5 hats that look stylish and protect from the sun

Whether you want to put the finishing touches to your look or base everything on it: the current summer hats work as a casual add-on as well as an absolute eye-catcher item. XXL -straw variant, cool Visor-Cap or trendy Elbe sailor? There is something for every taste and style under the trendy headgear of the season.

And: Not only your outfit benefits from the trendy summer hats – the benefits of the accessories go much further in the hot season. Summer hats protect the parting and the sensitive scalp from direct sunlight and at the same time provide shade in the omnipresent heat. They also save you valuable time: Bad Hair Day can be as bad as it gets and sultry air can be annoying with the nastiest frizz – hat on, problem solved. Which models have turned our heads this summer? These 5:

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1. straw hats are the Insta trend for the summer

Definitely the eye-catcher among summer hats this season: straw hats with oversized brims. Probably the most famous example is the model by Jacquemus, which is already a work of art. Hardly any other summer hat has visited more of the world’s dream beaches or is represented more often on Instagram.

But there are also more everyday and budget-friendly models on every beach promenade – with a bit of luck you might even find a unique model there that you certainly won’t rediscover 100 times on Instagram. Whether with a maxi dress, playsuit or swimsuit: As a true styling all-rounder, the uncomplicated summer hat can be combined universally and thus collect even more plus points.

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2. balloon caps for French Flair without holiday in France

Oh, là là! We always take our hat off to the French style. In order to give our look a touch of French flair even in the hot months, there are the classic balloon caps for the summer made of lighter fabrics.

With jeans shorts, tops and airy caftans, the summer hats are très chic – and a both practical and stylish way to keep a cool head on holiday – even on a city trip. Pretty to boot: Loose braided hair.

3. visors for a cool 90’s look

The nineties are back! Which summer hats are going to party the hardest at the big welcome back party? Definitely Visors! What once belonged to the equipment of tennis players and golfers, high fashion brands like Dior and Burberry have reissued for this year’s Spring/Summer collections. And our favourite fast fashion brands are following suit.

Well, the peaked caps polarize, but can look cool when properly styled. Those who dare to wear the trendy part wear it either with the 90s memorial hairstyle, the high ponytail. Or as a break in style with pulled back hair in a wet look. A sporty outfit goes with it. You might want to get your old cycling shorts from the “Will definitely be back in style” fund.

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4. fedora hats with sixties flair

If we are already inspired by other decades, a look in the direction of the 60s can’t hurt either. What do we have in mind? The Fedora. With its casually downward-curved brim and the typical two dents on the front, it just looks damn cool – and not only on Sean Connery as James Bond.

We’re almost certain: With a white shirt, boyfriend jeans and oversized linen blazer he looks even better. Under the wide felt brim, the out-of-bed-hair shine out nonchalantly and the look is finished. Definitely a hot contender for the first place of our favourite summer hats.

5. Bucket Hats are making a comeback

There’s another trend that might look familiar to you: Bucket Hats, the fishing hats from the early 2000s are making a comeback. What makes them stand out: short floppy brim, bright colours, striking patterns, unusual materials.

Practical: The brim can be pulled so far into the face that the sensitive skin around the eyes is optimally protected and you can even save on sunglasses. On the other hand, if you’re afraid you won’t notice anything under the trendy summer hats and have some courage, you can let the transparent PVC -…that Chanel presented for this season…

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How to find the summer hat that suits you

“Do I have a hat face?” – a question probably asked by every woman who wants to buy a summer hat. The decision is literally a mind decision. Ideally, the headgear should contrast with the face. To put it plainly: While women with a round face should rather choose square-edged hats with a high, angular headboard like the Fedora, hats with a rounded headboard and a wide, round brim, such as a straw hat, go well with striking features.

It is best to simply try through the assortment and see what you feel comfortable with. Important: The hat must fit perfectly. You can find out your hat size by running a tape measure around your head at eyebrow level to determine the circumference in centimetres. Important: Even with oversized styles the proportions must be correct.

Summer hats are in! Whether you dare to wear one of the trendy pieces or invest in a classic: you’ve got the hat on when you make your choice – it’s obvious – and you know best what suits you.