7 tools for healthy cooking in summer

Salads, smoothies and light meals – especially in summer, many people are all the more keen on healthy food. But often it fails because of the implementation: The many snipping of fruit and vegetables is annoying, sauces are better bought quickly than homemade, and the frozen pizza literally smiles at you from the freezer.

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But with the right kitchen tools, healthy cooking is not only faster and less complicated, it’s really fun! Here are 7 recommendations:

1. for smoothie lovers: the blender

Very touching. WMF Mini-Standmixer © Manufacturer

If you want to live healthily, you should eat lots of fruit and vegetables. But instead of first eating an apple, later a banana and then a few strawberries, you can make a delicious smoothie out of all this in a blender. Perfect as a fruity kick start into the day or for WMF Mini blender with removable water bottle as a liquid fruit-to-go for the office!

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Two. For those who can’t live without fries: The Hot Air Deep Fryer

For Fritten@home: Philips Airfryer hot air fryer © Manufacturer

Let’s be honest: French fries simply make you happy, but in the long run they also make you fat. But you still don’t have to do without fried potato wedges completely, because thanks to hot-air deep fryers like the Philips Airfryer you can prepare delicious chips with up to 80 percent less fat.

Hot air, similar to a convection oven, ensures that the fries are still nice and crispy. However, far less energy is consumed than in a conventional oven. In addition to French fries, you can also cook vegetables or meat in the appliance – which makes it quite versatile!

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3. for those who always use too much oil: The oil spray

Grease dosing aid: Oil spray from Eletorot © Manufacturer

A crunchy salad, with a little vinegar and oil on top, and in the end the last green leaves are only floating in the fat. It is often difficult to estimate the right amount of oil. Eletorot’s oil spray makes it a lot easier. Simply spray a few times on the salad and the whole thing becomes a bit lighter and healthier.

4. for all who love juicy but low-fat meat: The frying pan

Delicious package: Toppits roasting hose © manufacturer

An inexpensive and at the same time ingenious tool for a healthy cuisine is a frying tube like the one from Toppits (from 1.99 €), because here juicy, tender meat succeeds even without swimming in fat. To do this, the meat is placed in the tube together with one or two spoons of water, everything is closed with a knot and a hole of one centimetre is cut in the middle of the tube.

The whole thing is then gently cooked in its own juice in the oven. This not only reduces the fat content, but also makes it taste more intense. The same applies to vegetables. They retain their vitamins and nutrients even better during the cooking process.

5. for noodle freaks: the spiral cutter

ELIRIVAWET  Spiral cutter For’n good cut: ELIRIVAWET Spiral cutter © manufacturer

Spaghetti with a difference! In the meantime, “noodles” made from vegetables such as zucchini or carrots are becoming increasingly popular. With the ELIRIVAWET spiral slicer, you can conjure up healthy noodles in no time at all, which you can then lightly fry in the pan and then mix into your normal spaghetti, for example. This really spices up the standard pasta dish and also makes it much lighter.

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6. For those who love ice cream: Ice cream moulds to make yourself

Cool shape: Topelek ice moulds © manufacturer

It’s hot, the sun is banging – now an ice cream! But instead of buying a large pack of ice cream in the nearest supermarket, it will be worthwhile in future to reach into your own freezer compartment. Because with Topelek’s ice cream moulds you can simply make your own ice cream in the future. This is not only cheaper, but also healthier, because you decide what you freeze. Whether it’s juices or quark with pureed fruit, your ice cream is guaranteed to have less sugar than industrial ice cream.

And the homemade refreshment on the tongue tastes twice as good with this knowledge!

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7. for those who don’t like chopping vegetables: the Nicer Dicer Quick

Everything short and small: Nicer Dicer Quick © manufacturer

A tasty colourful salad is complex, after all, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and co. have to be cut into small pieces beforehand. If this is too tiresome for you, the Nicer Dicer Quick (from 39.95 €) is your salvation. Whether slices, cubes, sticks or sixths, with this handy device you can cut everything you want in your salad into small pieces. This way, healthy food can be prepared without wasting a lot of time.

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Whether salads, fries or pasta – with the right tools, you can do it all not only a bit faster, but also much healthier. The above mentioned gadgets are simply indispensable in your fitness kitchen!