth phase, you still have to do it every 3-4 weeks. The hairs are pulled out of the skin at the root, so they have to be completely rebuilt by the body before they can grow out of the skin again. Which brings us to the second advantage.

Epilating advantage 2: Never again annoying stubbles

When shaving the hair sprouts after 1-2 days already. Finally they are only cut superficially. And because this happens at the thickest part of the hair, bristly stubbles develop. When the hair grows back after epilation, it is very fine. It’s the newly formed hair tips – small, fine baby hairs that you see and feel less. And don’t worry: you can remove these mini hairs right away.

Durchs Epilieren wachsen die Haare immer feiner No more stubble: When epilating, the hairs grow very fine and initially invisible © Ava Sol / Unsplash.com

Epilating advantage 3: You don’t have to let the hair grow first

“Unlike wax depilation, for example, an epilator can pluck tiny hairs the size of a grain of sand (0.5mm) – so you don’t have to wait for a certain length,” explains Dr. Melanie Hartmann, dermatological consultant at Braun. For you this means: No more long trousers at 30 degrees just because you are still growing for the next waxing. Speaking of waxing…

Epilating advantage 4: No sticky mess

Home waxing is of course an option, but usually a rather sticky one. Also, as already mentioned, the hair must be relatively long to be covered by the wax. You can easily epilate on your own – even with short stubble and without any mess.

Epilating advantage 5: You save money

Sure, you can just go to the waxing parlor. But there you have to get an appointment that fits into your schedule and you have to pay a lot of money for it… After a few sessions, you could have just bought an epilator. And even new razors, blades, foam, cold wax strips and depilatory creams cost more in the long run than the one-off purchase of an epilator that lasts for years…

You’ll save a shitload of money every month.

Epilating advantage 6: You stay spontaneous and don’t have to think about epilation all the time

Epilieren hält bis zu 4 Wochen Epilating provides up to 4 weeks of peace from stubble © Roberto Nickson / Unsplash.com

Spontaneously go swimming with your friends or roll up your pants? Too bad if you haven’t shaved in two days. But no problem if you have epilated, because then you have weeks of rest and don’t have to worry about hair removal all the time…

Practical for female athletes: If you shower in the gym, you probably don’t want to shave there – but you don’t want to do it at home either. When epilating, that’s not an issue… You just have to schedule some me-time once a month…

The perfect beauty day at home

Epilating benefit 7: Epilation is ideal for sensitive skin

You know when your shins get dry in winter and shaving only makes things worse? When epilating, the skin is not stressed as much as by razor blades. And in general, epilation is great for women with sensitive skin who otherwise react to the chemicals and fragrances in depilatory creams and wax.

Epilating advantage 8: Over time, less and less hair grows back

Not yet convinced, then here comes DAS Pro-argument at all. You know the one about the eyebrows: You pluck them too much, too much, and eventually they don’t grow back as much. If you epilate your body regularly, the same thing happens: The hair roots capitulate and less and less hair grows back over time. And less hairs = less plucking pain. A dream, right?

“No pain, no gain” – or in other words, epilation may hurt a little at first, but for many women it is the best way to get rid of annoying body hair. Because as a reward for biting your teeth together, your smooth skin will last much longer and you can enjoy the summer season more relaxed.