6 quick hairstyles for a cool head in the heat

Does long hair drive you crazy in this heat too? When the blazing sun shines on your head, it quickly feels like you’re wearing a thick woolly hat. This is because the air doesn’t circulate around the neck and the heat accumulates.

Especially women with thick hair know this problem. How to keep a cool head anyway? With these 6 cool summer hairstyles – don’t worry: all without cutting! Help is coming! We’ll turn on your air conditioner…

1. a stylish cloth chignon keeps forehead and neck free

If you can’t stand your Walle mane in the shade at 35 degrees and want to get it out of your face rather than on your back, the best thing to do is style a bun. With a hair band – like this one from KMS x Mykke Hofmann – the knot gains in lightness and becomes an absolute eye-catcher.

  1. Tie a loose ponytail in the neck and fix it with a thin hair tie.
  2. Wrap a bandana around the braid, tie it together.
  3. “Halve the length of the braid and place it on the hair band so that about 10 centimetres of the tips still stick out”, explains KMS -Brand ambassador Robert Mrosek.
  4. Then knot the ends of the scarf to fix the chignon.
  5. “The tips of the braid can easily fall casually over the knot,” says Mrosek.
  6. Fix everything with hairspray, done.

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2. braids become an eye-catcher with a silk scarf

A hair band automatically looks summery. Another possibility to integrate it into the hairstyle is a braid. Can’t you do it alone? Yes – even with the left hand! Because the look looks much more complicated than it is.

  1. First of all, make a parting.
  2. Gather all the hairs in the back of your neck and…
  3. …tie it up to a deep, loose-fitting ponytail.
  4. Wrap a silk scarf around the braid and knot it tight.
  5. Important: Tie the cloth so that it hangs down about as long as the hair.
  6. It’s time to start braiding: Instead of dividing three strands, as usual, cut the braid in half. The third strand is replaced by the cloth.
  7. Braid hair and cloth as usual.
  8. Fix the braid with a braid rubber.

  9. Wrap the end of the cloth around the rubber and hide it like this.

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3. braiding elements style the ponytail on

Well, which hairstyle comes to your head when hair is nerve-racking and needs to be taken out of your face quickly? Probably a ponytail. Sure, it’s tied in seconds – but not very exciting. Because anyone can do it. The look becomes an eye-catcher with a braided element on the top of the head.

  1. Starting from the forehead, braid a French plait up to the back of the head.
  2. To do this, divide the hair into three strands and work in a further strand on each outer side when braiding.
  3. Fix the back of the head with a hair tie at the height where the ponytail will later sit.
  4. Carefully comb back any hair that is still loose.
  5. Tie a ponytail.
  6. Fix again with a hair tie.
  7. Loosen a two finger wide strand from the bottom of the braid.

  8. Wrap it around the rubber several times to hide it.
  9. Push the tips of the strand through the hair tie again from below to fix the wrap-around strand.
  10. According to taste, use a curling iron to get the tips of the hair moving.

Beauty hack: To prevent fine, straight hair from slipping through your fingers when braiding, spray hairspray in advance or spread a blob of styling cream along the length of the hair.

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4. a Messy Banana is the perfect summer hairstyle for the office

The perfect hairstyling at 35 degrees in the shade? It’s banana! Exactly, it keeps the forehead and neck clear, is easy styled and even looks good in the office.

  1. Pull the hairs at the back of the head together and hold them with your hands.
  2. Twist into a “braid”.
  3. Place the twisted hairs at the back of the head.
  4. Wrap the braid in the middle and push the end under the part that lies against the back of the head – this is how the banana shape is created.
  5. Pin it with several hairpins.
  6. Single strands fall out? Perfect. If not, you can loosen a few hairs with your fingers.

    That way you can achieve that cool messy look

  7. Fix everything with hairspray, done.

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5. with Boxer Braids the heat doesn’t knock you down

The most stylish defence against tropical temperatures are – clearly – Boxer Braids. The braids braided close to the head originally come from martial arts. They are so popular in the ring because they guarantee to keep the hair out of the face even during extremely fast movements. Now you can use this in everyday life as well.

  1. At the beginning draw a middle parting from the forehead to the neck.
  2. Tip for straight hair: Spread some styling paste or hairspray in the hair. This makes the strands more manageable. This makes braiding easier.
  3. Tie one half of the hair provisionally in a knot so that it does not get in the way.
  4. Start braiding with the other half. From temple to ear to back of head.

  5. So that everything sits nice and tight on the head, keep hair taut and pick up strands alternately from left and right.
  6. Important: Always place the hair strands under the middle strand, not from above as with the French plait. This is the only way to create the boxer-braid look, which makes it look as if the plait is on top of the head.
  7. As soon as you get to the neck, it is very quick: braid normal braids up to the tips.
  8. Hair tie around it, done!
  9. Repeat on the other side.

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6. a Messy Dutt is the simplest summer hairstyle

The heat slows you down and you find the previous hairstyles just too elaborate? No big deal. If you want to get the Walle mane out of your face very quickly, simply style a simple bun in messy look. This way the desired messy look is perfect:

  1. For loose roots, apply hair powder or dry shampoo close to the scalp.
  2. Shake all hairs forward, twist lengths upside down very loosely and loop to a high knot.
  3. Hold on tight and straighten up your head.
  4. Is everything in place? A scrunchie around it or stuck with Bobby pins.
  5. For the out-of-bed finish, loosen individual strands at the temples and fix everything with hairspray.

Summer hairstyles are quickly done and give you coolness on hot days. With cool bandana looks, trendy boxer braids or a simple bun, your forehead and neck will get some air again. So you can enjoy the good weather without worries.