5 new products that make foodie hearts beat faster

1. mini kiwi with maxi taste

Besides pumpkin and figs, she almost goes under in the fruit and vegetable department due to her size, but for me she is the secret star in autumn: NERGI ® the Mini Kiwi. I love the taste of kiwis, but I could really do without peeling and slicing, because not only once did a “naked” kiwi slip out of my hands. The problem doesn’t exist with the mini-version, because I can simply put it into my mouth or put it into my muesli in half, because the shell is edible.

In addition, the kiwi’s little sister scores with its inner values: a high vitamin C content, plenty of potassium and calcium and comparatively high vitamin E for a fruit.

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Nergi is only available from late summer to mid November – so take advantage of the short season!

2. with Uncle Bens Meal Prep becomes even lighter (and healthier)

I don’t need a microwave oven at home, but at work it is really worth its weight in gold. Since we don’t have a canteen in the editorial office and I rarely go out for lunch, I usually bring my lunch with me. It either consists of leftovers from the day before or was pre-cooked. Meal Prep really makes life a lot easier: cooking once and eating it for several days, just brilliant.

My favourite dishes are spicy curries, Tom Kha Gai soup or chicken pan with vegetables. And which side dish would go well with this? Rice! Of course, I can also precook it in larger quantities – or I can use the microwave rice from Uncle Ben’s . At the moment I prefer the new varieties of “Rice & Grain”, for example brown rice and quinoa.


Granted: I’m a bit of a marketing victim who’s into nice packaging designs. But also on organic and sustainability. That’s why I was able to make my mark on the new tea line from Sun Gate not to control, because HALLO ? How great are the (altogether 14) new HAPPINESS IS …teas?

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I was immediately shocked in love and tried the two varieties “wide awake” and “sleeping through”.

The morning pick-me-up tastes strong and spicy and is a wild mix of turmeric, mate and pink pepper. Perfect with cheese bread! In the evening on the couch you can now enjoy the organic herbal tea with ginkgo, hemp and hops. Makes you neither high, nor drunk, but pleasantly sleepy.

4. delicious (egg) white bread without additives

White bread is a real No Go for sportswomen? That depends: BenFit wants to revolutionize the market with its fitness bread and has developed a satiating protein white bread that is free of soy and additives. No sugar syrup, no flavours, just lots of fast carbs and high-quality whey protein.

So far there are two grilled breads, paninis and the bread roll variant, with which you can make saucy sandwich creations. New varieties (wholemeal! are in the making. Even though the products feel very “solid” and firm when cold, the baked dough is wonderfully loose and goes well with any kind of topping, from sweet to savoury.

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5. peanut flips made from peas: snacking with a clear conscience

I love dear dear peanut blips. And yes, I know they’re not any healthier than chips or other salty snacks that contain lots of fat and unhealthy carbs. Thanks to the “snack revolution” natural crunchy I can still eat flips now, though, without feeling guilty.

In addition to vegan and gluten-free lentil chips, they also have pea flips in their range. Not only do peanut flips and pea flips sound similar, they taste almost the same – no joke!

However, a big difference becomes clear from the ingredients. Here are the two lists of ingredients in check:

  • Green Pea Ball Peanut: 73.4% green peas*, 22.1% peanut paste* (11.8% peanuts*, sunflower oil*), 3.9% rice*, sea salt *from controlled organic farming
  • Regular peanut flips: corn semolina, peanut kernels (33%), sunflower oil, salt, tomato powder, dextrose, flavour, yeast extract, colouring food: paprika extract

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In addition, the healthy Flips contain fewer calories, less salt, but more fiber and almost twice as much protein.

These are my current product recommendations. Which new products have made your foodie heart beat faster lately?