6 vegetable fillings that will surprise you

Vegetables not only bring colour to your plate in autumn and winter, but also provide you with a delicious vitamin injection. You can also conjure up an incredible number of delicious recipes from peppers, pumpkin, aubergine or zucchini. And they don’t have to be elaborate in preparation or have a long list of ingredients.

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Especially easy and quick to make: Stuffed vegetables from the oven. A real soul food for cold days, which not only makes veggie hearts beat faster.

Stuffed vegetables: recipes from A(ubergine) to Z(ucchini)

Hollowed out and cut open, aubergine, paprika and co. offer plenty of space, which you should definitely use for delicious fillings. Whether vegetarian, vegan, with meat or cheese: there is really the right filling for every taste.

Leckeres Soulfood aus dem Ofen Quick and easy: filled oven vegetables © casanisa / Shutterstock.com

But the vegetables themselves can also be varied. Depending on the season and the season, you can feed yourself with very different kinds of vegetables: Stuffed pumpkin for grey autumn days, large Portobello mushrooms or tomatoes that look good on the grill when stuffed, or Mediterranean-stuffed eggplant that brings a little holiday feeling to your home kitchen.

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Filled vegetables are not only delicious but also practical. Not only is it easy to prepare (even if you are expecting a lot of guests), it is also easy to reheat later.

6 creative recipes for stuffed vegetables

There are endless recipes for stuffed vegetables – the classic pepper with minced meat is just one variant. The best way to eat is from top to bottom through our 6 favourites:

1. stuffed peppers with cheese couscous and mushrooms

Paprika is one of the classics among vegetables that are easy to fill. Skilful removal of the stalk and seeds sometimes requires a little patience – but it pays off. Once both are gone, you can make the inside even more colourful. This veggie variation is very easy and super fast.

2. filled butternut pumpkin with camembert and pomegranate

When it gets grey and cold outside, you can make yourself warm with the right food. Pumpkin is one of our favourites in autumn anyway, not least because of Halloween. When it is filled with nutty wild rice, creamy camembert and crunchy pomegranate seeds, the love story is perfect.

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3. zucchini stuffed with minced meat and millet

Light, healthy and nice and warming: filled zucchini tastes especially good when hot from the oven. From minced beef, millet, paprika and tomatoes you conjure up a filling that is not only beautifully aromatic, but above all provides many healthy nutrients and vitamins.

4. filled aubergine with lentils and feta

Once the flesh has been removed, aubergines can be filled really well. To make them nice and soft, you have to pre-cook the fruit in the oven. But then it becomes a real treat for the palate. The lentils provide healthy carbohydrates, good proteins and, seasoned with curry, bring a little 1001-night feeling to your plate. For a vegan version it also works without cheese.

5. mushrooms with spinach and cheese

Portobello mushrooms can be filled particularly well. But large mushrooms are also suitable, just like this recipe. Remove the stems and there is room for the spinach, which is seasoned with cream cheese, nutmeg and Parmesan. And as you know, cheese always makes everything better.

6. tomato with couscous and chorizo

Fruity tomato meets fiery chorizo: a combination that makes you want more. Paprika, olives and dried tomatoes are also mixed with the couscous. Put the lid on and put it in the oven. Then it’s just a matter of enjoying. For the vegetarian version you can simply leave out the typical Spanish sausage.

Which stuffed vegetable is your favourite? Try out our recipe ideas right away or combine vegetables and stuffing in a completely new way and according to your preferences. For example, how about a Greek-style stuffed pepper with olives, feta and rice noodles? In any case: Bon appetit!