7 delicious new products for foodies

To be honest, I have never been a big fan of muesli bars, because the pieces are usually not really healthy. Quite different: the delicious Flapjacks from Oatmeal. The small, baked “muesli cakes” originating in England do not contain any unhealthy additives or sugar. Meanwhile, the start-up has numerous different varieties on offer.

Hmmm, lecker dieser Protein-Flapjack To put in: The coconut protein Flapjack from Oat Full © PR

But completely new are the summery bar creations “Protein Kokos” and “Protein Orange Ginger”, which I fell in love with immediately. Especially the coconut flapjack has done it to me! Keep going, guys – I’m looking forward to many new varieties!

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2. help according to the 1+1 principle with share

At share I became aware of dm for the first time and of course I took it immediately. Why? Very simple: For every mineral water, nut bar or (vegan) soap sold, people in need get an equivalent product for free – that’s how the so-called 1+1 principle works. The products were also chosen very deliberately, because they stand for the basic needs of drinking, eating and hygiene.

Gutes tun mit Share Buy a product and help people in need – this is how the 1+1 principle of share works © Viktor Strasse

The background: millions of people worldwide have neither access to clean drinking water, nor enough food, nor even hygiene products – thanks to share, each of us can do something about it. With the help of a tracking code on the packaging, you can see in which part of the world your aid will then arrive. Just seven weeks after the share products went on sale, six wells in Liberia have already been dug together with “ Action against hunger ” has been completed, further wells are planned.

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The products are currently available in over 5000 Rewe and dm stores. The assortment is to be further expanded in order to help even more people. I am definitely part of it.

3. smoothies from Froozeo

When I want to drink a smoothie, I chop up some fruit and vegetables, put it in the blender and add water – that’s it. The problem is that sometimes the fruit basket is simply empty and the vegetable compartment is full of three shriveled radishes and soggy salad.

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The solution: A Smoothie Cup from Froozeo from the freezer, add water to the mark and mix. No cutting, no waiting time and above all no additives or extra sugar.

Die leckeren Sorten von Froozeo Lightning-fast smoothie from the freezer © PR

All ingredients are from organic and sustainable agriculture and have been gently shock-frozen, thus optimally preserving the nutrients. My absolute favourite: Passion Fruit & Coconut.

4. low calorie ketchup from Xucker

“My name is Kathleen and I’m addicted to ketchup.” That statement could have come from me a few years ago. But now I’m “clean” and I no longer drown my food in the red sauce.

Finally a light ketchup that tastes good!

As food editor at Women’s Health, I would probably get strange looks from my colleagues. But when Xucker launched two ketchup varieties, I had to test them – after all, it’s my job. And what should I say? I could just relapse again.

The Light Ketchup is sweetened with xylitol or erythritol instead of sugar, saving 30 to 60 percent of the calories compared to conventional ketchup. The (ex) ketchup junkie likes that!

5. office snack: raw chocolate from nucao

Finally a healthy candy bar that you can eat with a clear conscience: nucao is in fact a natural low carb alternative to all those unhealthy snacks on the supermarket shelves. The vegan bars made of raw cocoa and hemp seeds are sweetened exclusively with dried coconut blossom nectar – no trace of additives or industrial sugar.

Die leckere Raw-Schoki von nucao Not only beautiful to look at: the four varieties of nucao © PR

There are currently four different varieties: hazelnut, coconut-cinnamon, barberry berry and espresso. The raw cocoa used is from Peru and comes from fair trade. Each bar is 100% organic, natural, vegan, low carb and wrapped in an environmentally friendly – but stylish – packaging made of compostable film and recyclable cardboard.

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And by the way: for every bar sold, the German start-up, together with edenproject.com, plants a tree in Madagascar, Haiti or Nepal to support the reforestation of the forests there.

6. fitness nutrition made easy thanks to rice hunger

The Startup rice hunger not only has an insanely great package design (isn’t it???), but also an exemplary concept: Here you can get organic rice at fair prices through direct trade channels with the rice farmers.

Die Fitness-Box von Reishunger We got rice hunger! © PR

In addition to classics such as basmati and jasmine rice, Reishunger also offers unusual rice varieties such as red rice, sadri rice or mochi rice. Legumes, ready-made risotto mixtures, rice cookers as well as theme and recipe boxes expand the range.

I had decided – in keeping with Women’s Health, of course – on the fitness box for testing, with five different types of rice and cereals: White quinoa, basmati rice, wholemeal coucous, rice soup with legumes and red rice – a great mix. If you don’t know what to do with the ingredients right away, you can get www.reishunger.de of course also recipe ideas.

7. Hmmmm, hummus from Obela

I actually prefer to make hummus myself. The chickpea dip is simply unbeatably delicious and healthy – a top combination! But sometimes you just don’t have the time when it has to go fast. In such an “emergency” I reach for the finished product, like the ready-made Hummus of Obela .

4 reasons to eat more hummus Hummus simply always goes – especially that of Obela

The horny one: Not only do they have the classic hummus in their assortment, but also four other incredibly tasty varieties:

  • Hummus with roasted pine nuts
  • Hummus with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Hummus oriental species
  • Hummus with roasted garlic

I ate them all. Several times. And I still can’t decide which one is the best. My recommendation: Try them all yourself!

These are my current product recommendations. Which new products have made your foodie heart beat faster lately?