5 reasons to use natural cosmetics

Do you know what is in the cream you put on your face every day or in your favourite lipstick you wear almost every day? Take a look at the ingredients (INCIs for short) on the back. It is not unusual for conventional cosmetic products to be full of microplastics, fragrances, silicones, parabens and co.

Of course this is not immediately life-threatening. But it’s not great either. Read here how people and the environment suffer from it and why it is therefore worth switching to the natural alternative.

That is why Lavera is so popular as a make-up brand

1. bio-beauty does not endanger health

Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, face cream, body lotion, deodorant, make-up, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara: according to statistics, the average person uses around 10 different cosmetic products every day and absorbs up to 130 toxins – creepy, isn’t it? Especially if you imagine that the ingredients can even get into your bloodstream via the skin!

It gets even more frightening’s when you think about the substances that are actually contained in conventional cosmetic products, even those for babies(!): parabens, PEGs and mineral oils for example. They are all suspected to be carcinogenic.

You want to change that? Natural cosmetics is the only logical consequence. In your diet, you certainly pay attention to the things that get into your body.

Lippenstift sollte immer bio sein Whatever you put on your lips automatically ends up in your mouth. © Kevin Laminto / Unsplash.com

2. natural cosmetics do not harm or pollute the environment

You have probably read many times that the micro-plastic particles in peelings and toothpaste are bad for the environment. But did you know that glitter is also (unfortunately) really bad? Because the sewage treatment plants do not manage to filter out the tiny grains from the waste water. They therefore get into the water. Which is not only dangerous for the animals and plants, but also for all those who eat them. And who likes sushi and the like? You too, I’m sure.

You still don’t have to do without a little Sparkle here and there. Nowadays there is even biodegradable glitter that sparkles just like plastic, but without destroying the environment in the long run. For example, eco-glitter is made from the mineral mica, which you can use with a clear conscience. It is virtually taken from the earth’s crust, where it later ends up again. So it’s an ecological cycle. Well then, shine bright like a diamond!

Party make-ups with natural cosmetics

3. natural products are gentle to skin and hair

The sentence “Natural shampoo or shower gel doesn’t foam as well – it makes me feel less clean” has been heard more often. Did you ever think? Yeah, it’s an adjustment to suddenly not having a huge foam hood on your head. But: This is exactly what makes these natural products much, much softer!

Remember: What foams strongly, dries out strongly. Because the foam not only removes the dirt, but also the last bit of protective grease that protects your skin and hair from harmful environmental influences. So it’s worth getting used to!

No Poo: Washing hair without shampoo

4. natural cosmetics contain no chemical fragrances

Many people react with skin irritation to the ingredients in numerous conventional cosmetic products. Especially the fragrances can cause redness, pimples and swelling. With natural cosmetics this is not an issue.

However, you should still pay more attention to whether there is a plant in the new cream to which you are allergic. Better safe than sorry! There are also natural ingredients that can damage the skin. Tea tree oil, for example, has a strong dehydrating effect and has a high allergy potential. And if someone is allergic to camomile and lavender, a cream containing these ingredients is a very bad choice.

Darum ist Naturkosmetik die bessere Kosmetik There are now natural alternatives for make-up as well. © Rawpixel / Unsplash.com

5. at Bio-Beauty there are the most novelties to discover

Environment and health should of course be the biggest motivators for you to switch to natural cosmetics. But you know what? The German natural cosmetics market is by far the largest in Europe. And because the demand in this country is so high, there are always new brands and products. Surely you also love to try out new products?

Nevertheless you should be careful when shopping for organic beauty products. The term “natural cosmetics” is not properly protected. It is best to trust brands that are certified with a recognised seal. There is no sticker on the product you have in mind? It may be that there are no chemicals in it, but the brand could not or would not afford or want to use any of the expensive seals. Then barcode scanner apps such as Toxfox and Codecheck help to find out how much nature is really contained.

How to recognise the right natural cosmetics

Bio-Beauty is always the better choice!

Meanwhile, there are such great natural products that are in no way inferior to the usual mainstream brands – quite the opposite: there are the same colours and consistencies and the products even have the advantage that they do not harm people or the environment. You have not yet switched to Bio-Beauty? Then do it now!

In the articles of this special we will tell you how you can recognise genuine natural cosmetics, which brand is the Women’s Health Favourite and how you can make up cool party make-up with Bio-Beauty.