7 reasons why you should try pole dancing

Pole Dance is fully in vogue. The sport, which originated in America and Australia, has long since made it from the strip club to the middle of society. With its acrobatic elements and elegant movements, pole dancing is now enthusing many fans. And with good reason. Nele Sehrt, owner and instructor of the Aerial Dance Center in Hamburg and Guinness World Record holder in “Inverted Pole Climbing” explains why you should try pole dancing too.

1. pole dance is suitable for everyone

Pole Dance is the perfect sport for all those who want to build up strength, become more agile or simply feel like acrobatic dancing. The only important thing is that as a beginner you find a trainer who teaches you the sport step by step. “You should make sure that the trainer is experienced, as there is no state-approved training for pole dancing trainers in Germany”, the expert emphasizes. Look explicitly for courses for beginners at the beginning.

It is also an advantage if you have already done yoga before, as dancing on the pole will mobilize your entire body. Pole dancing offers a challenging workout, especially for advanced athletes. “From the intermediate level on, you move in the competitive sports area”, says Sehrt.

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2. pole dancing is versatile

Pole Dance is a multifaceted sport. For example, you can dance around the pole or go “inverted”, i.e. stretch your legs upside down. Nele Sehrt emphasizes: “In a pole studio there are courses that are adapted to different preferences.” You want to improve your technique? Then the “Art of Pole” course is the right thing for you. Would you like to learn to move lasciviously? Then visit the “Bad Girls” course, where sexy movements are the main focus.

In addition, new styles are constantly developing, for example “Pole Fitness”: This style resembles rhythmic gymnastics. Here, individual acrobatic figures are in the foreground. But you can also train at home. Pole Dance poles are available for the living room. The 2 biggest suppliers in Germany are Lupit Pole and X-Pole. These cost 1 Euro per centimeter. Therefore it is important to measure the ceiling height in advance.

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3. pole dance is a full body workout

The elegant movements on the pole are above all one thing: strenuous. You really start to sweat! A good course starts with a warm-up. Then you practice various tricks or a choreography and finish with a cool-down. Strength, agility and coordination are trained in equal measure.

Force effect: All muscle groups are used in pole dancing, especially the upper body. They strengthen both shoulders and arms, as well as hip flexors and abdominal muscles. In addition, regular training improves your grip strength.

Mobility boost: In pole dancing you have to bend your body in every direction. There are side rotations, back bending and forward bending.

Coordination kick: By learning different choreographies the coordination is promoted. For example, if you have to move your left arm and your right leg, it will already be coordinatively strenuous, especially if you are still inexperienced in sports.

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4. pole dancing can even help you lose weight

One hour of pole dancing burns up to 400 calories. But expert Sehrt emphasizes: “Sport shapes the body, and with the right diet you lose weight.” Therefore, you should combine sport and a healthy diet. However, pole dancing can help you lose weight, because: The more muscle mass there is, the more calories the body burns, even at rest. And if you also enjoy the sport: so much the better!

Pole Dance promotes coordination and mobility. © Iryna Inshyna/ Shutterstock.com

5. pole dance improves the body feeling

As “Polerina” you dance more upright through life! In pole dancing you always work close to the joints and hook yourself to the pole with your knee or inner thigh. However, this is a matter of practice: Due to a wrong technique, beginners get bruises at the beginning. With time, however, these become less, because: When you know your own body, you learn to use your “presspoints” (pressure points on the bar) safely. Your posture will also improve.

Sehrt explains: “In pole dancing, for example, we always make sure that the feet are stretched. This visually lengthens the legs and ensures an upright posture. This posture is then also transferred to everyday life.”

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6. pole dance promotes social contacts

You are new in town and want to meet nice people? Then pole dancing is exactly the right sport for you! Unlike most gyms, pole studios offer a community with a familiar atmosphere. Pole Dance is taught in small groups. You will find connection immediately. “Our studio is like a large living room where you can sit together and chat after training”, says Sehrt.

7th pole dance is fun

This is the most important argument to start with pole dancing. Especially in leisure time sports the most important thing is to have fun and to be curious. “If you feel like dancing and want to learn choreographies, that’s where your heart goes. Pole dancing is the most beautiful way to lose the ground under your feet,” enthuses the trainer.

Here are 4 tips for pole dancing beginners:

1. listen to the body

If you do not master the technique, your body will eventually go on strike. Therefore, slowly approach dancing at the pole, otherwise you can easily hurt yourself.

2. wear the right clothes

Always wear short trousers, because the bare skin provides more grip on the bar. The higher the course level, the more physical contact you have with the pole. From the intermediate level on there is a lot of contact with the waist. Therefore the belly should be free then. Otherwise it is advisable to train barefoot. For some choreographies high heels are mandatory. There are special pole dance high heels with rubber sole, so that the floor is not scratched.

If you walk “inverted”, stretch your legs upside down. © Iryna Inshyna/ Shutterstock.com

3. provide the right grip

So that you do not slide off the pole, there are special tricks. It helps if you cream your legs with shaving foam or spray hairspray on your body. You can also rub your hands and pole dance pole with magnesia.

4. not showering

Sounds weird, but it helps. We think it’s natural: VORHER ! In other words: Do not go to the training freshly showered, shaved or creamed, otherwise you will slip off the pole.

Pole Dance offers a super mixture of strength and flexibility training, combined with graceful dance elements. Your whole locomotor system is challenged from head to toe. This is exactly why the sport is so successful. Try it out and start your all-in-one workout at the pole!